Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More, dangnabbit!

I need more blogs to read. Or the blogs I do read need to update more. Twice a day is just not enough!

That is all.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bed Rest

I've been faithfully following fellow blogger TJ's postings about her pregnancy. I'm addicted to her writing style. While reading her accounts of being put on bed rest and other pregnancy adventures, I found myself wondering: Would I have gone on strict bed rest? I mean, I did trek cross country at eight months pregnant to see Damm after six months apart. Against doctor's orders, I might add. It got so bad with my doctor that I threatened to wait until I went into labor to grace the hospital with my presence. I don't do confrontations like that over the phone. It was quite unnerving.

So I'm not a model patient. I don't think I'd take a sentence of strict bed rest lying down (a pun! a glorious pun!). I didn't have an actual reason at first to hypothetically disobey my doctor. It was just a feeling. Usually my feelings are right. So then I asked myself: is strict bed rest safe? Has there been any controversy over this?

Now before I go further I have to say two things: One, I am in no way critiquing TJ. She is doing what she thinks best for her baby, and I have nothing but admiration for the lengths she's willing to go to keep her child safe. If she thinks something is right for her kid, then that something is right. I hold that to be true for all mothers (within the usual boundaries, of course. I am not talking about drug addicts). Two, I am not pregnant. I have no plans to become so. I, like my mother before me, love creating controversy with our doctors. It's totally my mother's fault this post is being written.

So back to strict bed rest: yes, there is a camp that thinks it's harmful to put a mother on it. Here is an article I found. I have no idea what the Science Daily is or whether it's trustworthy. I was just looking for evidence that this notion is disputed.

Cue my reasons for doubting strict bed rest's effectiveness: We are always being told that sitting around is harmful. It's bad for circulation, it's bad for our weight, it's just bad. So sitting around all day in bed would basically make our bodies not function at maximum capacity. Furthermore, what about the psychological effects of sitting in bed all day? I always say that sports is half mental, half physical. Actually someone else said that, and now I repeat it. I know that for me, bed rest would feel like a Doomsday sentence. It would leach most of my hopeful, bubbly personality.

But Wulfa, you say, these doctors are highly trained people who know what they're doing. This is true. But does that automatically make them right? What if they haven't kept up on the latest research and findings? What if they're stuck in their ways and unable to change? All of this can happen, and does. And if another doctor criticizes me for getting information off the internet just because it's the internet we are going to have serious words. I am aware that some (many!) sites on the internet aren't trustworthy. But the Mayo Clinic webpage? Or the American Pediatrics site?

But I'm about to run after a rabbit trail. Back to topic: I have no firm convictions that strict bed rest is wrong. I merely have doubts. And I would not dream of telling a woman on bed rest that she should go against her doctor's instructions. I'm just concerned that even if strict bed rest is shown to be harmful, most doctors will choose to continue the practice simply because it's what has been done in the past. And that annoys me. Because if ever a third Orc child should be conceived, and I get put on any type of bed rest, there is going to be a mighty fight a comin', which could've been prevented if my doctor was up to speed. Although maybe I'd get an avante-garde phsyician. It could happen.

Given that I have issues (when do I not?), what would my solution be? It is this: modified bed rest. I think that is a wonderful idea. Some light and easy yoga, puttering around the house, lots of naps, absolutely no strenuous activity. But some activity. It would keep the circulation going, not put serious dampers on the psyche, yet would not endanger mother or child.

Of course, I am not a medical professional. I am merely babbling. I thought I should point that out. In no way should my words be taken as medical advice. Perhaps I should've put that at the beginning of my rambling. Also: I originally was using the phrase "bed rest" and then went back and changed it to "strict bed rest". I attempted to make sure the different phrasing fit, but if I missed something now you know why it sounded awkward.

Perhaps now I can stop thinking about this issue. I've expressed my doubts, given some thought as to why (don't judge my research/thinking abilities by this post), and have even given a solution. I even bought a lava lamp today. I am officially "cool".

More things for school.

My Song

The song that defines me. It isn’t as easy as that. I listen to music very rarely and when I do the range of songs I listen to is rather wide. There has never been one song or one type of song that I really like. I do remember key songs that really impacted me at certain times of my life.

I grew up on country (“Ain’t nothing wrong with my radio”) and Baptist hymns (“At the Cross”). When I hit college I started listening to rock (“Rainmaker”) and more contemporary praise music (“Show me your glory”). In between my college years it was more just rock with “Cold Eyed Bitch” (Jet) and “24 hours” (Jem). Later on “Citizen Soldier” by 3 Doors Down was initial reason I even looked into joining the Army. And now that I’m married with kids my tastes have drifted again with Cascada(“Evacuate the Dance Floor”) and Lady Gaga(“Pokerface”) and Flo Rida(“Apple bottom jeans”) taking a big role in my life. But the hymns are still very much a factor as I sing my kids to sleep with “Nothing but the Blood”.

