Saturday, August 2, 2008

Too old to party .....

It should have occurred to me that getting home at 3 a.m. in the morning was not a good idea when you know your daughter will not sleep any later than 8 a.m. The party for Breaking Dawn was fantastic, if noisy, hot, and crowded. I got my copy, which is the most important thing :) I'm not allowed to give out numbers but suffice it so say there were a LOT of people there and a LOT of copies were sold. Dammy took pictures of Orclette right before we headed out-her first photo shoot wearing shoes! and also of me, wearing the only black outfit I had that wasn't too big or didn't make my look like a hooker. When the necessary brainpower becomes available I'll be posting them, since I know many of you only read us for our Orclette :)

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Good Day

Today has been a good day.

This morning my weight had finally fallen below the 130-pound mark (125 being my eventual goal). I completed my usual morning round of Netherwing dailies in my hour allotted for it instead of in two days, which is how long it normally takes me. The Orclette smiled when she woke up. We went running and shared our Victory Water when we got back (she sticks out her tongue and laps at the water). Then we went shopping and she was her usual darling self, smiling, waving, and saying "hi" to everyone. When we got back she took a nap with minimal fussing. During that time I hit Revered with Netherwing and found a few Aldor-rep-giving-quests that I had not completed (I'll soon be Revered with them as well). We met Dammy for lunch and because it was a bit later than usual I was ravenous and decided that a burger, fries, and chocolate cake to top it off sounded marvelous (plus I felt thin-not so tomorrow :). Then we get home to discover that the 4th disc in the Stargate Atlantis: Season 4 had arrived. And a bill that I had completely forgotten (cause they didn't send anything) about was threatening lawsuit and offered a settlement which will be no problem to take care of (our credit is already shot, so a lawsuit-threatening letter doesn't scare me, since we'll pay it off now that they've finally sent me a bill). And tonight is the release party of the latest Twilight book and I'm working it so I'll get my copy at midnight (cheer!).

Today has been a good day.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Favor wanted

Anyone who has a guide to leveling a warrior and warrior talents please please link it for me?

No reason...just you know...curious?

Certain blogs have indeed been read :P... I just forget links and guides and such... and rather than go searching(cus I'm busy) I mind controlled all of you into giving me handy links for when I get off work. :P

Kael'thas with the rest of our toons. So we don't have any money shortages... we don't want to farm.

also ...this may not last long... we'll see. But currently my druid simply isn't gaining any ground.

So very tempted to name my new warrior: WRKGBLCLDN

Also: Thanks a ton for the responses. Oh and now that I've read through someone's archives I'm stupified at why I never did before. Herk, I started reading you early this year I think :P.

Oh and Joel, I LOVE how that guy did his research. He's a little more hardcore speed leveling than me, but I love seeing his data.

Lei, I'd have to agree.. I use questhelper myself but addons like that are priceelss.

The cutest name

Dammy and I have tossed around the idea of creating 2 characters and playing only with the other person for some time now. Last night we took the plunge. Dammy has a big, hulking Draenei warrior named Dumas, I have a gorgeous Draenei priest named Woofwoof. Is that not the cutest name ever?

I think Dammy pretty much covered everything about our future move. I'm excited-I think it will improve many areas of our life. I get to go back to school (huge big shout of excitement) and NMSU has a music program, so I'm hoping to at least get flute lessons again (Aria demands to be played). We're gonna do like college students and have furniture made of empty boxes and beer cans (just joking, not really :). Actually we're going to be getting rid of a considerable amount of our stuff, and I have been called upon to cut off a part of myself.

That's right. Amputation.

I can only bring 3 boxes of books. How am I supposed to choose? I have old friends that I go back and visit once a year. I have new and exciting vistas that have yet to be opened but were beckoning to me. I have some who were great references, I have my private ones that hold my life's story. I'm going to start that sad weeding out early because I anticipate many fights (not with Dammy, but with myself) and me threatening to take them all and put them in my seat. I'll sit on top of them.

Now we're just waiting on FAFSA, 'cause that will determine whether we're starting this upcoming semester or not. I'm planning on going back to work at least part-time, possibly full-time. That freaks me out-it's been 2 years since I've worked more than 2 days a week. And though I might have welcomed the opportunity to be away from the Orclette when she was newborn (she cried ALL the time) now she's cute and fun to be around. But it'll only be a short time ... then we concentrate on classes and work only in the summer.

