Monday, September 22, 2008

Some of the best things.

Are surprises that don't surprise you.

Things that make you sit up and go Oh really?! without the shocking Garhelkrjo-[sound of heart failure]. Like finding 10 bucks on the ground. Or getting a bonus check. Or getting a tip.

These things brighten your day in a nice pleasant way. Like a massage.

Selma is one of those things.

The book of Mark is one of those things.

Wulfa's latest present from me is one of those things.

Orclette giggling and playing peekaboo from behind her mother is one of those things.


MamaWau said...

Some of the best things in life are things that you don't expect, didn't know you wanted, until ... well, it happened.

Like ... being friends with your son after he's all grown.

like ... (after the unexpected death of a young friend) suddenly being full of that "I will kill anyone who touches my son to harm him" kinds of she-bear feelings ... for no reason ... no apparent threat, just the sudden awareness/reminder that life is fragile ... and good.

like ... the colors in the clouds piling one on top of the other towering and toppling impossibly high in the sky while the sun (which has already set) continues to change the shades and hues of the blues and green, accenting them with warm pillows of red, orange, and yellow.

And I wonder what have I ever done to deserve any of / all of the above?

MamaWau said...

Do you sometimes wonder who you are?

And who others are because of who you are?