I’m sure that if you were a music major, you could find something about these songs that connects them all into what I like. I know that I still sing along to any of them that I hear. But none of them have ever been dominate over a large period of my life.

So I decided to answer the question a different way. Rather than look for the song that has impacted my life the most I would look for the song that most defines where I would like to be in life. And that would be “It is well with my soul” by Horatio G. Spafford (Lyrics) and Phillip P. Bliss (Music).

It is a song I’ve liked a lot throughout my life but not one that I listened to much. The key thing is the lyrics. Even if you are not a religious person there is value in being a soul at peace. And if you are there is even more value in being at peace and centered with your God. I’ve lived a very restless and uncertain life, always moving, always making new plans; and I find something extremely desirable about being able to be at peace in all circumstances, whether good or bad. And so I would say that –my- song, the song that defines who I am would be this one. Because it defines my overwhelming urge to be content in all moments of life. To be able to find rest, to “be still and know”(1) that God is God.

(1) Psalms 46:10

Monday, February 28, 2011

Things I've written for school recently...Explinations

Yes I misspelled it.

Anyways, due to my lack of energy overall and my general oh crap I'm busy I decided that in order to keep a presence here on the blog I would post the things I had to write for school whenever I had to write them.... since I have to write them anyways.

So my next few posts will be silly little things like the last one.

"Rory got a D!"

Rory, for those of you who are not acquainted with my Gilmore Girls obsession, is a brilliant student who never received a grade lower than an "A". Low and behold, she was accepted to a highly competitive school. Her first assignment was returned to her with a big fat "D" on the front page. She was devastated.

I did not receive a "D", but I did get an 88 on a test that I could have gotten a 100 on. It was for a history class, and it was a take-home test. When I received my test back I was, of course, furious. How dare the professor criticize my writing? I am an A student! He's dumb! Blah blah blah. I worked myself up to a wonderful harangue, and started using imaginative language. Then the Orclette started repeating some of what I was saying, and I calmed myself down.

The reason I had so many points taken off is that I used quotations from the book and from the lesson. I think I should get extra points for remembering what the professor said in class, to the letter. The professor does not like his students using quotes, however. He wants his students to read the information, absorb it, then spit it back out in their own words. For the most part, that's what I did. I just added a few pertinent quotes. Other students, however, were apparently copying and pasting their answers. I think my grade was significantly higher than theirs.

So, today in class, we received a very no-bones lecture about how our tests were to be written. I find myself wondering why he didn't spell it out like that before the test. I reviewed my notes, wondering if he had and I had forgotten, but I have nothing. I do have instructions on how to cite my answers, which had led me to believe I could use quotes. Bah.

My biggest complaint is that different professors want different things. Every other semester my professors have loved my inclusion of quotations. They have loved the way I thought through everything. They didn't really pay attention to grammar, because they weren't English teachers. That bit me in the butt, too. My grammar was ripped apart. My personal experience, which I had included because other professors had proclaimed personal experiences made a paper special, was roundly rejected, crossed through, and had the word "Irrelevant" written across it. That kind of hurt.

What is funny is that I had been complaining that my papers never received anything but positive feedback. They came back with "Good!" and "Excellent!" scrawled across the top. Now I have a teacher who gets quite annoyed by grammatical errors, and I was not prepared. I should've kept my mouth shut.

I think I'll be ok though. An 88 is a high B, and now that I know what he wants I won't score that low again. I'm 88% confident that I will leave this class with an overall grade of "A". If I don't ... but that does not bear thinking upon.

Nerds must maintain their reputations, you know.

Things I've written for school recently.

Personal Values

I was tasked with writing out the personal values that I live by. This wasn’t a simple task for me. I had never sat down and written them out before. In fact, looking back at my life, I do not think I had ever even thought about them before. So, when given the task I found myself a bit off kilter. I spent the next few days using whatever free time I had thinking, “What have I been living by?” “What factors have dominated my reasons for doing something?” Eventually I came up with the following values and descriptions. These four statements are primarily what drive me.

Do your duty.

If you are given a job; do it. If you have a responsibility; fulfill it. Don’t shirk your tasks. Matt 21:28-32

Support your family.

This is whatever family group you may have: Your unit, your workplace, your friends at the bar, your actual family. If someone talks bad about them, defend them. If they are in a fight, fight on their side. If you are fighting with your family don’t let it show to outsiders. If they need help, give it. 1 Timothy 5:7-9

Don’t be afraid.

Do not let fear stop you from doing something. If it is something that you would do if there was no fear then do it if there is fear. Fear should never be a deciding factor. Joshua 1:9

Don’t cause trouble for others.

Don’t stir up trouble in your community. Do not pick fights. Nothing is more annoying than someone who is always looking for a way to get people fighting or get people upset. Proverbs 6:16-19.