Thursday, July 31, 2008

Favor wanted

Anyone who has a guide to leveling a warrior and warrior talents please please link it for me?

No reason...just you know...curious?

Certain blogs have indeed been read :P... I just forget links and guides and such... and rather than go searching(cus I'm busy) I mind controlled all of you into giving me handy links for when I get off work. :P

Kael'thas with the rest of our toons. So we don't have any money shortages... we don't want to farm.

also ...this may not last long... we'll see. But currently my druid simply isn't gaining any ground.

So very tempted to name my new warrior: WRKGBLCLDN

Also: Thanks a ton for the responses. Oh and now that I've read through someone's archives I'm stupified at why I never did before. Herk, I started reading you early this year I think :P.

Oh and Joel, I LOVE how that guy did his research. He's a little more hardcore speed leveling than me, but I love seeing his data.

Lei, I'd have to agree.. I use questhelper myself but addons like that are priceelss.


Wildhermit said...

Here are a few for you...

Not sure if this is what you are after, but it may help.

Hydra said...

*sings* Dammerung is making an alt. Dammerung is making a warrior alt. *hums some more*

ArmsandFury said...

Dude!!! Have you seen my Blog?

Check this one out

The very first posts are about leveling a warrior. Of course, it is arms style and not fury.

Which server did you guys start alts on?

Joel said...

Tankspot has a good guide as well as a lot of warrior information.

Leiandra said...

For leveling, I'd still use the TourGuide mod. ( Works great for all classes. And couple that with TomTom, and you're leveling in style.

Anonymous said...

I second joel's comment. its a great read even if you arent interested in leveling a warrior.

klaki said...

I'm using the old fashioned Jame's Leveling Guide to level my Horde pally. I was skeptic at first, but man it works well! I'm leveling a lot faster than I thought I would be.