Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Druids, Hunters, Mages, and Death Knights.

Sunfei is my newest toon. A human DK on Kael'thas. I love wearing plate. I love chopity big weapons... until I start doing things with lots of people... melee dps or melee pvp sucks. Sorry. But until I try that again I'll be happily loving my DK.

My hunter... my dear sad stuck hunter. Level 52... is the suck. You aren't in Outlands yet... your gear looks horrific. You simply have no where fun to kill. Life is suck. I've been too afraid of the suck to even spend your talents. Yeah. Even though I WANT A RANGED DPS TOON SO I CAN DO FIVEMANS.

(Balance druids are UGLY ELK-CHICKEN-BEARS and have healing spells which constantly I feel the desperate need to use.... too bad no one brings along undergeared extra healers....)

Dear Bell, this is the one nice thing about being a dps.... when you are 3 levels too small... people invite you because you are still better than nothing. An extra low level dps in a 5 man... is -almost- as good as another hunter pet.... an extra low level healer... is about as good as an extra potion.... that is... not at all. (I refer to friendly 5 mans in guild situations... not the cutthroat world of pugs where people check gear and things of that nature.....)

Flight didn't redeem my druid as much as I was hoping it would. It turns out that I'm still only wanting to play a tree and tree's simply don't level worth... anything.

My mage... she's still in old world content... but as soon as all those quests get rejuved.. I'm going to be leveling like crazy. I want ranged dps... I want teleports... I want cloth drops. I want burst... I think they can burst anyways.

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Patrick said...

/sigh...I've been missing playing my mage lately. I stopped playing WoW back in August and that's the one toon I really miss logging on and messing around with. Best of luck to your leveling when Vanilla gets revamped.