Friday, February 15, 2008

A question of styles.

Now this is something that came up in our little anti-PUG group of poxes. I'm not posting this here as a vote thing for the group. We're discussing it primarily in our google group discussion board thing. But I thought this would be a great topic to write about.

As everyone knows we've been swept up in this 'grand experiment'. We've planned times/tabards/party compositions. And guilds.

Now we ran into a slight problem with the party compositions as one of the parties only had 1.5 hrs of overlap time to play in.

One solution is to re-assign party members, until everyone was in a party that had at least 2.5 hrs to play together on wednesday nights. Another is to simply move that groups main play time to a different day(weekends perhaps). And a final solution is to make the party builds a 'suggestion' allowing people to play PuG within the group.

Now I immediantly hopped on the problem and said "OH no! We have to have everyone participating! We'll make the groups suggestions and people can just play with whoever". I didn't consider the problem... I just started trying to fix it.

The Incredible Ess and Nasirah countered with the fact that the original idea had been to simply always have a group that was almost exactly the same level as you that you would be able to party with thus avoiding the LFG channel and soloing all together.

I agree with Ess and Nas. I like being forced to only xp at certain times and with the same people. It generates community for me. I'm just frustrated at myself for jumping to fix without pausing to think. This is a constant problem with me. I react to the problem... but because I didn't think about it I end up with something covered in duct tape and glue when all I really needed to do was think for a moment and apply a simple fix.

I would love to hear from others of experiances they have had with 'speed patches' that would have been better solved by taking a step back and focusing on the root of the problem.

A severe case of the blah's

We've been busy with our new anti-pug group, dashing home these past 2 nights to check on websites, voting on names, and designing the tabard (thank you everyone for giving me the reins on that one-I've had a lot of fun going through all the options). And that's what we've been discussing at lunchtime. And on the drive to and from work. So I logged on last night prepared to be excited that I was taking a small hiatus from Pox Arcanum and playing with our great Alliance guildie members. I logged on in Astranaar. I got ganked in Astranaar. I rezzed my body when I thought there was no one around. I got pulled down by a rogue. Fortunately I was in the water, so I was able to get myself away from the fracas when I rezzed again. Dammy also got ganked. We decided that we were no longer going to quest in Ashenvale. We also decided to log off because there was no enthusiasm for any of our characters.

We were experiencing a bit of overload.

So we logged off, I read further into my fantasy novel (Rhapsody, by I forget-her-name) and Dammy caught up on his blogs. We didn't stay up too late. It was nice. I think a WOW-break was just what we needed. Because we only play at night we didn't think regulating was necessary, since Orclette likes to play on her own with us on the floor as her climbing post and doesn't need much participation from us. But I guess it is. And tonight, for the first time since Christmas, Dammy and I are going out. It's our V-day celebration, a day late, I know, but yippee! We're going to see Step Up 2-Life on the Streets. Don't harass Dammy, I'm the one who wants to see it. I love dancing in all forms (nevermind that I can't dance at all).

Oh, and Dammy wanted me to write about my experiences playing with Pox Arcanum. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although I twice waved to Incendio in-game and he never waved back :) Plus he cleared out the area I was about to quest in (that was a bit of teasing-everyone, including me, were racing to get to mobs before another person did). I like everybody who signed on to the project. We generated fun conversation. I'm looking forward to next Wednesday.

And now it's time to wake all the sleepyheads in the house.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Tranquil Garden

Picture 1Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

These are a few of the combos I've come up with so far. Let me know what you think!

(the colors will be either red/black or purple/green)

The voting so far(Daxe was last voter.):
1) 6 votes 5 first place votes
2) 3 votes 1 first place votes
3) 1 votes 1 first place votes
4) 0 votes
5) 4 votes 2 first place votes

Guild Tabard

Alrighty. I'm starting to play around with tabard designs and, since this is a collaborative effort, I need suggestions. What 2 colors would you like to see? And what motif? Please limit suggestions to these two as I don't want to be completely inundated. A request has already been made to have a bunny as a motif. I've tried that. It really looks like a playgirl bunny . . . sorry Dammy. I know you were thinking it would look like a cute little bunny. But on a BE female it just doesn't.

