Friday, June 11, 2010

The Death Knell. I think.

My WoW account has been hacked. I didn't discover that til last night (thanks, Kaelynn:) and Damm immediately commenced damage control. I had to hit the sack-work this morning, not as young as I used to be, can't stay up late-so I'm not sure what happened. More details later.

This may have been a sign. I rarely play, although I just got Beowulfa, my shadow priest, into the Netherwing dailies. I like doing the Netherwing dailies. I enjoy the guild we're a part of, who don't mind if we only log on every couple of weeks or so. With my job and INSANITY I'm consistently getting up early which means no staying up to play.

Bah I don't know. I want to play when Cataclysm comes out. But I'm not sure I want to see what damage was wrought on Wulfa. Thank goodness none of my toons had money-I had just spent 5,000 gold on getting fast flying for Beowulfa. I know they can reinstate everything. But it would've made me mad if that person who stole my characters had been able to use it.

And it's partly our fault. Our passwords weren't strong enough, and we hadn't been playing enough to justify-we thought-getting one of those account identifier thingies. We'll be changing that.

I don't think I'll permanently stop playing. I firmly believe couples should cultivate new habits with each other but they also should take some time to learn and enjoy the others' interests. Damm loves video games. I'm not a big fan, but I do like playing WoW. I don't want to give up the game that tenuously connects me to his gaming world. And I'd miss Wulfa and Beo. And all my pets. Even if they are only pixels on the screen.

So there you have it. I wish one of my pets was real so I could send them after the dude/dudette who hacked my account. Sigh.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Last Time-Wulfa
Switch Kicks: 60
Power Jacks: 55
Power Knees: 83
Power Jumps: 34
Globe Jumps: 9
Suicide Jumps: 13
Pushup Jacks: 19
Low Plank Oblique: 45

This Time-Wulfa
Switch Kicks: 62
Power Jacks: 52
Power Knees: 79
Power Jumps: 30
Globe Jumps: 10
Suicide Jumps: 17
Pushup Jacks: 20
Low Plank Oblique: 46

Slightly better in some areas, worse in most. Which was surprising since I felt better than I ever have. Oh well. Next time.

Damm is discontinuing INSANITY for the time being. He has been told by his superiors in the National Guard that he needs to follow a more traditional workout program and so he'll be concentrating on running and pushups/situps.

I've started Month 2. I'd heard that it was just like the first day-falling down on the floor and crying:) But although it was harder and lasted 20 minutes longer I wasn't anywhere near crying. I can see why most results come from this month-more plyometrics, more muscle work. I'm looking forward to the next measurement day. Last week I was at 30.5" waist, 34.5" hips.

My appetite has increased since starting Month 2. Mostly I've been craving protein. And caffeine. Waking up at 4:15 a.m. to fit in my workout before work has begun taking its toll. The past 2 afternoons I've gotten some fairly bad headaches starting in the early afternoon. Other than making sure I'm drinking enough water and trying to get to bed earlier I'm not sure what changes I can make. No more headaches!

And that's it. Wulfa the Workout Maven out.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm a horrible son.

So... my mom came over right? To watch the munchkins while I went to Cal II. Something she does for free cus I'm her son and she loves me and stuff.

And how do I repay her? On the way out the door I pipe up: "Hey mom we made some low sugar cookies and they are by the fridge. You and the little ones can share."

I walk to the car and get the door open before she screams for me to come back in.

You see those cookies... they were peanut butter....

And she's like ... allergic like death....

Yay for a two hour ER visit as repayment for watching the kids.

I suck.

(She's okay and everyone is happy and she's forgiven me but yeah... I suck)