Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is Friday's Post from Dammy.

So 'Wulfa has been sick. Icky sick. Have Dammy come home from work at 10am sick.

Me and Orclette bonded.

Anyways that was just news for news sake. It also explains why she hasn't done an awesome wrap up story about killing Trogs while on cough syurup highs. Or some such thing.

I logged in Zujoo as she and Orclette settled into bed for the night and figured I'd do some quick questing get 2-4 bubbles worth of xp and then get off. Well I did get one quest done. Then on my way back to Tabitha(the awesome) I ran into this mage doing the quest where you have her summon a demon and then you kill it. So I dotted up his summoned demon and he waved and I waved and I turn around and see a mid 30's hunter with 20% hps...and a level 41 rogue and a level 41 paladin .. killing him.

Me and the mage charge. The rogue suddenly looks like a christmas tree his dot list is so shiny. I howl of terror him. The Paladin see's 3-2 odds and runs(wimp). The mage and I finish the rogue(who is also running) and run past the body after the paladin... we eventually catch him waiting for his buddy to ress.... and we promptly kill him. The rogue resses. We kill him. The rogue resses again. (Look I'm not camping the guy I can't even move 10 feet before he resses)... we kill him. The paladin returns. I kill him. The mage dies. I kill the rogue who killed him. the Paladin comes back and tries to stun lock me.. he kills me... I soulstoneress(immediantly) and kill him. A level 36 alliance druid tries to join in. I kill him. Me and the recently ressed mage hide under a tree and regen hoping the buggers will get bored of dying and wander off. They don't... the three of them come up and we kill one but this time they coordinate heals and we're unable to burn down the healers fast enough and we die. I ress as far from my body and decide I'm tired of this.(It was boring after kill 2. Is frustrating now that I'm starting to die).

I run for the flight point. And who is in my path?...the Paladin... I ignore him run over him(I've killed him 2-3 times at this point) and hope he'll take the hint and leave. He doesn't... and becasue I didn't initiate he stuns then starts beating me down(I think he's retribution). HOWEVER. The idiot didn't watch his surroundings. Five kind level 55 goblins kill him in 5 blows(roughly 2 seconds after I die). Yay for being friendly with mudsprocket's people.

Me and the mage joke about owning them(between the two of us I believe we got about 15 HK's and neither of us died more than twice(I don't count deaths I soulstone popbackup from)[warlock feign death].

Still... why do you pop right back up and keep coming like that? If the punks had stayed dead for 5 seconds I would have wandered away and they could have gone back to whatever they were doing.... mutter angrily.

Oh and now that I'm all hungry for pvp? Oh right I"m level 40 and equal to -nothing- in battlegrounds. /sigh.


Last night was another GE night so:

Go here for the story and writeup about how awesome I am.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hi! Meet my new horsey!

He likes plant soulshards.

Life Tap... the new PVE version.

This is all about the Life Tap change I heard about on the test server thing. Where lifetap goes from 528hp/mana to 15%hp/mana. I've heard this described as a nerf. To me it looks amazingly like a buff to affliction/destro and not much change to demo.

Let me explain. Now for the purposes of my numbers on hps and stats I'm using a demonology Warlock I found in the armory. 566 stm 467 int. 9239 hp and 9620 mana. The only buff I see is Fel Armor.

He has 7/45/9 with 2 points in improved life tap.

So his life tap gives 696 mana for 528 health.
Two life taps gives him 1392 mana for 1056 health.

Under the new system he'll get 1731.6 mana for 1385.85 health. Which is 4.94% more mana than before. So as a Demonology lock he's getting a tiny buff.

Of course... 5 min after writing this I was trying to look up an affliction lock to show how great they are going to get it and found one with 10640 hps and 8020 mana. Poor affliction lock. He's getting nerfed. But maybe thats his fault for stacking up 733stm and only 379 int. Granted he might be wearing PvP gear, as might the demonlogy warlock.

For myself? Lifetap changing like this would be a HUGE buff. I would be getting almost a 59% increase in the mana I get per health I spend. And I know I would gear differently at top end.

It is a change. It will require you to gear differently and stm will not be as priceless as before, but as long as you have 1 mana more than you have hps than its a change for the better. Is stm suddenly worthless? No you need the hps for pvp and to buff your pet. Does it hurt your regen? Not if you have 1 more mana than hps... and the more mana you have the more it becomes a buff. You -will- be life tapping less. About half as much. Because now(with equal hp/mana) you'll be spending and getting a little more than twice as much.

But please stop calling it a nerf(It is a pvp nerf I know). It just changed how you prioritize stats a bit.

My two copper.

p.s. I just hit level 39 yay.

p.s.s. Feel free to correct me. I know that purple level 70 gear has a TON of stm. But I also know that I looked at several locks at level 70 in purples and they had wildly varying hp/int ratios.

p.s.s.s. Ah the Affliction lock IS in pvp gear. Gladiator this and that. Which explains the hps.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So easily pleased ....

So I'm fighting a cough. No other symptoms, just a tickle in the back of my throat. I HATE coughing. Upset stomach, runny nose, achy-body I can stand, but I HATE the cough. So I've been popping cough drops like they're candy. And I ran out this morning so Orclette and I headed to Wal-Mart. (BTW, carrying a 22-pound child through the store is NOT a smart idea. Use the cart, Wulfa, use the cart). We got our cough suppressants and were heading towards the checkout. And I saw it. A green happy bunny shirt with "Kiss Me I'm Irish" emblazoned on the front. Since I'm 1/4 Irish I feel I can actually wear these shirts with pride (mother's maiden name is Gallagher. Sadly, our family heritage on that side of the water is not very interesting). I don't need any more shirts. I especially don't need t-shirts from the junior department. I'm getting old, after all. But I couldn't resist happy bunny. So happy bunny came home with me and is being worn right now. And my mood went from ok to "look at this cool new shirt I have!" -figurative jumping up and down excitedly-

that's it.

