Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is Friday's Post from Dammy.

So 'Wulfa has been sick. Icky sick. Have Dammy come home from work at 10am sick.

Me and Orclette bonded.

Anyways that was just news for news sake. It also explains why she hasn't done an awesome wrap up story about killing Trogs while on cough syurup highs. Or some such thing.

I logged in Zujoo as she and Orclette settled into bed for the night and figured I'd do some quick questing get 2-4 bubbles worth of xp and then get off. Well I did get one quest done. Then on my way back to Tabitha(the awesome) I ran into this mage doing the quest where you have her summon a demon and then you kill it. So I dotted up his summoned demon and he waved and I waved and I turn around and see a mid 30's hunter with 20% hps...and a level 41 rogue and a level 41 paladin .. killing him.

Me and the mage charge. The rogue suddenly looks like a christmas tree his dot list is so shiny. I howl of terror him. The Paladin see's 3-2 odds and runs(wimp). The mage and I finish the rogue(who is also running) and run past the body after the paladin... we eventually catch him waiting for his buddy to ress.... and we promptly kill him. The rogue resses. We kill him. The rogue resses again. (Look I'm not camping the guy I can't even move 10 feet before he resses)... we kill him. The paladin returns. I kill him. The mage dies. I kill the rogue who killed him. the Paladin comes back and tries to stun lock me.. he kills me... I soulstoneress(immediantly) and kill him. A level 36 alliance druid tries to join in. I kill him. Me and the recently ressed mage hide under a tree and regen hoping the buggers will get bored of dying and wander off. They don't... the three of them come up and we kill one but this time they coordinate heals and we're unable to burn down the healers fast enough and we die. I ress as far from my body and decide I'm tired of this.(It was boring after kill 2. Is frustrating now that I'm starting to die).

I run for the flight point. And who is in my path?...the Paladin... I ignore him run over him(I've killed him 2-3 times at this point) and hope he'll take the hint and leave. He doesn't... and becasue I didn't initiate he stuns then starts beating me down(I think he's retribution). HOWEVER. The idiot didn't watch his surroundings. Five kind level 55 goblins kill him in 5 blows(roughly 2 seconds after I die). Yay for being friendly with mudsprocket's people.

Me and the mage joke about owning them(between the two of us I believe we got about 15 HK's and neither of us died more than twice(I don't count deaths I soulstone popbackup from)[warlock feign death].

Still... why do you pop right back up and keep coming like that? If the punks had stayed dead for 5 seconds I would have wandered away and they could have gone back to whatever they were doing.... mutter angrily.

Oh and now that I'm all hungry for pvp? Oh right I"m level 40 and equal to -nothing- in battlegrounds. /sigh.


Bell said...

Oh boo. :( Sucks when you get the pvp itch and are at a problematic level.

Sesshoumaru on Ghostlands said...

The ultimate in silly "pop right back up while your killer is still there" was a level 6 gnome mage that I'd just killed with my level 11 BElf hunter (I was in Dun Morogh to tame a rare, and there he was flagged and dueling, what was I supposed to do? ^_~) I was in the middle of hearthing, DEFINITELY not trying to camp, and he popped up and firebolted me.