Sample screenshots of tabards will be posted sometime tonight. Comments on them will be welcome, revisions can and will be made until Tuesday night at which point we will vote on 4 different designs. BTW, can somebody farm really hard and make us 10 gold by Wednesday night so we can buy tabard immediately? :)

POX ARCANUM WINS 7-2 with 9/14th's of the polls reporting in.

Adding Klaki to The Yellow Poxless

Short like a derf, quick like a stunned gnome rogue

Dear blogspot,

Please give me a 'block' list. So I can block certain spammy commenters from posting fake blogs that just lead to VILE EVIL VILENESS.

Also if I can have a button to shoot them with my ORIBITAL SPACE LAZER CHICKEN. I would be happy.

Thank you,


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The grand experiment.

Well so far its been fun. We have 13 people I think total(counting us two). We're on Anvilmar. We generally chat using the channel Poxic. Our plan is to start the guild next Wednesday. So before then we're going to vote on a guild name. After last night we came up with the following two finalists(ignore my bad spelling and asume the words are spelled correctly if I get one wrong):

Aim to Misbehave
XX(Myself, Beowulfa)


Pox Arcanum*
(whee! I can edit Dammy's posts now)

XXXXXX(Pike, Bruthah, Daxe, smeiger, Waradwen, GameDame)

I'm starting to wonder if I can swap my vote... it looks like Pox Arcanum is running away with the win.

If you are one of the miscreants that Ess collected in her 109 comment post please post your vote and your Anvilmar toon name so we can get an accurate count. First name to 7(of 13) wins.

Our current over all plan is to meet in ogrimar and split into teams at level 10 and start collecting RFC quests. Bruthah's toon is I believe the first one to 10(congrats). We play wednesday nights. The time we start depends on which team you are on. The Green Poxed seem to be a 9:3o-12:30 EST group. Not sure when the Purple Poxers are starting I just know it is sooner than that.

Currently myself(Sumyerki) and Wulfa(Wulfa) are levels 8 and 7 respectively. My brother(Raamah) is level 5 when he logged off. We gave him a huge hassel about taking 3 hours to chose a name(seriously).

It is very fun to talk to the people I blog with. Not sure how long this will last but here is to hopeing. Well that is all folks. Check Unbound's site, or here, or gamedame or nutjob or all the other blogs that I'm forgetting names on for more details if you are interested.

You know.. I was VERY tempted to be silly and rechristen you* as Wwwarwwwdwwwenw. Because I'm really a 4 year old.

*you know who you are**

**No I don't mean klaki***

***[at this point in the transmition Dammerung started crying and wanted juice and crackers]

Guild names

Alright here's what we have so far for guild names:

Mightier Than The Sword

Pox Arcanum

Grammar Nazis

The Wordsmith (my suggestion)

Acta non verba ("action not words", also my suggestion)

(and finally, my favorite:)

Solemn Colloquy

Thoughts/brainstorming is welcome. See you future guildies on Anvilmar!

Today's story.

So a grand experiment is happening over in Outland Bound. I'm excited about it, if it works it might be a new AC... except we'll be doing them one better. While they are busy taking down Vashj or whatever the latest boss is, we're outdoing them. We'll be taking down Bazzalan, Jergosh the Invoker and Taragaman the Hungerer. Maybe one day they'll catch up.

More posting to come later. Work happened.

This was supposed to be an edit . . .

But I can't edit Dammy's posts(fixed). He can edit mine. Does that seem fair to you?

