Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So last night in the middle of Y.A.R.R.* I get a tell from Wulfa:

"Who is arms and fury?"

I was a little surprised that she didn't know about Herk. And his awesomeness. Apparently he had stopped in to say hi. And I missed it. So I told her who he was and went back to healing.

But then I thought who else doesn't know....

So for those of you who do not you have a glimpse of Tauren fury:

Oh yeah and he might write about his wife or rl stuff or otherthings or a ren00b but I still mostly think of him as the guy who wiped out all of alliance controlled Ashenvale because someone was ganking his wife's toon. /hero.

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ArmsandFury said...


I completely forgot about poor Astranar. My pally alt went through there the other day.

Apparently, the city is just now being rebuilt but they can't find anyone to live there :)

Next time, you both have to be on!