Friday, December 4, 2009

Sad but heartwarming.

I have drill this weekend. My two year old daughter upon seeing me pull out my uniform ran over and started crying and yelling "don't leave me don't leave me". We had a long hugging session and explained that I wasn't leaving her. Everything is happy now.

As an update to my previous note we now own:

Peta abbit.


Max and Wuby.

To go with Poo Beh so I don't have to overdose on Poo Beh so much.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Too much!


I have watched this every day since I got back. Sometimes 3 times a day.

My birthday present is a new movie.


Me and Wulfa are now guildless.

This came as kinda a shock and with no communication from the deciding party. I'm currently looking for a guild for us. We are not "raiders" and will never be. We do research our gear and fights and in general our classes. We are looking for a guild that we can be a part of, chat with, and not be expected to raid or be on specific times. I think that means we're looking for a "social" guild.

We are primarily alliance but once finances get squared away(aka my bonus arrives) we could possibly convert to horde.

If anyone knows of any guilds that they would recommend please let us know.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm egotistical.

TJ interviewed Pajamas and Pajamas said:

MM: Not being afraid to look like a nutjob? Check. And can I say? Your blogroll? Reads like some kind of Blogger Rock Star Hall of Fame. I want to be on it, and not just because being on the same Blogroll with the Bloggess gives me a bloggasm.

I'm on that I just want everyone to know. I'm a BLOGGER ROCK STAR HALL OF FAME.

Pajamas seems cool even if she sounds very much like a Wulfa blog. BUT... her comment under her blog title?.... AMAZING.

And I quote:
Pajamas and Coffee
Where mediocrity kicks perfection's ass.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Druids, Hunters, Mages, and Death Knights.

Sunfei is my newest toon. A human DK on Kael'thas. I love wearing plate. I love chopity big weapons... until I start doing things with lots of people... melee dps or melee pvp sucks. Sorry. But until I try that again I'll be happily loving my DK.

My hunter... my dear sad stuck hunter. Level 52... is the suck. You aren't in Outlands yet... your gear looks horrific. You simply have no where fun to kill. Life is suck. I've been too afraid of the suck to even spend your talents. Yeah. Even though I WANT A RANGED DPS TOON SO I CAN DO FIVEMANS.

(Balance druids are UGLY ELK-CHICKEN-BEARS and have healing spells which constantly I feel the desperate need to use.... too bad no one brings along undergeared extra healers....)

Dear Bell, this is the one nice thing about being a dps.... when you are 3 levels too small... people invite you because you are still better than nothing. An extra low level dps in a 5 man... is -almost- as good as another hunter pet.... an extra low level healer... is about as good as an extra potion.... that is... not at all. (I refer to friendly 5 mans in guild situations... not the cutthroat world of pugs where people check gear and things of that nature.....)

Flight didn't redeem my druid as much as I was hoping it would. It turns out that I'm still only wanting to play a tree and tree's simply don't level worth... anything.

My mage... she's still in old world content... but as soon as all those quests get rejuved.. I'm going to be leveling like crazy. I want ranged dps... I want teleports... I want cloth drops. I want burst... I think they can burst anyways.

Fleece Pants on Pumpkin Bread

For my birthday so far we have made a fort! And washed Dishes! And found our silly sunglasses! And sung along to Skillet, Within Temptation, Nickleback, 'pocket full of sunshine', and Jars of Clay.

I've had so many ideas for posts in the past 48 hours that never made it to writing because I was too busy being a dad. Even as I write this miniorc is fussing. That is him in the picture above.

Dammerung should always check the history of payments before freaking out. When he did rent had been paid up for the next two months already. This was pointed out to the landlord and the previous posting stuff deleted out and edited.

School scheduling is great. I have EXACTLY the classes I wanted to take this semester: Chem I, Calculus I, Physics II, and a class that looks like the engineering version of C++.... not really sure but it is the base requirement for all my EE classes.

Speaking of EE... I still haven't actually changed my major. The lady I need to talk to hasn't replied to email and I haven't been able to catch her in her office... so I'm a history major who just happens to be taking the right classes for EE but isn't taking a single history class. I figure it is always better to just do what I "feel is right in my heart" and ask forgiveness later. This is something that I learned in the army.

Paperwork in general in the Army seems to go either VERY VERY FAST or VERY VERY SLOW. Whichever path they decide to go... they go with gusto. Still waiting on my GI Bill N.O.B.E. and Tuition Assistance and all my leave days to be cashed out. Still need to get my 2808 form from my unit but haven't really be active on that front.(I've been active on the other three... heck yesterday I called every 30 min for about 3 hours until I got ahold of someone to find out why I didn't have my NOBE yet.)(google it if you don't know).

AVATAR is looking awesomer by the second.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Guess what.

Warning: New Moon Spoiler

I've seen New Moon twice now. Oh, I'm sorry-I've seen Twilight Saga New Moon twice now. At least the very long name gives me a legitimate reason to say "ticket for one, Twilight please" without looking like a forgetful idiot.

The first time through my first and oft repeated thought was "wow this is slow." But then I got home and remembered that the book itself is slow. The scenes with Aro and his posse were pretty awesome though. And the wolves. They did a really nice job with the wolves, in my opinion. And the changing from human to wolf was believable and not super-obviously graphics (I need to work on my adjectives. Super-obviously? I need to re-enroll in college. Oh wait, I did. /squeel of glee).

They also made the whole diamond skin thing more obvious. The first movie it looked like he had put on some glimmer makeup whereas in this one he is SPARKLING. And the eyes? SO much better. And the super-fast movement and lightning reflexes had by both vampires and werewolves (or rather, shapeshifters)? Artistically and tastefully done. My favorite is the bird flying in slow-motion with Victoria running underneath.

They did depart from the actual plot but they stayed tightly wound with the overall feeling of it. I was upset by none of the changes, though since I do not yet own a Twilight t-shirt (hint to the man I'm married to) I cannot be classified a true fan. So you may not want to listen to me.

Second time watching it I knew it was going to be slow and I had time to enjoy and observe without waiting for the action to kick in. Some other things I really liked about this second movie: the music. It's a symphony. A serious, make-you-cry ode to love. I loved it. Bella's hair: that's what I want mine to look like. I love her hair. Third: when the months are passing from when Edward leaves to when Bella finally begins to wake up notice the walls. It changes.

Hopefully I'll be able to see it a third time with Damm. He wants to see the wolves. And he is solidly Team Jacob. I don't see the point of having teams since we all know that Edward was always the one. Jacob was Bella's Paris (if you don't understand that read the books). I could see getting a shirt that said Team Jane. Jane is awesome.

Speaking of Jane ... if you are a tenderhearted mother of young children cover your eyes as the Cullens leave Aro's throne room. Trust me, you don't want to see it. It's not in the book, they threw it in only (in my opinion) to underscore how evil vampires can be.

And while watching the previews ... Wolfman, anyone? I don't watch scary movies anymore but I want to see this one. Although del Toro is the one who did Pan's Labyrinth (pretty sure that was him) and I hate/loath/despise that movie so I'm uncertain. Avatar I am seeing. That looks like it could turn out to be another Cameron epic.

I love movies. Someday, many years from now, going to see them won't involve babysitters and keeping my phone clutched in my hand in case I'm needed.