Thursday, September 25, 2008


Quick WoW update:

I made level 66 last night. Only two more levels to go.

I'm starting to prioritize +damage over +healing. Simply because recently I haven't felt at all like doing any kind of partying.

Now having just said that... I -BADLY- need an underbog run. I've three or four quests there and then I'm done entirely with Zangermarsh. Terokkar Forest is now one of my favorite zones. I like fighting the bird people and the quests so far have been awesomely fast.

I'm about to drop tailoring and pick up a gathering skill. The debate is whether or not I want to go mining or herbalism. I am unable to decide.


Squirrelz said...

For instances, Wolfwood would be happy to run a few instances with ya if I see you on. Heck, he still needs to complete the quests in Blood Furnace, let alone start the quests in Coilfang.

As for Herbalism vs. Mining. I would suggest herbalism for you for a couple reasons. Inscription will use herbs so once the patch hits, the price of herbs of all level ranges will skyrocket from people who don't want to farm. Also, you can farm an herb node while still in flight form. This is a huge advantage for a druid.

sunjun said...