Thursday, July 24, 2008

No-one will let me pay for anything ...

So I know nothing about gems or JC. And I have this helm that needs a meta gem. So I go to my personal wowwiki (i.e. the Sidhe Devils) and start asking questions. Turns out I needed an earthstorm diamond. I write down the mats and figure a couple weeks down the road I'll have assembled everything. And then Kinney whispers me and says that he (dangnabbit-I'm assuming he but I forgot to ask-if I'm wrong please don't take offense) has one and would I like it? Of course I would! And I ask how much he would like for it, and the answer is nothing. That's where the title comes in-nobody lets me pay them. 'Course, I don't take payment either but that's beside the point. And not only did this kind person answer my questions but crafted new and better gems for me. So this is a huge thank you to Kinney who completely blew me away by his generosity and completely made my day.

And while I'm on that track, let me also thank Nasirah, who has patiently answered all of my questions and is usually the first person I go to if I have a question. Squirrelz also.

Dammerung, who researches everything for me and dumps the data into my brain.

Cassie, for opening all my lockboxes.

Doozie, for enchanting me :)

TripleB, for explaining all the boss fights and then resaying what he said. Frankly I need all the repetition I can get. Stays in my head better that way :)

And everyone else in the Sidhe Devils-I ask and it is answered, and that is just awesome.


klaki said...

I'm so sad that I don't have time to play with you all :( I've tried talking my wife to transfering toons, but she has too many friends where we are at :(

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should think of an awesome surprise to give them all as a thank you :)

*coughs* Cake *coughs*

Sidhe Devils rock :)

Shrinn said...

MUAHHAHAHA! its a big conspiracy against U! lol... We want u to be geared out the rear! :)

im about to add a link to u on my page...see if i can figure it out twice! teehee

~joe said...

Feelin' the love for bil here.


dowdyism said...

Yep - it's "he", and I'm glad you like the gems - it was my pleasure!

P.S. - Just found your blog today. I love it!