Friday, March 21, 2008

GTT(Gone To Tanaris!)

We're off for vacationing! Blogging should be sparse until monday 3/31/08.

In the meantime I leave you with this idea I had for WotLK shaman talents and totems:

Totemic Revenge[Elemental]
When attacked and destroyed your totems do 100%/200% of the mana cost to create them as Nature damage against the person destroying them.

Spirit Totems[Enhancement]
This spell allows the next totem you create to be catagorized as a Spirit Totem. Allowing you to have 5 totems up at a time.

Mercy of Life Totem(Water)[Restoration]
This totem lasts 2 min or until its charge is used up. The first person who drops below 30% of their health within the radius of this totem will recieve an autocrit max rank healing wave at no mana cost to you. Talents and +healing apply.

Chains of Earth(Earth)
This totem binds the first hostile that enters its radius. Once bound they cannot leave the radius of the totem for 20 seconds or until the totem is destroyed. Trinkets do not work on this totem as totems are easily destroyed.

Call of Sky(Air)
This totem raises(not throws) everyone in its radius up into the air to a maxium height of 30 yards. The raising is quick(10yds a second) but not instant. Duration 6 seconds. While in the air you can cast/fight but not move. This applies to the caster as well.

200th post!

I guess that's a milestone of some sort. Read Dammy's post below as I'm posting over him. The big news today is: I'm 51! Dinged last night killing massive amounts of turtles. You see, I'm on a mission. A mission to get 56 Turtle Scales, 42 Worn Dragonscales, and 60 Scorpid Scales. Oh, and also 8 Hearts of Fire and 4 Core of Earth thingies. These mats will make all the mail armor in my leatherworking repertoire plus a Helm of Fire, which I think I want for me. So, what's the best place to get these? I know Tanaris for the Scorpid Scales and Hinterlands for the Turtles (before I knew I'd want them I put 60-80 Turtle Scales on auction 'cause they sell so well). I've gotten some worn dragonscale from the Swamp of Sorrows but they drop very, very infrequently and I usually get green dragonscale instead. Heart of Fire I'm think the Searing Gorge. Core of Earth no clue. So if any of you guys know a better place to grind let me know. That's what my 51st year will be spent doing. Grinding, grinding, and more grinding. Nice to have goals, a plan, right?

Wolvyre, my little fire mage, is 12. Cool stuff. She's my soloing character. And so far she's remained my soloing character. Every other toon I have has become a party member or had to wait for hubby to catch up (although now Beowulfa has been set loose again with the promise that she won't ding 60 without him, and she has happily agreed). I'm looking forward to twinking her out which, by the way, she will be able to do herself. I won't tell you her secret but she's sitting pretty on top of 15 gold with more on the way.

And in RL, tonight we're leaving for TX! So excited. And angsty. I always get angsty. We're hoping Orclette will sleep through the majority of driving time since I've heard horror stories of babies and long car trips, most notably my youngest brother. He just would not be appeased. Cried the entire time, the entire way. Fortunately I remember none of this. Anyway, Dammy's pretty good at driving through the night (yes, we've done this before several times) and I can give him a break, although I hate driving at night. The lights look all weird to me. And we'll hit Waco sometime Saturday morning, spend that day and most of Easter Sunday with Orclette's great-grandma and two of her uncles, and then head to Houston, which is where my family and ALL our friends live. Why don't we still live there? Good question. Can't give you a good answer, although the answer I can give you is money. Money is never a good reason to be living somewhere, unless you like where you're living. But money is something we must have, so we go where the money is. Bah. We'll still post the occasional blog as exciting stuff happens but no WOW will be played. We'll get back Sunday night the 30th of March.

Happy weekend to all!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

1st battle ground with new spec/gear(still old buttons)

Its sort of hard to see. But it is sorted by healing done.

We were behind by 150-300 points most of the match. The Alliance had 1840 when we had 1740.

Tremor? Owns. Magma? fun for a lark. Healing without being seen? awesome. Dying to 10000 alliance when you are seen? Not so awesome.

The match turned when I put on my shield and went pure healer. Not sure if the timing suggests anything but yeah.

Yay for the 140~+ healing I get from my AP.

A sad, sad day .....

