Friday, September 26, 2008

I shouldn't read comments in WI I know better...

I wonder what effect it would have on WoW if you removed the randomness of loot drops.

Would the same raiders who complain about pvp gear being "easy" to get complain if they knew all they had to do was kill Bossa and their T7 Helm would drop? No chance, we simply -know- it will happen. Yay now all the raiders can be geared out on their first run. Then they can simple kill the bosses again because its fun to raid. Much like how the PvP'ers go back and play arena even after getting a full S5 set.

Or maybe we should change the pvp gear. Instead of S5 costs 10k arena points... you would have: "Spend 10k arena points for a random chance at -some- piece of S5". Then everyone could be happy. We'd all live and die by a random number. Yay we're all equally hard dice rollers. We can all participate in the activity we want and only hope we get rewarded for it. Yeah that would be exciting.

Why blame the pvp/arena gear? Why not blame the drop system? I have heard people say "Blizz forces me to pvp". No they don't. You just don't want to wait on a whole lot of random dice rolls just so you can have a chance at killing a boss to wait on some more random dice rolls.
You would rather complain that you decided to spend your time playing a portion of the game that you don't enjoy so that you could get a good reward that didnt' require chance(the dice roll), coordination(the scheduling), and 24 other people to get. This portion of the game only requires time.... and a large portion of it at that, because you decided that because it was "easy" you didn't have to try very hard. Which makes it take more time for you and those who get to play with you.

Oddly if you spent your immense amounts of time working with those 24 other people I mentioned its likely that you could gear up faster hoping on that random generator. But no worries, I understand. Some people just like to complain.

So, I really really wish that Blizz would be so kind as to guarantee drops. Then we could all be happy right? We could all know exactly what needs to happen for us to get our gear.

Oh we don't want it like that? Oh thats cool then lets wish for the random chance at S5. So we can all suffer the RNG together. /mutter.

Oh wait we're not really complaining about the system are we? We're whining because we're dissatisfied with life and are boring people who are bored. We can't find another game to play thats better than WoW but we're tired of playing it. So we'll sit and whine all day online.

Not a real book review

My mom's the writer in the family. I'm too chatty, my bro's are rather pompous, my dad is technical, but my mom strikes just the right tone. BUT I finished reading Elantris and Arms&Fury had asked what I thought about it, and I don't think I've written about it already .... I have no real filing system for posts so it's a dickens of a time trying to find stuff. I have no desire to go back through and re-file either, so you'll just have to suffer through some double-posting of stuff.

I'd recommend reading Elantris (my first broad impression), if naught else for seeing the dude who's gonna finish Jordan's series first attempt (I think it was his first attempt? must find out ...). I'm not sure how to describe his writing style-it feels like a first novel. Too much explanation, rather rough, not polished. Paolini's first two books have a similar feel (haven't read Brisingr yet). Sanderson uses deus ex machina a couple of times, or at least I felt he did-mebbe just a matter of not interpreting his intentions.

His heroine, Sarene, is my FAVORITIST heroine yet. She's 6' of purposeful and unabashed female, yet with insecurities that make her seem real. The antagonist, Hrathen, wasn't developed enough to get a proper feel for him, in my opinion-I would've liked to seen him a bit more fleshed out. Raoden the prince was a nice hero-type for Sarene to fall in love with :D.

Plot? Eh, it had romance and intrigue. 'Nough said.

Overall, a very enjoyable read and I'm glad I actually purchased the book since I'll want to read it again. I wished there were a sequel, but I guess I'll have to be content with the Mistborn trilogy .... which are, incidentally, extremely enjoyable and better written. And I need to get a move on the Eye of the World series ... I'm still on book 2, as I recently watched the Harry Potter movies again and therefore had to read the last 3 books again which means I put Egwene and Nynaeve aside for the moment (the boys drive me up the wall they're sooo stupid most of the time-I've been told this gets better as they mature-anyway, I read for the ladies' stories not the men's). So much reading, so little time .....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Totally random

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

It takes me-wait, you ready?-1 minute. I'm serious. I've heard of people who takes upwards of an hour to get their game face on. That boggles my mind. I think-maybe-my wedding day makeup session lasted that long.

