Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hardcore Stuff

You know you are a hardcore, bad-to-the-bone runner when you do the following:

#1. You buy the two songs TripleB set to the video of downing ZA last night and go for a run to test them out.
#2. While you're testing them you conduct the following interview:
"Do you have the necessary motivational oomph to help me through 26.2 miles? Will you energize me when it comes time to play you? Will I be able to daydream while you're playing?"
#3. You can't find any of your usual running clothes or watch so you throw on a pair of yoga pants, a random shirt that looks like it won't be too hot, grab your cellphone so you have an idea of the time, and you run out the door not really caring what spectacle you are presenting.

Both songs passed the interview with flying colors, btw, and yes, I do really sort songs into marathon-goodiness or not-up-to-the-grind categories.

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