Although we Green Poxers had many successes last night in the WC today we are not celebrating. We are in mourning. Why Wulfa? you ask? It's Elips. He has left us.

I know, I know, my gentle readers. You want to know why. You start to ask questions.

"Was it you, Wulfa? Did you tell him he was smelly one too many times? Or maybe it was Abuto-did she backstab him? Did Raaksi put his totems too close for comfort? Or maybe Trif-naw, it wasn't Trif. He's cutie-itchy butt. Why? why did he leave?"

It wasn't for any of those reasons. In fact his reasoning was rather boorish. You see, somehow Elips had captured the fancy of a VERY attractive Blood Elf lady. And in the interest of keeping her love for him alive (haha, 'cause he's not. alive.) he decided that he needed to spend more time with her. Very wise, if you ask me. Don't know what she sees in him, smelly as he is, but who can tame the heart? So he is currently wooing his ladylove and cannot, alas, run free with us. And who is to say that he is not better off? So that is why, dear readers. We have mourned his passing, we have cried on his shoulder (and then very delicately sprinkled a bit of perfume on him). We have given him hugs, we have made him welcome to come back to us should he ever wish it. And that is that. The Green Pox will never be the same. We'll miss you, Elips!

On a brighter note let me tell you of our success. We downed 3? 4? bosses and only wiped once. Lady Anaconda was sooo yawnish that some of us fell asleep. All of us (except Elips, who passed on everything) gained a blue. We all dinged 17. And I enjoyed it immensely. And Dammy, if you wish to record Trif's experiences/feelings/thoughts/emotions, here is a great place to do it ----->

Ignoring for now the poetic license someone took with Elips' reason for leaving.... We did really well last night, sleep was the biggest reason for anyone dying, and even that was much less of a problem than I thought it would be. We killed Lord Pythas, Lady Anacondra, Lord Cobrakhan, Skum and Kresh before logging. I picked up the lovely awesome Vest of the fang or whatever its called. Abuto got a new dagger, Wulfa got robes, and Raaksi got a new shield.

Casters... Are...A....Pain. I really wish I had a way of mitigating magic damage, but thats just me complaining. I've gotten better about not taking ages to pull and marking things I think. I also think I've improved my ability to keep agro(Or maybe my dpsers have simply gotten awesome). Very few things pulled off of me last night. Lots of things surprise joined the fight though.

All in all. A good night. We're going to miss you Elips. You made a great weed whacker, punmaker, fearlaying, dpsbringing, offtanking, jokecrackin, machine. Have fun in your endeavors.

And Wulfa's out. No rest for the beautiful. Sigh. Everyone wants me. I know, I know, the hassle. The inconvenience. But what can I say? My fans need me.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What an enhancement shaman looks for.

In a party.
A warrior tank. These guys love WF totems. All tanks love totems but there is more love from a warrior for WF then from a druid for GoA. If I was resto... I think paladins would love Mana Tide just as much.

Melee DPS. I'm at my best the more people I have swinging pain-sticks around me. Hello rogues/warriors/paladins/enh shammies.

Someone to heal... don't really care who. All of you healers bring a lot of nice to the table.

In gear.
Str! Attack Power! Agility! Crit stuff! Stamina! Right now in pre-BC gear thats all you got...and thats what I want in that order. Too bad that STR seems to be reserved for those plate people who hate me.

Slow Axes/Maces/Fists. The slower the better. Those level 60 PvP 2.9 axes make me drool.

In a guild.
Much like a party I'm looking for a guild full of people who blossom near me and my totems and my unleashed rage. This means you Warriors! Rogues! I want a guild heavy on the melee, light on the blasty. Then I'll be contributing a bunch when I'm involved and I'll feel and be needed. Which is important.

In a Kara group.
And here I design my perfect 10 man team. Lets see if I've gotten any better than I used to be.