I wash the face. I put anti-wrinkle cream on (my mum says it's never too early to start). I put my Loreal Bare Natural powder foundation stuff on, and I'm done. If I'm going somewhere special I put on my blush that's so light you can't really tell it's there and my bare chestnut eyeshadow that adds just a hint of color. Then I'll add my neutral lipstick that I end up rubbing off because I can't stand wearing the stuff.

If you'll notice it's all neutral. I have a deep-rooted horror of bright makeup. I've seen too many women forget to put on makeup and look simply ghastly because their makeup wasn't enhancing what they had but covering it up. I guess that means I'm averse to heavy makeup as well .... which was a point of contention with my professional makeup person for my wedding. We had established that it had to look like I wasn't wearing makeup-I didn't want the real me and the wedding photo me to clash too much-and she started layering on the foundation. I protested, and she wisely pointed out that it was needed for photographs ... bah humbug. It was an immense release to wash all that stuff off.

Today, however, I felt the urge to buy something not neutral. So I wandered over to the Loreal section (I just prefer their stuff) and picked out a rather dark quad of violet eyeshadow. I put it on, expecting to be overwhelmed, and I can barely see the stuff. Looked good, just not vibrant like I had thought.

I do have a point, although this post is random.

We went shopping last week. I wanted to buy myself a real, fits-me-perfectly jacket. I actually have never had a new jacket nor one that fit perfectly-it was all hand-me-downs and Walmart. We found a really nice leather one (probably not real, but it looks neat) and we were walking towards the checkout aisle when I saw the men's shirts.

I've been wanting to revamp Damm's wardrobe for ages. He consented to try stuff on.

I think the startled, slightly lustful looks he got after displaying each shirt was sufficient enough that he'll never go back to his old style (baggy jeans, baggy t-shirt, baggy sweater that I really want to throw away ...).

I've felt the urge to pack away my teenagerish t-shirts (Tinkerbell FTW!) and bring out my professional/hot looking clothes.

My point, at long last: We're coming out of hibernation. The past 2 years it's not mattered what we wore-we didn't know anybody, didn't go out. But I'm about to start working again, we're going back to school, just exciting stuff. It almost feels like coming alive again. Heck, I was in the mood for painting my nails. The last time I wanted to do that was back in TX. Damm and I will be able to go out on dates. Maybe even to someplace nicer than Taco Bell (our town is very limited in culinary choices, all the nicer restaurants are an hour away).

And that's what I've been thinking about this morning.


Quick WoW update:

I made level 66 last night. Only two more levels to go.

I'm starting to prioritize +damage over +healing. Simply because recently I haven't felt at all like doing any kind of partying.

Now having just said that... I -BADLY- need an underbog run. I've three or four quests there and then I'm done entirely with Zangermarsh. Terokkar Forest is now one of my favorite zones. I like fighting the bird people and the quests so far have been awesomely fast.

I'm about to drop tailoring and pick up a gathering skill. The debate is whether or not I want to go mining or herbalism. I am unable to decide.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Bug.

Wow insider already posted about this but incase you don't read them I will repeat the same here.

This blog had a contest for WoW fan fiction. The post I link to above was the winning subscription. I liked it a lot and wanted to share it with you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

So I won't forget ..

"I'm a little hunter short and cute.
Here is my bow, Here is my boot.
When I get all worked up then I shoot!"

And I can't come up with the last line. Needs to rhyme with the little teacup song.


I'm trying to decide if I should keep my random blog thoughts together or if I should simply make 3-4 posts on days when I have multiple thoughts.

The mixed one has the advantage of a single place to go to read that days thoughts. The divided one allows commenters to only comment on the idea they want to talk about.

Today I went with the multi-post for the reason you see directly above. But in this last post I'm going to combine a few ideas.