My brain has run out. I've only had 1 cup of coffee. Must get more.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So last night in the middle of Y.A.R.R.* I get a tell from Wulfa:

"Who is arms and fury?"

I was a little surprised that she didn't know about Herk. And his awesomeness. Apparently he had stopped in to say hi. And I missed it. So I told her who he was and went back to healing.

But then I thought who else doesn't know....

So for those of you who do not you have a glimpse of Tauren fury:

Oh yeah and he might write about his wife or rl stuff or otherthings or a ren00b but I still mostly think of him as the guy who wiped out all of alliance controlled Ashenvale because someone was ganking his wife's toon. /hero.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Future

Okay. Well enough major check marks have passed that this has become a live and active plan.

So we're now announcing it to the world.

Wulfa greatly dislikes where we now live, and for me there isn't anything I -like- about it. Neither of us have any strong RL friendships in the area(although we do have some friends who live about an hour(45 miles) northeast of us in the town where Becca works). Due to the Orclette, the communte wasn't possible for me so we moved into the place we currently live(pop 7k).

So we've been looking for a new job/home for about a month now. I've sent queries to people my family know in NM and had my Mother send me any information she could find about jobs in the area. The more I looked the more I realized how incredibly lacking my computer skills were. Also the more I realized that my Associates degree wasn't helping a whole lot in my field.

Then after a brief talk with my parents the beginning of an idea started to form. An idea that we had earlier but had never acted on. We would move in with them for the reduced living expenses(we're still helping with bills/rent) and for the Orclette assistance. And I would go back to school full time(ideally 15-18 hours a semester) and get my Bachelors as fast as possible.

We poked the idea around for about a week. Then we started really moving on it. I've been accepted and am now working on making sure they have my transcript and applying for financial aid. We checked with our landlords and we'll be able to extend our lease a couple of months without signing a new 1 year lease. We're going through the house and trying to get rid of ALMOST everything.

Our grand plan as of right now, is to move November 29th. This date may be fiddled with a little tiny bit as we adjust for Parental schedules and issues that arise. I still haven't told my supervisor because I'm a bit well... unsure of exactly how much notice to give. Four months seems excessive. One month is far too little.

The whole school thing has been a bit of a curse for me. I've always done really really well in school, and then suddenly when I was about 21, I stopped studying and spent all my time playing video games and withdrew from society and dropped out of school. I think the change boggled my family. It certainly bothered me. I'm not exactly sure what happened but it was very much one small thing leading to another. This time will be different. This time I've got a strong handle on my playtime. This time I have Wulfa to support me. This time I have parents living in the same house to help me focus.

So I'm going to charge back into school full steam and get my Bachelors. Once I have my Bachelors I will go back to job searching. I'm certain I can always get my current job back, but I think I will be looking for something... that fits me a little bit better.

Anyways thats the amazing news for this week. More to come later as Wulfa may add her side and we may modify this to fit our actual plans a little better.

Forgot to add that once we move I will be playing something close to NOT AT ALL, until I have a perfect grasp on exactly how much effort/study it will take to get the kind of grades I was accustomed to before my meltdown.

4.0 or bust.

Wulfa will still be playing, and if I don't have enough student aid to do the spring semester I will be working down there as much as possible to save up for the fall semester.

Tinker with these.

It doesn't matter if.... achieve your goals. If your -only- goal as a 25 man group is to kill the boss(I doubt this) then yeah it only matters that the boss dies. Usually like Wyn(he? she?) said, you have unstated goals of smooth runs, low stress, fun for everyone, everyone carrying their weight. And every time one of these goals matters.

Nas said she needed more postin. So thats where this ramble grew from.

In New Mexico they have Weed an alternative to weed killing poison. Moar Fire Plz. :P I think this is cool.

You know... when you call your dad and say you are tired because you missed 3 hours sleep and had a long day calling people from your cubicle and he says: "Yeah I know how you feel, I just took two kids to a camp hours away and worked at the camp for a week pulling long hours then I drove to the other side of the state and hung out with my friend, then I spent a week pulling 10 hour days chopping down dead trees left by a forest fire and then I woke up at 4am yesterday morning and drove back so I could hear your mom sing..."

