Friday, March 21, 2008

200th post!

I guess that's a milestone of some sort. Read Dammy's post below as I'm posting over him. The big news today is: I'm 51! Dinged last night killing massive amounts of turtles. You see, I'm on a mission. A mission to get 56 Turtle Scales, 42 Worn Dragonscales, and 60 Scorpid Scales. Oh, and also 8 Hearts of Fire and 4 Core of Earth thingies. These mats will make all the mail armor in my leatherworking repertoire plus a Helm of Fire, which I think I want for me. So, what's the best place to get these? I know Tanaris for the Scorpid Scales and Hinterlands for the Turtles (before I knew I'd want them I put 60-80 Turtle Scales on auction 'cause they sell so well). I've gotten some worn dragonscale from the Swamp of Sorrows but they drop very, very infrequently and I usually get green dragonscale instead. Heart of Fire I'm think the Searing Gorge. Core of Earth no clue. So if any of you guys know a better place to grind let me know. That's what my 51st year will be spent doing. Grinding, grinding, and more grinding. Nice to have goals, a plan, right?

Wolvyre, my little fire mage, is 12. Cool stuff. She's my soloing character. And so far she's remained my soloing character. Every other toon I have has become a party member or had to wait for hubby to catch up (although now Beowulfa has been set loose again with the promise that she won't ding 60 without him, and she has happily agreed). I'm looking forward to twinking her out which, by the way, she will be able to do herself. I won't tell you her secret but she's sitting pretty on top of 15 gold with more on the way.

And in RL, tonight we're leaving for TX! So excited. And angsty. I always get angsty. We're hoping Orclette will sleep through the majority of driving time since I've heard horror stories of babies and long car trips, most notably my youngest brother. He just would not be appeased. Cried the entire time, the entire way. Fortunately I remember none of this. Anyway, Dammy's pretty good at driving through the night (yes, we've done this before several times) and I can give him a break, although I hate driving at night. The lights look all weird to me. And we'll hit Waco sometime Saturday morning, spend that day and most of Easter Sunday with Orclette's great-grandma and two of her uncles, and then head to Houston, which is where my family and ALL our friends live. Why don't we still live there? Good question. Can't give you a good answer, although the answer I can give you is money. Money is never a good reason to be living somewhere, unless you like where you're living. But money is something we must have, so we go where the money is. Bah. We'll still post the occasional blog as exciting stuff happens but no WOW will be played. We'll get back Sunday night the 30th of March.

Happy weekend to all!


Ratshag said...

Lucks with the farming! Another place to get the worn dragonscales is in the SE corner of the Burning Steppes - the drop rate of the dragonkin there is something like twice the Swamp of Sorrows ones. Core of Earth drope from rock elementals in Tanaris and Badlands, but the rate be awful. I'd try the AH instead. Fer Hearts of Fire I think the best place is the elementals in Un'goro Crater, but they's a few levels higher than you, so AH may be better. As always, be yer friend for these things.

Enjoy yer trip!

Beowulfa said...

hrrm, wowhead. I forgot about that. But it's more fun to ask on the blog and have Ratshag help you out. 'Nough to make anybody's day =)

Mama Druid said...

I hope you enjoy the trip and that Orclette turns out to quite like long drives!

N. E. Miller said...