Warrior Main tank
Enh Shaman(me)
Combat Rogue
BM Hunter(Wulfa)
Fury Warrior

Resto Shaman
Survival Hunter(Imp. HM, Expose Weakness)
Boomkin(I think Imp. Fairie fire is balance)
Druid offtank.(no reason I just like them druids)

So I feel like is a bad setup(Because I reflexivly think I'm lacking magic power. I can't think of any reason to have magic users just to have maic users but I still have this feeling lurking)...however I like it. I think that it is a setup that gets a lot out of what I have to bring to the table(extra melee blows and str and increased AP). The resto shaman would be chain healing the melee a lot. The priest handling the rest. I put the BM hunter with my group so that the pet gets unleashed rage. The debuffs have a lot of stacking potential. Almost all of them reduce armor or increase attack power.

We're light on the healing not sure exactly what to do to fix that. For adds, we've got two good CC, and a boomkin(who can offtank just fine). I had heard you needed two tanks for Kara so the Druid tank is that second tank. It could just as easily be a paladin or warrior. Do you need three healers? If you do change out the Boomkin for a holy paladin or a resto druid.

Expensive Tastes

Not me. Dammerung. I may have mentioned this before but I'm constantly bombarded with "Can I have 15-20 gold?" To be fair, D provides me with approximately 1/3 of my auctionables so he does have a right to ask for the money .... but it's my money. I'm in charge of it. (Sheesh I'm a cranky little bugger in the morning. Sorry for the Scrooge in me comin out like that ......) And I don't spend frivolously. Most of the time. Until last night. And it wasn't really frivolous. You see, there was a Bag of Many Hides on sale. For half of the usual asking price. So I bought it (I had discussed this with D earlier). For 30 gold! More than I have ever spent on myself before! And then I equipped it and there was soooooooooooo much room. Very exciting. And 'cause I'm so good with AH flipping (not really, just moderately successful but I have a big ego-think Perry from Scrubs) we're within 2 gold of remaking the money I spent. But that's NOT what I wanted to talk about. The preceding escaped from my fingers without my brain cluing in on what was being typed. I have amazing fingers, no!?

What I wanted to share was this: mages are awesome! I've created a few mages but never leveled them. I usually don't have time during the day to play because what little time Orclette spends sleeping I'm catching up on auctions, scanning, flipping-this can take me up to an hour depending on how many characters are bankers (fluctuates from 2-4 usually). But yesterday I had some extra time so I started playing with Wolvyre, a BE mage. Drenden server. I got her to lvl 10 and have chosen to be fire. No particular reason, I just like the idea of being a fire mage. And she had a wand. I love wands. I like ranged combat that doesn't use up my mana. I.E. hunter's auto-shot. I slap a sting on the mob, arcane shot (after previously marking them with the mark) and then fire away until they're dead. This takes longer but I hate to see my colorful little bars disappear. Back to my mage. She also can slap a frostie thing, then a fireball thingy, and something else that has a red button, and then fire with her wand until the mob is dead. And she can create her own food and water. No more buying the stuff! It can get rather expensive. And I'm having fun twinking her out. She has nice bags, nice gear, and an older, loving sister (Beowulfa) who loves to shop for new clothes for her ...... and new playtoys (grin). And my little mage is sitting pretty on 8 gold after only one day of life. Big sis 'Wulfa only sent 1.5 gold. The rest was pure Wolvyre (if you say that with a little sing-song you'll notice it sounds like Paul Revere =)

Beowulfa also played last night. Waved hello to Slig and Taz, Ti, dangit I forgot how to spell your name! -so sorry- Helped out D with some quests, discovered there's a leatherworking quest in Feralas. Easy to complete since it's green, requires thick hide (which is coming out my ears I have so much) and gives some nice xp. And new recipes ...... woot! And the elementals on the coastline of Feralas drop some phat lewtz! (Thank whomever you direct thanks to you did not hear me say phat lewtz. It would have left a scar). Lots of auctionables. Which is one of the highlights in this game for me.

Ok. I've run out of things to say and I'm late for the gym. Dangnabbit.

"You can addendum but you can't post over me!"


5 things an orc wants. Or What an orc needs.

1) Gear. $(#$&#(*& gear dang it. I searched levels 45-49 for -any- mail gear. Three items showed up.

So I'm placing a help wanted sign up. I'm willing to pay, but I badly need gear upgrades. I'm still wearing level 32,34,33 items and I dinged level 49 last night.