I am Flipper

I was all excited this morning. Got my coffee, cereal, morning chocolate, tucked Orclette into her highchair, pacified her with a bottle (empty, she doesn't like to drink from bottles yet but she likes the bottle), and signed on to WOW.

Bah Humbug!

Maintenance day. I have to wait until 1 pm our time. So disappointing. Yesterday was my first-ever attempt at AH flipping and I was VERY eager to see the results. I've been reading Og for awhile I just had never had the time nor was willing to spend the gold ..... but I can't play Wulfa unless my other greenies are on with me so I have to get resourceful so she doesn't get bored. So we scanned the AH looking for red-hot deals. And I think-think-we found some. About 2-3 items of gear that was way underpriced in the silver range that normally sold for several gold and they weren't seen too much at auction and a few trade things that also were being undersold. I think I spent about a gold and a half-maybe less-and I could possibly see a 15-20 gold return, if everything sells, which I know it might not. But I really really really wanted to check on them this morning. Why can't Blizzard do maintenance in the middle of the night? I realize that would be some people's daytime depending on the zone they're in but isn't that separate from US WOW anyway (those foreign time zones =)?

Enough complaining. Inspired, I then went over to Beowulfa, who has plenty of coin to spare, and spent about 5 gold (you see, even with plenty of coin I'm such a scrooge) on a mixture of gear and trade items that, if all sell, would bring me a return of 30-40 gold. I even picked up a blue for 50 silver that normally sold for, well, a lot more. I can't remember how much it was supposed to sell for. Next time I'll write down what I bought, how much I paid, how much it's supposed to sell for, and all that sort of thing. Could start a little record book. (YES! Another excuse to buy office supplies!)

And just so ya'll know Beowulfa got called cute yesterday by a little undead mage?? (can't remember but I think it was a squishie). She very graciously responded "Ah shucks, Thanks!" I guess I was thinking Goofy. And Wulfa-well, Wulfa danced up to two big, muscled NE dudes wit big cats and started flirting with them. I tell you, she's incorrigable (bah can't remember how to spell that word). She patted the kitties gently on the head, danced around the NE hunters once more for good measure, then seductively danced away so they could see all of her good bits and realize what they were missing by hanging out Alliance side.

Dammy is starting at me with pleading in his eyes. He hasn't eaten yet and he's been tanking Orclette so I could write this. I'll get off now so he won't die.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Real life complaining.

So I had to spend this morning doing drudge work programming. The kind where the simplest and fastest way to do something requires you to type the same line over and over and over(simplification). Basically I had 10 different files.. that needed some(not all) of their fields converted to text and then FTP'd. With no way to read the files and get a list of their fields I couldn't implement a do loop. So I had to resort to:

Do until EOF;
Read record;
o_Field1 = i_field1;
o_Field2 = i_field2;
o_Field3 = i_field3;
o_Field4 = i_field4;
o_Field100 = i_field100;
write record in outgoing file;

............but again because each file had different fields with different lengths and I had to define the outgoing files and make certain they looked the way my dear customer arbitrarily wanted them to when they were finished. So I also did a lot of: "Oh bother I need to move that column over two spaces to the left. [change one digit in program][recompile dds][recompile rpgle]"

This is not fun. Its like doing huge piles of arithmetic just because. Now, I have a program I've 'adopted' from someone else at my workplace that will recompile the rpgle and dds on the fly based on the input file. But it is -really- easily broken because they didn't take the time to stress test it(at all) and I stopped using it because my customer kept breaking it and I was losing his confidence/happiness. And at this point in the game I don't have a strong enough grasp of API's and prototypes to write my own. So I went with the retarded way of doing things because well... it was simpler and I could guarantee it wouldn't break. Even I hate how it looks.

I wish I wish I had the opportunity to take a few classes on Advanced RPG programing. And all I've had is corporate classes that are aimed at ops people who don't have a clue about programming. My problem is I'm easily bored and inherently lazy. If I wasn't I would be able to sit through a class aimed at newbies and actually -learn- things. As it is... I tune out and probably am missing everything I am really wanting to learn.

And learning from books? Bleh. I read for entertainment, or for syntax. But I'm starting to dread that I'll have to just sit down and lock myself into a room with a few RPG books and study until I learn or die.

Well anyways that is done now and the customer said he'll check today and tell me tomorrow how it runs. So I should know something by June.

But all this brings up a thought. I don't like learning how to use computer applications. If someone asks me about one I bluff and run. I like programming from a problem solving perspective and HATE it from a "learning all the syntax and phraseology" perspective. I am a failing nerd. I prefer to explain things in 'banker' speak(ie: 2year old level) and get frustrated when people use arcane termanology. These are not good traits in a programmer analyst. At least I don't think so.

Jeff Foxworthy of redneck fame worked for IBM for 5 years and then quit to become a standup comic. He only made 8 grand the first year. My very first thought was wow I wish I had -anything- I enjoyed well enought to quit for.

Oh gah! The emo has taken over. I'm going to leave it and run. Please forgive this temporary splurge into RL and frustration.



Poxic Bank tab is purchased but Wulfa reports that there are some authority issues and not everyone is able to access the tab. Not even to deposit. I plan to log on tonight and fix this as soon as possible.