Thursday, December 10, 2009


We will be logging in a lot less frequently until after the holidays. My brother is getting married and we will be driving about 1700 miles round trip to visit him and wulfa's family. We will still log in and will be back after this but until then.... Enjoy your holidays.

New blog looks continue to sneak in as well.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I blame New Mexico

The Orclette has been sick very infrequently. At least until we moved here. The Miniorc has been to the doctor more times than the Orclette already in the 4 months since he's been born.

And last night he got croup. I had noticed he had a lot of junk in his nose so I cleaned it out (a process he hates) and then he coughed. A nice, barking sound. Hadn't heard it before. I knew it was croup so we got the humidifier going and I looked it up on the interweb to see if we needed to rush him into the ER. Answer was no but sitting in the bathroom with the hot water running was recommended. I did that.

We were having fun. He thought the whole being awake thing was awesome.

Then a geyser of spit-up came out all over me. Fun time over.

After that he seemed to be breathing without laboring so we went back to sleep. And he seems fine this morning.

Due to a lack of sleep this post is a bit choppy in tone. At least it seems so to me. I also seem to have morphed into my dad and type two letters, go back and delete, type two more, delete. I used to be a nice, accurate, steady typist. How the mighty have fallen.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogging from the fort.

We made another fort. I have been instructed to stay "in here daddy with me".

Shaman changed a lot in the time I've been playing alliance. I like the new totem thing. I also like wind shear... I don't remember having it anyways. All in all very happy with it(ele right now). Really want to play my shaman again but on Lightninghoof I know no one anymore now that Herk has gone idle. Playing without friends is blehg. Really wish my bonus would come in so I could make my shaman alliance and move him wherever I am going to be.

Monday, December 7, 2009

On the guild situation:

As a treat this post we will offer two versions.

My version(with royal we):
To everyone who has been commenting and reading about our guild situation: We are still trying to decide between looking for a new guild on our server and transfering off. We are still talking with friends who are in the guild to see what is happening there. In short... we have not decided anything.

Dear Stephi and Fio. We are currently deep in negotiations with the Wulfa. We have several close friends on the server we are on and do not wish to just abandon them(some of them even came to our server because we were there)(some means one that we know of). At the same time we've found in our visits that Hidden Flame is a fun guild and we don't want you to feel like we are ignoring you.

Oh and she has no excuse... she kinda surprised me mid thought and I thought the dress was "cute". How was I supposed to know that wasn't the response she wanted... my mouth was on auto and doesn't do the thinking bit very well. By the time my brain got off of coffee break... the damage had already been done.

Basically the deal is we are seeing what our friends are doing and what the end result of the drama is. If there is a guild where those of us who are no longer in the guild are going then we might get told by the Wulfa that we are going there.

Her Version:
I never wear skirts. I used to but the advent of kids ushered in the era of "practical" clothing. But tonight I elected to wear a skirt because Damm's mother has her first-ever choir performance with her choir and I wanted her to know that we were taking it seriously.

Damm really likes skirts. When they're on me. I expected a "wowzer" type of response. Instead I got a "that's cute" response.

But to the guild situation. I don't want to be hasty. I don't want to leave any more hurt feelings. So basically I want to sit tight, see what happens, see where my friends are going. I think you guys(Stephi and fio) are awesome and I liked what I saw of your guild. But I don't think I'm ready to move yet.

*Stephi not Softi. Thanks TJ.

Heh. found this funny.

Quoted from gchat:

Ishvi: Huh?

me: the guild that you were going to recommend

Ishvi: Ah right
Kung Fu Ninja Bang

me: you serious?
that name is horrible

Ishvi: Yeah
Talk to Meatbeef


Yell BEEFCAKE at him and then tell him Ishvi sent you

I'll... try that... maybe

In their defense Ishvi said they were really fun smart people.

A post!

"I need to hold chu"(translated: I need to climb in your lap)

Drill this weekend was slow but fun. Wulfa got to meet most of my new chain of command and there was a christmas party.

"Daddy I'm coming to get you! Daddy I coming."(translated: I need to climb on your lap again)
"I know"(without any response from me = I'm in your lap)

In WoW, Kitsen(who doesn't have a blog I think)(I hope because I'll be embarrased not to link her if she did), forced me to level by explaining how fun sholozar is. 90% of that fun is nessingwary. I tried to find an old post explaining my love for his expiditionary force but couldn't.

"I wish I need food"(Translated: I smell the food mommy is cooking and I want it now)

Which led me to:
Can anyone help me add a search thingy to my blog so that I could search my blog for items without having to click all the way through the addons? PLEASE TELL ME.

"da da da da da uuuuuuuuh"(translated: content to wiggle in an uncomfy manner while daddy posts this)

As you can see from the bold/italics/caps I'm all srs bzns.

In RL our house has IMPLODED and needs to be burnt to the ground and then the dust blown away. I told my landlord* I needed to do this so that it would be clean again and he didn't take it very well. Oh and we've got a million errands to run and I need to run and the entire time -they- need attention. Bah it feels like monday.

Welp. Thats my post for the day.

* didn't tell my landlord

Sunday, December 6, 2009


So I was watching People Magazines little Time videos of stars/starlets and how they've changed over the years.

The Orclette was watching as well.

Turns out she likes Britney Spears and Katie Holmes but does NOT LIKE Lindsey Lohan.

Go figure.