At first I thought, oh I'll just level and eventually something will sell..... well now its getting to the point where I -feel- the slow down that happens when your gear is out of date.

I'm going to be PvPing for my weapons but if you live on Drenden, and you can make/sell/borrow/buy/steal/take-from-BRK any level 45+ mail gear please. Let me know. I'm willing to pay up to 20g an item. If you are alliance we can arrange to meet at a neutral AH.

Particularly I need a mail helm, My belt, chest,legsfeet,rings are in the 30's(the legs are actually the nice blue SM mail pants). My neck and shoulders are level 42(I'm keeping them if I can't find better stats). I'm really picky about stats when I can be. But I had to pickup a stm/int hand gear because level my level 30 gear just wasn't cutting it, I'm saying this to let you know I really really want STM/STR/AP with AGI a close second.

2) Herbalism skill. A certain dumb shaman forgot to level up herbalism when he was leveling alchemy and now his alchemy is at 2?? and his herbalism is at 162 or so.

3) PVP lovin! As you may have read earlier I'm going to be doing a lot of pvp now. I had been waiting for level 49 and now the wait is over, I finished respeccing last night, and am on the last stage of the quest for my new 2hander. Once I get 15k honor I'll stop again and wait until level 59 to farm the last 15k.

4) The head of the goblin by the dock in feralas. Hmm how does slig say it.... bastadidge or something like that. Here I am an honest xping Orc trying to get a quest or two..... this goblin lures me in with a quest to shrink some giants and bloop some water elementals. Thats great I think, yay. I complete them and get a lovely 14000 xp. And he throws up the yellow straight mark again! This time he wants a few less but the same things....giant brain dust and elemental goo. So for about 20 min more I cheerfully kill these guys for the goblin and come back thinking woo I'm going to ding...and he gives me? 123 silver and 50 goblin rep.

Grrr I want to kill him in the face!

5) Turtle scales... halfway through writing this I recieved a call from a pretty orc letting me know that she can make mail gear my level(I was whining at breakfast) if I get her turtle scales.

There you go Matticus, a numbered list just like you like! P.S. number 5.5 is Matticus' email as I cannot comment on his blog from work.

Also a shout out to Infidelity, a little 7 year old BE who chatted with me last night and gave me an update on how his Adopted older brother Ratshag's campaign to infiltrate the alliance is going.

Quite well it seems, grats on 51 again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Setting up the Trap... the cheese is buggy.

And for my third post today I'm deffinitly changing the layout of the blog. I want something a little brighter.

Also I've been playing around with httml tags.. like "&nsbp". The problem is that once I finish editing the post and lining everything up(which takes a LONG time using that tag) if I try to go back into it after publishing it removes the tags and replaces them with blanks...which when I republish after my changes will be deleted.

I want my spaces to stay dang it!

Thank you.
Edited to say that "[pre][/pre]" worked.


Go there and tell me what you think! I'm pondering the wordpress stuff again.

The Trap and the Cheese.

I played a round of AB last night as a small test to give me an idea of what I'll be using.

And I wrote a dear-abby letter to one of the Grandmasters of pvp and pvpblogging.

The results?

A deep and abiding shame that I had not been using Tremor totem. A new look at purge, and a rework of my pvp hotkey bar.

Here is what the bar will look like(the lower ability is shift modified):

1 2 3

LHW Purge ES
HW Purge(Focus) ES(Focus)

4 5 6(Z)

LS Flame Shock Set Focus
GW Frost Shock Target Focus

7(F) 8(G) 9(X)

Chain Heal Two Hander WF Totem
Chain Light Frost Shock Grounding

0(MMUP) -(MMD) =(MM Click)

Tremor Mana Flametongue Totem
Earthbind PR Totem Magma

So I have 1-9 accessable easily by my left hand and 10,-,= tied to the middle mouse button.

I think I'm really set to go. Still need to complete the ferales quest for the Will of the [something] blue 2hander but then its BG's for me.

Sorry for the long posts one after another but opposite of TJ work gets slow for us during Tax season.

Best Widdler on the Heavy Widdling squad!

*reads Matticus' comment the way it was intended*

/quietly converts the meaning into something else all together.

/responds indignant!

