Saturday, November 21, 2009

Family pictures.

This is all of us after a long and triumphant battle against the forces of the universe that were conspiring to destroy "picture day".

We're Behind the Times

Damm and I missed quite a few movies while he was away at basic/AIT. I managed to see Star Trek, Transformers 2, and GI Joe but I missed everything else. Including the movie Up.

But I need to include some info you might need.

We watched GI Joe last night. Just ourselves-kiddos were with grandma. It was wonderful. And Damm was talking about the movies he'd like to see and they were action films so the Orclette wouldn't get scared, right?

Haha. Just haha.

So he compromised and we rented Up. We thought it was going to be funny, uplifting, etc. I mean, Doug the dog saying "I have just met you and I love you." Funny. Old man + young boy=funny. Supposedly anyway.

But instead=poignant story of two young kids falling in love and spending their lives together. Then she dies. And not only dies but dies when he was going to present her with tickets to their lifelong dream vacation destination.


Must watch something else to purge the incredible sadness.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm not organized.

Coming back from Basic I thought it would be really easy when I got home because I was used to waking up early and I had so much more energy from being in much better shape.

All the married people with kids who are reading this... check that again: I thought it would be -easy- to come home to my wife and two year old and 3 month old and fall into a nice routine where everything was organized.

So now that that has failed to happen I'm stuck trying to get something that works. I've thrown off my wife's organization and I've utterly failed to bring anything to the table. Well, she carries the kids less than she used to.

To add to this Orclette has been SICK. She has thrown up a couple of times, is on antibiotics for stuff in her breathing areas, has a fever every other day etc. So keeping the house clean is considered a good day. And it shouldn't be. Wulfa was keeping the house clean with sick kids even. With me here we should have increased what we were getting done. Not barely maintained.

Not even sure where to start but am spending naptime expressing my frustrations here. I think I'm going to go change over the laundrey now. Oh how I wish someone would kick on a nice song and I could rush through a cleaning/organizing montage and in 30 seconds you'd see like 15 different scenes and then boom I'd be ready to move and have all my school stuff done.

Haven't gotten the Montgomery Gi Bill stuff done because the last time I called the Education office they directed me to a voice mail. Haven't gotten Tuition Assistance done because I need a CAC reader and the nearest one is 20 min away and I don't really know. My bonus hasn't arrived yet but the paperwork is at the write place for it and I'm just waiting. I haven't gotten my paperwork filled out for ROTC because I forgot that 6 months ago the secretary there told me to bring my packet to them first so she could make the copies she needed and instead I brought my packet to my unit and now I have to somehow get my 201 file back from my unit.

Oh and I haven't registered my 214 paper with city hall. *Sigh*

Thursday, November 19, 2009

On clothing.

Thanks to dubiously awesome hunter sources:

Wulfa go to:

Whee. One more item off my list of things to do for Wulfa now that I'm back.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So he had 24 hours.

And hasn't posted anything so...

I'm one uping him.

Ishvi(who is fully retired from WoW).
Ishvi asked someone.
Someone said yes.
So yeah.

If you know him via other means.... you should congrats him.

(my mother fussily pointed out he's only had 22 hours to spread the news)

Slightly Distressed

So Damm came home late Thursday night. It was and is wonderful. Both Miniorc and Orclette seemed to bond right away and last night I caught him fussing over Miniorc's cold head (I don't know if anyone but a mother would understand but it was really endearing to me). As for myself ... I think I learned a lot during his absence: mainly how to be independent. I lived with my parents until I got married and then lived with Damm. And during his training not only was I by myself but I was the sole caretaker of not one but two kids. Hooah (or however you spell that. I still can't say it right)! I be Army Strong. And so it's a bit difficult for me on some levels to adjust to not being alone anymore.

On the other hand, having someone to take out the trash so you don't have to: priceless. And it was a HUGE relief to hand over the reins of responsibility. Not all responsibility, you understand, just the bits I didn't like :D And now life can resume. It's really odd looking back and realizing that you were on pause the entire time. And dealing with ALL the emotions that built up during that pause? OMG I AM A FREAKIN BASKETCASE. I'm up and down and all around. Usually I'm very steady with HUGE UPS and very low downs. So the emotional outpouring is slightly distressing for me.

Happy news: the lights in my Christmas tree are now working, thanks to my handy-dandy Army man. It's not decorated yet and normally I wouldn't have put it up til after Thanksgiving but I needed some good cheer those last few weeks of waiting. Apparently though everyone is celebrating Christmas earlier this year. The day of Halloween Walmart was taking down the orange and black and putting up red, white, and green.

Speaking of Christmas ... I found this awesome book entitled "Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas." I figured that if I was going to be a Christmas fanatic I should be a well-informed one. First nugget I read: for those of us who mourn the commercilization of Christmas: that's the ENTIRE reason we're able to celebrate it today. Before it became a children's holiday (I must've never grown up because I still LOVE this holiday) it was a drunken revelry. Women and children were afraid to come out into the streets. Wealthy houses were afraid because when groups of drunken sots showed up asking for their finest ham, they meant it. They would ransack your house if you didn't provide. And the policeforce (in England at least) looked the other way.

But then The Night Before Christmas was written in 1822. And Charles Dickens penned The Christmas Carol in 1843. And Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840 and he imported his German customs which were the beginning of our modern-day traditions which are WAY more family-friendly than the origins of the holiday. And the origins of the holiday? Funny enough the early Christians didn't seem to focus much on the birth of Christ but rather on his resurrection. And dates for celebrating his birth varied from church to church until one of the popes decided to pick a date and he chose December 25th which is nowhere near the actual date of Christ's birth. But he chose it to combat the influence of the winter solstice celebrations. He failed spectacularly: now people partied, got drunk, and then repented afterward (instead of merely partying and then continuing on with their lives).

And there are many more interesting facts but you'd have to read it yourself. I am not yet a history professor. I wonder if one could specialize in holidays? I'm guessing yes. I love my field.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. And Hanukkah. And I know there's another one in there.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Healing is easy I think.

It is so easy to top the healing charts in battlegrounds. This tells me that I'm effectively the only one healing. Because I'm not good at this and I'm always at the top(3 of 3 battlegrounds).

Just got done with AV. Someone capped? a FW? and this led to the game taking forever? I dunno. We were up 430 to about 100. We won 202 to 0. The last bit from 430 to 202 was a long long stretch of me running into this tower thing.... healing for long times... then getting wiped out by a sea of red. I'd ask what to do to keep myself alive more but.. when you suddenly have 8 curses and 4 of whatever the DK thing is and 5 pets on you and this beast of a warrior thing... well you stop asking what killed you.

. I'm going to just point Wulfa at this and tell her to copy the talents seen there. She was wanting a BM build. And I trust you enough that I figure yours is the best I'll find.

Also based on your latest post thingy on the subject I've recomended wolf things for pet choices.

Wulfa's first foray into Azeroth should be some point tonight. I got lucky to do my playing during naptime.

And now I'm off again.


I get to go to -my- church. At Ft. Gordon we had a chapel but I didn't feel comfortable going there. Not sure why. I'll be glad to get back to church.

After church is dinner at my mom's house.

Currently watching Winnie the Pooh with the Orclette. She is fascinated.

Yep thats all.

oh yeah. i just figured out why I didn't have nourish. :)