Breana responded to my Focus post and let me know that my Focus was just relaxing and letting the good times roll. :P That may be. I'm still pretty thrilled that she saw my post and replied. GLDC isn't one of the blogs I regularly have corespondence with and so she still has that air of a Celebrety**. As opposed to someone else. Who is now you know... normal and well normal. I mean...normal job, normal someone distracting her from blogging, normal creepy guy next door, kinda thing.

Just to be clear I wasn't very worried about anyone in my WoW circles going nutso and shoving me kicking and screaming into a life of clearly defined focus. I had a short talk with a guildie when the article was mentioned and he quickly talked me down out of my tree that I had chained myself defiantly to. There was booms and chanting and riots but we're all good now.*

I was going to do links to GLDC and NormalGirl but then I said no no I'm lazy. And then I said hey man thats not cool they link other people you should too. So HERE you GO. Guess who is who. I'm sure you'll be thinking a long time.

My face has been semi-numb on and off today. I googled "face and skull numbness and tingly" and decided I have multiple scelerosis, bells palsy, alzhemers, various brain contusions****, and possibly Ebola Leprosy Cancer*****. Ishvi says if my face isn't droopy and I'm not dying then its probably all in my head. I paraphrase. But now that I've paraphrase I rebutt: "Of course its all in my head. Thats where my skull and face are".

Sigh. I wonder if I could say "Hire me to hang out at your workplace and drink coffee for 80k a year because my daughter is cute". If I had the forsight to bring pictures and the right company owner I KNOW I could get away with this.

Anyways. Thats the temporary end to my ramblings. This post turned out way better than I thought it would. I'm rather pleased. One of these days I hope to be like Tycho and simply be able to drum up awesome word-craft at the drop of a hat. Some people may not agree with me but I know that he is awesome.

*He's gonna read this and boggle cus our conversation was "I don't like focus" "Yeah thats cool man yer good".

**And you thought I could spell? I refuse. Celebrity is such a stupidly french*** word anyways.

***French words are the words I have troubles pronouncing(please see melee and rural). So I have decided that all words that are hard to spell are French words too.

****I can't spell doctor terms either. Ha. And I want to be an engineer.

*****You know it exists. In some dark forgotton corner of Dallas people suffer from this and die horribly because they don't have pink-tasting-anti-biotics.

Game thoughts

It is funny going back to old games and realizing how much I have changed in the last 4 years.

I cannot stand loading screens anymore. Long waits every few minutes so you can "zone"? Bah get lost. But I remember thinking this was perfectly normal back when I played FFXI.

Camera. Please please let me controll the bloody camera. I spent a good deal of time this weekend playing Jade Empire and cursing the developers for their choice of camera angle/controlls.

Cutscenes. I used to love cutcenes. Now I wish violently for a "speed up the dialog button". But I recall thinking that about most bioware games so that may just be them.

Grinding. My tolerance for just sitting and grinding out xp on mobs had evaporated. Back when I was single and had all day I didn't mind killing bufflegipples all day for 10 xp a pop so that I could level 4-5 times. Now? I don't have time to grind. If it isn't direct story plot... I don't do it. I would never have get Lulu's Ultimate weapon if I played FFX today.

I still like just killing things.... I just no longer will do so if I'm only doing it for an end goal. Playing a level over and over again because I enjoy the controls of the game... still doing. Playing it over and over again so my favorite character can get their best weapon? No.

Lack of Multiplayer. I love my single player games. Oh I do. But I no longer live a singleplayer life. If I can't co-op then why bother? Really?

JUMPING. I better be able to jump. Even if it doesn't get me anything.

Some of the best things.

Are surprises that don't surprise you.

Things that make you sit up and go Oh really?! without the shocking Garhelkrjo-[sound of heart failure]. Like finding 10 bucks on the ground. Or getting a bonus check. Or getting a tip.

These things brighten your day in a nice pleasant way. Like a massage.

Selma is one of those things.

The book of Mark is one of those things.

Wulfa's latest present from me is one of those things.

Orclette giggling and playing peekaboo from behind her mother is one of those things.


I. Has. KODO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(from the Brewfest boss)

(it's very cute. It's widdle legs have to move sooo fast)

(I lurves my kodo)