Womanly SHAMMY? I don't think so! The Shammy is a MANLY shammy! Full spiders and puppy dog tails and stuff!

Don't get him confused with that hunter chick! She smells like flowers and girly hunter stuff. He smells manly! Like a half dead kodo in a sewage pipe! Rawr totems and axes! In your face growling!

GRRR... priests. Can't even tell which Orc wears loincloth in the family. Now excuse me I need to go ask if I can have my allowance.

/flexes in a manly way!

p.s. thanks for something to post about.... it was a slow brain day.

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Um, Darktan? What does the first Rat get?"

The Plan!
A while back Megan left me a comment or replied to one of mine on her blog saying that level 49 was a good level for Enh. Shaman PvP. Based on this and the fact that I'm a -little- worn out from leveling 3 times in the last three nights I've played Dammerung. I plan to stop and farm me up an axe or two.

I've looked and as far as I can see these axes are -amazing- for an enh shaman. 2.9 speed. High dps.... yummy. Also Thottbot doesn't show any major upgrades from them for at least 5 levels. Which is also nice.

The curious.
So I wondered whether a 2hander would be better for PvP than dual wielding. Seeing as I will probably be jousting a lot anyways as a melee person would it be worth it to equip a big 2hander and pray for a WF-Proc? Or should I stick with my dual axes and their +6% hit? Both would get unleashed rage and flurry.

The gear.
My gear is highly lacking in Stm at the moment which if I was planning on staying 49 for any longer than it takes to get ~31k honor and 40 AB marks would be a big issue.

Also my gear is very under-leveled due to my server hating me. But this may actually turn into a good thing as the matching program will hopefully see it and stick me with the losers.

The Spec.
So I'm currently specced like this(and apparently in a guild...bleh need to gquit... stupid charter signing things). Any make or break talents I should consider grabbing?

The Battle Plan.
Throw mana(water),stoneskin(earth),WF/GoA(Air) totems everywhere... ES casters, FS everyone else, try and stay in melee with things as long as possible, Magma totems for sneakies. Improved ghost wolf... chain heal on groups... hope for a warrior/rogue in the party so I can share unleashed rage(+8% AP right now).

Putting WF on main hand and frost on off-hand if dual wielding... Just WF if 2handing.

Yeah I think that's everything.

p.s. Beowulfa here is the bow I was talking about. 20 marks and 15300 honor.

p.s.s. Changed title to reflect something I like. Quote isn't exact.

Okay just spent an hour or two researching Enh. Shaman pvp. Some things I'm definitely going to need:

1) A good shield, and a gear swapping macro. Shift for shield no shift for dual wield or 2hander.

2) A macro to set focus and modifying all of my normal hot keys to allow me to [shift]-cast at the focus.

3) A possible respec to this or if I stick with dualwielding, this. The shield block will be handy and it looks like you don't need +hit in BG's.

Oh and obviously more stamina like I mentioned earlier but I can wait on that. The stuff above I'll need simply to be playing my class. I'm trying not to be a bad-pvp person.

So far the DW vs. 2hander debate seems to be player choice.

As for role I will be a cloth-hunting machine, with healer protection duties. I'll find a clothie of my own and keep them alive by drawing agro to myself then shielding to keep myself alive. If the clothie isn't under attack I'll hunt down other clothies.

Still looking for more tips but in the meantime researching on my own.

A big link to the bare facts in butt form

BBB, bless him summed up my thoughts on WoW in this awesome eyeopener.

My wife and I play WoW because we find it fun to play together. *I* play wow because it saves me money I would spend constantly on the next new thing.

I remember very clearly my first experiance with a 'short' game. Beyond Good and Evil came out and had the option of playing in spanish. At the time I very badly wanted to play a game in a different language so that I would start to learn that language. Me and my brother picked it up and started it. 8 hours later we were done...and immensly frustrated. The game ended so quickly. Other games had as well but this was the first one I had ever finished in one day.(Normally the 8hours is 3 weekday nights.)

WoW and other MMORPG's are amazing in that they have seemingly endless content, huge worlds full of story, and they cut my game bill from 30-60$ a month to 13.99 or what ever the three month rate is.

Go read BBB's article he makes this point more succintly that I would. But yeah... this is a good time.