Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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My Song

The song that defines me. It isn’t as easy as that. I listen to music very rarely and when I do the range of songs I listen to is rather wide. There has never been one song or one type of song that I really like. I do remember key songs that really impacted me at certain times of my life.

I grew up on country (“Ain’t nothing wrong with my radio”) and Baptist hymns (“At the Cross”). When I hit college I started listening to rock (“Rainmaker”) and more contemporary praise music (“Show me your glory”). In between my college years it was more just rock with “Cold Eyed Bitch” (Jet) and “24 hours” (Jem). Later on “Citizen Soldier” by 3 Doors Down was initial reason I even looked into joining the Army. And now that I’m married with kids my tastes have drifted again with Cascada(“Evacuate the Dance Floor”) and Lady Gaga(“Pokerface”) and Flo Rida(“Apple bottom jeans”) taking a big role in my life. But the hymns are still very much a factor as I sing my kids to sleep with “Nothing but the Blood”.

I’m sure that if you were a music major, you could find something about these songs that connects them all into what I like. I know that I still sing along to any of them that I hear. But none of them have ever been dominate over a large period of my life.

So I decided to answer the question a different way. Rather than look for the song that has impacted my life the most I would look for the song that most defines where I would like to be in life. And that would be “It is well with my soul” by Horatio G. Spafford (Lyrics) and Phillip P. Bliss (Music).

It is a song I’ve liked a lot throughout my life but not one that I listened to much. The key thing is the lyrics. Even if you are not a religious person there is value in being a soul at peace. And if you are there is even more value in being at peace and centered with your God. I’ve lived a very restless and uncertain life, always moving, always making new plans; and I find something extremely desirable about being able to be at peace in all circumstances, whether good or bad. And so I would say that –my- song, the song that defines who I am would be this one. Because it defines my overwhelming urge to be content in all moments of life. To be able to find rest, to “be still and know”(1) that God is God.

(1) Psalms 46:10

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Beowulfa said...

I don't think "Apple Bottom Jeans" and "Nothing But the Blood" belong near each other. But then, you are a man with many levels:)