Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Expensive Tastes

Not me. Dammerung. I may have mentioned this before but I'm constantly bombarded with "Can I have 15-20 gold?" To be fair, D provides me with approximately 1/3 of my auctionables so he does have a right to ask for the money .... but it's my money. I'm in charge of it. (Sheesh I'm a cranky little bugger in the morning. Sorry for the Scrooge in me comin out like that ......) And I don't spend frivolously. Most of the time. Until last night. And it wasn't really frivolous. You see, there was a Bag of Many Hides on sale. For half of the usual asking price. So I bought it (I had discussed this with D earlier). For 30 gold! More than I have ever spent on myself before! And then I equipped it and there was soooooooooooo much room. Very exciting. And 'cause I'm so good with AH flipping (not really, just moderately successful but I have a big ego-think Perry from Scrubs) we're within 2 gold of remaking the money I spent. But that's NOT what I wanted to talk about. The preceding escaped from my fingers without my brain cluing in on what was being typed. I have amazing fingers, no!?

What I wanted to share was this: mages are awesome! I've created a few mages but never leveled them. I usually don't have time during the day to play because what little time Orclette spends sleeping I'm catching up on auctions, scanning, flipping-this can take me up to an hour depending on how many characters are bankers (fluctuates from 2-4 usually). But yesterday I had some extra time so I started playing with Wolvyre, a BE mage. Drenden server. I got her to lvl 10 and have chosen to be fire. No particular reason, I just like the idea of being a fire mage. And she had a wand. I love wands. I like ranged combat that doesn't use up my mana. I.E. hunter's auto-shot. I slap a sting on the mob, arcane shot (after previously marking them with the mark) and then fire away until they're dead. This takes longer but I hate to see my colorful little bars disappear. Back to my mage. She also can slap a frostie thing, then a fireball thingy, and something else that has a red button, and then fire with her wand until the mob is dead. And she can create her own food and water. No more buying the stuff! It can get rather expensive. And I'm having fun twinking her out. She has nice bags, nice gear, and an older, loving sister (Beowulfa) who loves to shop for new clothes for her ...... and new playtoys (grin). And my little mage is sitting pretty on 8 gold after only one day of life. Big sis 'Wulfa only sent 1.5 gold. The rest was pure Wolvyre (if you say that with a little sing-song you'll notice it sounds like Paul Revere =)

Beowulfa also played last night. Waved hello to Slig and Taz, Ti, dangit I forgot how to spell your name! -so sorry- Helped out D with some quests, discovered there's a leatherworking quest in Feralas. Easy to complete since it's green, requires thick hide (which is coming out my ears I have so much) and gives some nice xp. And new recipes ...... woot! And the elementals on the coastline of Feralas drop some phat lewtz! (Thank whomever you direct thanks to you did not hear me say phat lewtz. It would have left a scar). Lots of auctionables. Which is one of the highlights in this game for me.

Ok. I've run out of things to say and I'm late for the gym. Dangnabbit.

"You can addendum but you can't post over me!"


5 things an orc wants. Or What an orc needs.

1) Gear. $(#$&#(*& gear dang it. I searched levels 45-49 for -any- mail gear. Three items showed up.

So I'm placing a help wanted sign up. I'm willing to pay, but I badly need gear upgrades. I'm still wearing level 32,34,33 items and I dinged level 49 last night.

At first I thought, oh I'll just level and eventually something will sell..... well now its getting to the point where I -feel- the slow down that happens when your gear is out of date.

I'm going to be PvPing for my weapons but if you live on Drenden, and you can make/sell/borrow/buy/steal/take-from-BRK any level 45+ mail gear please. Let me know. I'm willing to pay up to 20g an item. If you are alliance we can arrange to meet at a neutral AH.

Particularly I need a mail helm, My belt, chest,legsfeet,rings are in the 30's(the legs are actually the nice blue SM mail pants). My neck and shoulders are level 42(I'm keeping them if I can't find better stats). I'm really picky about stats when I can be. But I had to pickup a stm/int hand gear because level my level 30 gear just wasn't cutting it, I'm saying this to let you know I really really want STM/STR/AP with AGI a close second.

2) Herbalism skill. A certain dumb shaman forgot to level up herbalism when he was leveling alchemy and now his alchemy is at 2?? and his herbalism is at 162 or so.

3) PVP lovin! As you may have read earlier I'm going to be doing a lot of pvp now. I had been waiting for level 49 and now the wait is over, I finished respeccing last night, and am on the last stage of the quest for my new 2hander. Once I get 15k honor I'll stop again and wait until level 59 to farm the last 15k.

4) The head of the goblin by the dock in feralas. Hmm how does slig say it.... bastadidge or something like that. Here I am an honest xping Orc trying to get a quest or two..... this goblin lures me in with a quest to shrink some giants and bloop some water elementals. Thats great I think, yay. I complete them and get a lovely 14000 xp. And he throws up the yellow straight mark again! This time he wants a few less but the same things....giant brain dust and elemental goo. So for about 20 min more I cheerfully kill these guys for the goblin and come back thinking woo I'm going to ding...and he gives me? 123 silver and 50 goblin rep.

Grrr I want to kill him in the face!

5) Turtle scales... halfway through writing this I recieved a call from a pretty orc letting me know that she can make mail gear my level(I was whining at breakfast) if I get her turtle scales.

There you go Matticus, a numbered list just like you like! P.S. number 5.5 is Matticus' email as I cannot comment on his blog from work.

Also a shout out to Infidelity, a little 7 year old BE who chatted with me last night and gave me an update on how his Adopted older brother Ratshag's campaign to infiltrate the alliance is going.

Quite well it seems, grats on 51 again.

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