What Dammy didn't mention was that yesterday Orclette received her gnome-vaccinations and it drew a little blood. Now if she was a full-grown orc I would've said "suck it up!" but since she's a little tyke that just didn't seem right. And then that dern gnome-vaccination gave her the touch of a fever. Must've been a Stranglethorn gnome they got the vacc from. So we had a sore, feverish little Orclette on our hands and that's why we didn't post yesterday.

P.S. several tiny doses of infant Tylenol later and much orc parentla lovin' and little Orclette is feeling much better. And I've performed my first rectal temp. taking. I must be a mom.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dear me.

Please remember to post on days when you don't go to work.

Zujoo level 34.(+2)[respecced 9/16/0... I'm liking it a lot]
Dammerung level 42.(+0)[highly pondering a resto respec but for now doing nothing]
Beowulfa level 47?(+1)

Alliance toons unchanged.

SM is spiffyawesome. I plan on going back again and again until I get a hat that a derf hates. A derf with a big red kitty.

Yes, yes I want the cardinal hat. She dropped an amulet last night but the looting bugged some how and everyone but one guy was able to dice on it and he wasn't but the loot was waiting on him to dice so it was never looted. As condolences I picked up a green of the eagle glove drop and an awesome staff(??? rod) and some blue shoulders.

Sadly the guy running us through wouldn't take wulfa along because we 'already had 5'. Wulfa was left out and alone and I felt bad about going without her and looking back I think I shouldn't have gone.

Speaking of. I normally don't support having someone run me through an instance but a guildy wanted to do it and I figured free xp? and loot? Sure.

Outland bound is talking about creating a bloggers only premade-xp-group and I'm interested. I think horde, PVE, and a weekday night so you don't interfere with weekend guild events.

Well thats it for a quickly slapped together LATE post.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Blah weather

Our area is iced over. Apparently the cafeteria staff where hubby works were not able to make it in so no lunch. Which means no lunch hour with Dammy. I didn't realize how much I depended on that hour but I am totally bummed about not going.

My druid, hubby priestie, and BM brother-in-law ventured into WC this Saturday. I was lvl 23, hubby lvl 22, and b-i-l lvl 25. We advanced cautiously at first but it became very clear that we were indestructable. We easily were taking on 4-6 mobs at once. I kept hate off of squishy hubby and not-so-squishy brother&pet. I received kudos and massive commendations for my tanking skills which brought up a question in my mind. Is that something I should be proud of? Isn't tanking a matter of pressing the right buttons? Can't everybody keep the hate on themselves and consistently protect the squishies amongst them? I certainly worked hard-my left hand was numb by the time we took out 2 bosses. Of course that might also be because I worked that day and I use my hands a lot . . .

anyway little Orclette is begging for my attention so I'll be taking a bit of a break but I have more thoughts. More thoughts that I wish to share. That you must read! /maniacal laughter.

---------------------END WULFA------------------------------------------

---------------------START DAMMY--------------------------------------

I was told to pipe up as someone else was feeling tired/busy and didn't want to share any more thoughts today.

We are all amazed at ... well having a tank. Her druid is the first 'tank' I've ever partied with. Pretty amazing I know for someone who has played on and off since spring 2006. I quite simply had no idea someone could generate that much threat on a mob. It allows me so much room to heal/buff/debuff. And that extra room pretty much makes her invincible. Which leaves Moonsongdown(our hunter pet) and ????(our hunter pets pet) time to dps the mobs down.

I tried to play Dammerung again Sat night but several things conspired against me. My muscle memory for the class was absolutely gone. I was ganked twice. I had a high repairbill left over from the time I previously played. And I was tired. So after a frustrating hour or two. I got off. I whined. I'm taking another breather and hopefully won't be tired next time I play him.


Earlier I complaigned about partying for xp. One thing I did not take into account was instances. When you are three manning an instance that still gives you yellow mobs and xp, you get so caught up in the killing, healing, moving, looting that you don't even notice that your xp bar has gone from zero bubbles to 15/20 bubbles. I like this kind of leveling. The kind that sneaks up on you.

Well I think that is it.