Friday, September 26, 2008

Not a real book review

My mom's the writer in the family. I'm too chatty, my bro's are rather pompous, my dad is technical, but my mom strikes just the right tone. BUT I finished reading Elantris and Arms&Fury had asked what I thought about it, and I don't think I've written about it already .... I have no real filing system for posts so it's a dickens of a time trying to find stuff. I have no desire to go back through and re-file either, so you'll just have to suffer through some double-posting of stuff.

I'd recommend reading Elantris (my first broad impression), if naught else for seeing the dude who's gonna finish Jordan's series first attempt (I think it was his first attempt? must find out ...). I'm not sure how to describe his writing style-it feels like a first novel. Too much explanation, rather rough, not polished. Paolini's first two books have a similar feel (haven't read Brisingr yet). Sanderson uses deus ex machina a couple of times, or at least I felt he did-mebbe just a matter of not interpreting his intentions.

His heroine, Sarene, is my FAVORITIST heroine yet. She's 6' of purposeful and unabashed female, yet with insecurities that make her seem real. The antagonist, Hrathen, wasn't developed enough to get a proper feel for him, in my opinion-I would've liked to seen him a bit more fleshed out. Raoden the prince was a nice hero-type for Sarene to fall in love with :D.

Plot? Eh, it had romance and intrigue. 'Nough said.

Overall, a very enjoyable read and I'm glad I actually purchased the book since I'll want to read it again. I wished there were a sequel, but I guess I'll have to be content with the Mistborn trilogy .... which are, incidentally, extremely enjoyable and better written. And I need to get a move on the Eye of the World series ... I'm still on book 2, as I recently watched the Harry Potter movies again and therefore had to read the last 3 books again which means I put Egwene and Nynaeve aside for the moment (the boys drive me up the wall they're sooo stupid most of the time-I've been told this gets better as they mature-anyway, I read for the ladies' stories not the men's). So much reading, so little time .....


Grai's Gang said...

Rand,Mat and Pipin are fine lads...The ladies seem to create loads of drama themselves...Yes I must defend fictional men

Dammerung said...

Yay I'm not the only one.

Beowulfa said...


ArmsandFury said...

The strength or Jordan's writing is that each character CAN be followed. I've had to debate this when people think the whole story should center on Rand.

I'm glad you liked Elantris. I hate recommending stuff just to have it bomb.

Elantris was his first book and I think it was done better than most. The one thing that may have popped out as Machina to you was Raoden fixing the glyph of the city but I thought that fit so well I didn't mind it :)