Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Shicam is someone I know. He's a fairly bright guy, but very shallow. He had solid grades in school due to his brightness but he never had to study. This became a problem later in life as he hated taking the time to sit with a book and actually work at learning. He wanted people to easily describe things in terms he could quickly grasp. When they wouldn't he would get frustrated and basically stop paying attention.

This applies to how he works currently. He is -very- willing to do any task he already knows how to do. And he's also willing to pickup new tasks if they can be easily explained. But anything complex where he has to stop and take a moment to grasp it, and he wants to go do something else. Or he'll procrastinate until he has no other options.

The only exception that I know of to this is that if he's really curious about something I've seen him tinker around with it for days until he gets it. But this is really really freakin rare. Usually he just gets "bored" and hands it off or searches for a quick fix.

I think he gets his cases done very quickly most of the time but then again I've seen him take a case that only required a little bit of research and stall on it for three months. He seems to know what he's doing when he's solving a case but when he's stuck he asks all sorts of retarted questions that could easily be solved by taking the time to make sure you have all the facts first.

I'm trying to decide if he's lazy or just spoiled.


waupeople said...

Maybe he's both? Maybe he doesn't have vision for what he could be doing with other parts of his life and is just bored? Maybe he feels like he's rolling uphill instead of down and is just tired of trying? Maybe he wants work to be play instead of work?

~joe said...

Heh, I can't complain much, I'm working on not being like that as much. Honestly though I'd say he's lazy, he may be spoiled as well, but only doing it when it interests him strongly implies laziness.