Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fleece Pants on Pumpkin Bread

For my birthday so far we have made a fort! And washed Dishes! And found our silly sunglasses! And sung along to Skillet, Within Temptation, Nickleback, 'pocket full of sunshine', and Jars of Clay.

I've had so many ideas for posts in the past 48 hours that never made it to writing because I was too busy being a dad. Even as I write this miniorc is fussing. That is him in the picture above.

Dammerung should always check the history of payments before freaking out. When he did rent had been paid up for the next two months already. This was pointed out to the landlord and the previous posting stuff deleted out and edited.

School scheduling is great. I have EXACTLY the classes I wanted to take this semester: Chem I, Calculus I, Physics II, and a class that looks like the engineering version of C++.... not really sure but it is the base requirement for all my EE classes.

Speaking of EE... I still haven't actually changed my major. The lady I need to talk to hasn't replied to email and I haven't been able to catch her in her office... so I'm a history major who just happens to be taking the right classes for EE but isn't taking a single history class. I figure it is always better to just do what I "feel is right in my heart" and ask forgiveness later. This is something that I learned in the army.

Paperwork in general in the Army seems to go either VERY VERY FAST or VERY VERY SLOW. Whichever path they decide to go... they go with gusto. Still waiting on my GI Bill N.O.B.E. and Tuition Assistance and all my leave days to be cashed out. Still need to get my 2808 form from my unit but haven't really be active on that front.(I've been active on the other three... heck yesterday I called every 30 min for about 3 hours until I got ahold of someone to find out why I didn't have my NOBE yet.)(google it if you don't know).

AVATAR is looking awesomer by the second.

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