To borrow a phrase from someone*: "Somebody call Mario cuz you've been 1-uped".

:P I love my dad and think it awesome that he keeps that busy even being fully retired, I'm not saying I felt bad. /hero dad. Just laughing at the difference in "tired".

Anyways thats a story for you, Nas, and it doesn't involve any expansions!

*Thanks to Anonymous :P for the link.

Hardcore Stuff

You know you are a hardcore, bad-to-the-bone runner when you do the following:

#1. You buy the two songs TripleB set to the video of downing ZA last night and go for a run to test them out.
#2. While you're testing them you conduct the following interview:
"Do you have the necessary motivational oomph to help me through 26.2 miles? Will you energize me when it comes time to play you? Will I be able to daydream while you're playing?"
#3. You can't find any of your usual running clothes or watch so you throw on a pair of yoga pants, a random shirt that looks like it won't be too hot, grab your cellphone so you have an idea of the time, and you run out the door not really caring what spectacle you are presenting.

Both songs passed the interview with flying colors, btw, and yes, I do really sort songs into marathon-goodiness or not-up-to-the-grind categories.

My paper that would've gotten an A

It's not going to get an A here, but just remember, in my head it was worth that much :)

So I like to see the damage meters after every run. At first it was because I needed to see that I was actually doing damage, and later on to see if the increases in my gear and also of my familiarity/experience with the instance were upping it. And it was. So really at that point I didn't need to see the damage reports. But I still wanted to know, and I was thinking about why I wanted to know, which got me to thinking about why I've heard/seen other people express dislike for listing the damage meter. And this is where I pull out my soccer analogy, because it really illustrates the point I wanted to make.

A soccer team fields 11 players, consisting of a goalkeeper, 4-5 offensive players, and 4-6 defensive players depending on which lineup your coach chooses. The offensive players are typically the ones who score the goals, the defensive ones prevent the ball from reaching their own net, and the goalkeeper is the hub of the entire team, being the last line of defense and the one to start the team on the offensive again. Without each part of the team working together as a whole they will be beaten. It won't matter how many goals your forward scored if the other team scores more than you. And the defense preventing any penetration is also excellent, but without the forwards scoring goals you might tie but certainly not win. And if the goalkeeper is off their game then you're hosed.

Now I'm gonna apply that to WOW (I've had to stretch a wee bit to make it work, but I think it still gets my point across).

A raid consists of 10 players. A tank, an off-tank, 2-3 healers, and 5-6 DPS (at least based on the raid setups I've seen so far-I don't know how other people do it). The tank is the goalkeeper, the one on whom the raid hinges. The off-tank is the rest of the offense, the healers are the defense, and the DPS'ers are the midfield (which I consider to be offensive but not necessarily the front line). Now, the damage meter is like counting how many goals you scored. Very nice and shiny, we all will cheer you, good job. However, you can't just go by how much damage a person did. Without the healers keeping everyone alive you're gonna wipe. Without the DPS people who can CC sheeping/fearing/ice trapping/etc. the raid can be overwhelmed and you wipe (pally's, don't criticize. I know you can take on a whole room and be shoutin' "yeah, baby! woot!" the entire time. I'll get to that). Without the tank doing all his aggro-buttons he loses threat and you wipe. And without the DPS rocking the charts you never down the big bad dude whom you're fighting, the healers run out of mana, the tank dies, and you all wipe. Everyone has their part to play. Even with a pally tank (i.e. a super goalie who saves goals AND scores them :) the healers have to keep them alive and the DPS have to rock the charts in order to down them all.

So those who pick and choose solely based on damage meters really are being a bit short-sighted. And those of us DPS'ers who see that they and their pet combined equaled the damage output of the shiny-purple-stabbystabby-rogue Cassie in ZA (I was just a tad excited to see that-she's a DPS machine) need to remember that while that's good, without the rest of the team it wouldn't have mattered.

So, while I'll still ask to see what the damage charts looked like, what I'm really asking is how many goals I scored for the team.

P.S. I'm hoping that this all made sense because I don't feel like editing it. Cheers!

