Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The grand experiment.

Well so far its been fun. We have 13 people I think total(counting us two). We're on Anvilmar. We generally chat using the channel Poxic. Our plan is to start the guild next Wednesday. So before then we're going to vote on a guild name. After last night we came up with the following two finalists(ignore my bad spelling and asume the words are spelled correctly if I get one wrong):

Aim to Misbehave
XX(Myself, Beowulfa)


Pox Arcanum*
(whee! I can edit Dammy's posts now)

XXXXXX(Pike, Bruthah, Daxe, smeiger, Waradwen, GameDame)

I'm starting to wonder if I can swap my vote... it looks like Pox Arcanum is running away with the win.

If you are one of the miscreants that Ess collected in her 109 comment post please post your vote and your Anvilmar toon name so we can get an accurate count. First name to 7(of 13) wins.

Our current over all plan is to meet in ogrimar and split into teams at level 10 and start collecting RFC quests. Bruthah's toon is I believe the first one to 10(congrats). We play wednesday nights. The time we start depends on which team you are on. The Green Poxed seem to be a 9:3o-12:30 EST group. Not sure when the Purple Poxers are starting I just know it is sooner than that.

Currently myself(Sumyerki) and Wulfa(Wulfa) are levels 8 and 7 respectively. My brother(Raamah) is level 5 when he logged off. We gave him a huge hassel about taking 3 hours to chose a name(seriously).

It is very fun to talk to the people I blog with. Not sure how long this will last but here is to hopeing. Well that is all folks. Check Unbound's site, or here, or gamedame or nutjob or all the other blogs that I'm forgetting names on for more details if you are interested.

You know.. I was VERY tempted to be silly and rechristen you* as Wwwarwwwdwwwenw. Because I'm really a 4 year old.

*you know who you are**

**No I don't mean klaki***

***[at this point in the transmition Dammerung started crying and wanted juice and crackers]


Dammerung said...

I shall vote firsty:

Sumyerki votes "Aim to Misbehave".

smgeier said...

How can I not vote for my own suggestion?

Pox Arcanum

Daxenos said...

Pox Arcanum.

Oh, sure you suggested it, but WHOOOOOO put the pox smackdown in the first place?!! lol.




Pike said...

Anvilmar huh? I shall be sure to head over there and make a character ASAP!

Beowulfa said...

I like "Aim to Misbehave"

klaki said...

I know my vote doesn't count. I would love to come and join you all, but why must it be a PST server :( I might create a toon, let me ponder it a bit. Well, if my vote did count, I would defintely be for Pox Arcanum. Aim to Misbehave sounds like something snot nosed teenagers do. Now, Pox Arcanum (secret disease) sounds more deadly, more evil, more adult... I like :)

Bruthah said...

I vote for Pox Arcanaum!

Pike said...

Oh and I like the Pox Arcanum one, although I don't know if my vote counts or not!

Waradwen said...

Oh, Pox Arcanum. Totally.


Daxenos said...

Hey Dammy or Wulfa, could you shoot me an email so I can spam..erm... communicationing you?

Rysteranch at sbcglobal dot net.



(feel free to delete this comment)

Waradwen said...

Hey! My name has a 'w' in it! Well, actually it has two, if you want to be a pedant. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I guess "Kill Fluffy!" is out, then. /pout

Klaki's arguments persuaded me to vote for Pox Arcanum. He definitely needs to be on the yellow poxless team.

Nasirah said...

Looks like I'm a bit behind, but I prefer Pox Arcanum (and no, not just saying that 'cause it's more popular).

Dammerung said...

And voting is now finalized.

See Wulfa's Tabard post for the results.