Monday, October 10, 2011

Air Show Fun

This past weekend we went to an air show at Holloman Air Force Base. The Miniorc in particular ADORES planes and the Orclette is also fascinated by them. It was perfect weather: crisp and cold and clear (although we didn't dress the kiddos warm enough, we just aren't used to the cold weather yet. Some of the adults had to go without their jackets:)

Some of us weren't quite awake.

Others were armed with their planes and were ready to go.

Experiencing one of the static displays.

I had fun too, although the face-painting lady looked at me oddly when I asked to have my cheek painted. Paid my two dollars and I see no reason why adults can't do silly things like paint their faces.

I didn't take any pictures of the kiddos during the aerial displays. We were having too much fun pointing out the planes. Miniorc, after watching the first display, turned his face to me, pointed at the airplane, and very firmly said "mine!". It was awesomely funny.

Afterwards, as we were coming home, it occurred to me that this is what it felt like to be a kid. Dad (and sometimes mom, although not my mom) would work hard during the week and then the weekends were time for fun. That feeling ended as soon as I looked at my homework load, but hey, it was fun while it lasted.