Friday, July 25, 2008

Rambles brambles.

The people who keep complaining about how bad WoW does this or that but won't just stop playing the game.

I have theories on why they do this.

#1 They are bored of or completed WoW but when they tried to go find another game they can't find a game that was as fun or as polished as WoW. So they are stuck... not able to find something to replace their once favorite game but tired of it.

#2 They want to quit but they want their friends to quit with them and their friends are having a blast and don't want to quit.

$3 They are jerkface whiners who just like to complain a lot and even if WoW was the most perfect game ever they would continue to complain.

I am one level from respeccing resto healer and cajoling guild members to run ramparts with me for all eternity(ie: until level 60 or so).
At 55 I'll be able to get a port to shatt and walk down to ramparts and actually enter the instance. I plan to get at least one level just running this instance before I go back to questing on my own. If it is fun enough for everyone involved I'll run instances the rest of my druid life.

Dwarven women are cool.
And I don't need yer stinky money. Sides with Wulfa playing Felkenenn I need someone to make us a pair.

I love hearing about Wrath talents.
But keep any pictures of the area or instances or mobs outa my reading screen. Starting now I'm going to intentionally skip any posts that tell me about plot or instances. I like seeing the place for the first time...the first time I go to it.

I usually read Relmstine and Tobald etc.
But I'm very tempted to remove them and a few others from my reader. All they talk about now is WAR and honestly I couldn't care less. Its a game that I won't be able to play, wouldn't want to play, and it is in the same niche as WOW. Bleargh. Gimme space marines and aliens and I'll gladly daydream all day long. Fantasy is just *sigh*. I only play WoW because WoS doesn't exist yet.

and finally:

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
To be the man who walked that thousand miles
To fall down at your door


waupeople said...

did you write the poem? I love it.

klaki said...

OMG! He did not just ask if you wrote that?! I think it's time to bring out the culture stick!

As far as people who complain about WoW, but don't quit, I think you missed a couple.

1. The n00b who gets owned enough in PvP that they start to thing that their class is nerfed and all other classes are OP.

2. The very rare case that some people actually want to see the impossible.... a truly fair and balanced class system. These people complain in efforts to make balance in the world, not knowing that this will never be the case.

A 56 healer healing Ramps... it can be done, but I will tell you, Ramps gets old real quick. It is one of the most boring instances in Outlands. There is nothing truly special about it. That is what it's suppose to be though, a beginner's instance. The pulls are easy. They throw in a semi-hard pull, a few bosses, and so on. Level 70 people love Ramps because its an easy badge run.

Being a somewhat new Druid healer, I will tell you, first learning to Druid heal a 5 man can be rough. Give yourself some time to learn before making a final judgment on it.

Dammerung said...

Haha ;P

Waupeople being my mother I shall tease her for not recognizing the song :P.