Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It doesn't matter if....

....you achieve your goals. If your -only- goal as a 25 man group is to kill the boss(I doubt this) then yeah it only matters that the boss dies. Usually like Wyn(he? she?) said, you have unstated goals of smooth runs, low stress, fun for everyone, everyone carrying their weight. And every time one of these goals fails....it matters.

Nas said she needed more postin. So thats where this ramble grew from.

In New Mexico they have Weed burners....as an alternative to weed killing poison. Moar Fire Plz. :P I think this is cool.

You know... when you call your dad and say you are tired because you missed 3 hours sleep and had a long day calling people from your cubicle and he says: "Yeah I know how you feel, I just took two kids to a camp hours away and worked at the camp for a week pulling long hours then I drove to the other side of the state and hung out with my friend, then I spent a week pulling 10 hour days chopping down dead trees left by a forest fire and then I woke up at 4am yesterday morning and drove back so I could hear your mom sing..."

To borrow a phrase from someone*: "Somebody call Mario cuz you've been 1-uped".

:P I love my dad and think it awesome that he keeps that busy even being fully retired, I'm not saying I felt bad. /hero dad. Just laughing at the difference in "tired".

Anyways thats a story for you, Nas, and it doesn't involve any expansions!

*Thanks to Anonymous :P for the link.


Nasirah said...

Yay! A new post just for me! (And yes Wulfa I know you already posted twice today, good for you!)

Anonymous said...

I believe this is what you are looking for.


klaki said...

It's funny how different generations look at things. Through the progress of technology, people look at things a lot different. I admire my parent's and grandparents because people don't turn out like that no more. I try my best to learn from them, and I hope one day to pass down the advice to my future kid. The "I walked 5 miles in the snow to school" phrase and things are much simpler now, but is it for the best?