P.S.S. Because I've been worrying all morning that my view regarding damage meters was not clearly stated in this post (I had only had 2 cups of coffee, after all :) I figured I'd do what my English prof's always said: "Say what you're gonna say, say it, and then say it again." This is saying it again :)

While damage charts can be interesting to look at they are only a part of what makes a successful run. CC, tanking, healing, and figuring out how to play your class to the best of your abilities is far more important, imo, than worrying about massive damage output. And on that note I'd like to congratulate Blu, Shrinn, and Occulus for a wonderful job of CC'ing last night, Nas, Doodle, and Shade for their healing, Fal and TripleB for being super-tanks, and Cassie for doing all her awesome rogueish things. And Boru for being the awesome bigredkitty that he is :)

Ok, now I'm determined not to worry anymore and enjoy watching Stargate SG1 season 6 while my Orclette naps.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I rebel! No title!

For those of you who value us only for our Orclette, check out the preceding post :) Orclette pictures!

Other very exciting news: "Weird Al" Yankovich was in my store yesterday! AND I wasn't my usual wussy (is that how you spell that?) self but asked for an autograph for my little brother who really likes his music, thereby racking up major sister points. He was very polite and had that nice smile which reaches your eyes and crinkles the edges of them. And if you don't know who I'm talking about, go to iTunes and listen to "White and Nerdy." It's too funny. He basically does parodies of popular songs which frequently are better than the original, imo.

This is where I get a wee bit mushy. I was thinking the other day about how my friends and I used to invade the local IHOP or Denny's and have huge gab fests til the wee hours of the night and how I missed doing that. And then I realized that everytime I partied with the Sidhe Devils I was doing just that, minus the food and being able to see the person I was talking to. I don't know how it happened but it's not uncommon for me to have 2-3 conversations going plus Vent being on ..... if you ever get a really weird whisper just ignore it. And if you get one meant for Dammy I'm sorry :) Anyway, *wipes a little tear* you guys are awesome.

And more exciting news! So we did Kara Friday night. No Fal, which was sad :( But Shrinn was there and was my gabfest buddy (only in-between fights, not during). No Thunkon either, so no hunter to pester. BUT BFF got to come-and he got lots of new purple shinies, which he has blogged about and who's blog I will link later (i.e. tell Dammy too)(oh, and brag on EU! New purple shinies!). AND guess who got a new purple shiny bow? Yep, Prince dropped the bow, I was the only hunter, so the yummy goodness was mine :) And I decided that it deserved the best scope I could find, which happened to be the one TripleB wouldn't let me buy because my previous bow wasn't an epic which is how I got nudged into doing Kara in the first place (me: "I'm not ready!" Dammy: "You should do it!" me: "You're nuts!" Dammy: "You're doing it!"). So I have come full circle. And I'm gonna do another one, because BFF had some good rolls and won a few rings that would also look nicely on my fingers and I'm hoping they'll come up for grabs again ....

And tonight we're venturing into ZA and learning how to down one boss. I can't remember which one, but I do know where ZA is and what is stands for-I'm just not sure I know how to spell it correctly. And I will have researched the instance and this boss before I log on tonight, I promise. The exciting thing about this other than seeing new content which I really thought I would never see is that I am fully confident in my team and therefore not really nervous about tonight. I'm hopeful there will be no hand shaking and hyperventilating. This is gonna be so much fun ......

And there was something else I forgot to mention about Kara. I really shouldn't, because Cassie has enough to deal with :) But TripleB's druid tanking Prince is just a beautiful sight. He engages, we all hunker down, everything gets quiet on Vent, and we start our dps. And we keep going, and going, and going. And then he dies. And it never seemed as if the bear tanking with his face ever really had any trouble. I also am in awe of Cassie's stabbystabbyness. She has never been below the #1 spot on any damage meter I've seen (Squirrelz is a very nice Squirrelz and sends me his results 'cause he knows I'm always curious). And actually that whole damage meter thing has inspired a lovely paper written in my head which I shall try and share with you all. I need one of those recording devices because it never is as good written down. Seriously, it would've gotten an A.

And last but certainly not least, Dammy is in Outlands and has already run Ramps several times. If you ever met him in real life you would agree with me that he IS a tree and that his chosen role of healer is well-suited to him. I'm eager for him to hit 70 so we can start doing all of the possible instances out there. And I'm proud that he's already running around Outlands before lvl 58. That's just cool.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Orclette pics

There were more of the never ending requests for pics and then these arrived in the mail from Wulfa's mom. So TADA.