Monday, July 28, 2008

I rebel! No title!

For those of you who value us only for our Orclette, check out the preceding post :) Orclette pictures!

Other very exciting news: "Weird Al" Yankovich was in my store yesterday! AND I wasn't my usual wussy (is that how you spell that?) self but asked for an autograph for my little brother who really likes his music, thereby racking up major sister points. He was very polite and had that nice smile which reaches your eyes and crinkles the edges of them. And if you don't know who I'm talking about, go to iTunes and listen to "White and Nerdy." It's too funny. He basically does parodies of popular songs which frequently are better than the original, imo.

This is where I get a wee bit mushy. I was thinking the other day about how my friends and I used to invade the local IHOP or Denny's and have huge gab fests til the wee hours of the night and how I missed doing that. And then I realized that everytime I partied with the Sidhe Devils I was doing just that, minus the food and being able to see the person I was talking to. I don't know how it happened but it's not uncommon for me to have 2-3 conversations going plus Vent being on ..... if you ever get a really weird whisper just ignore it. And if you get one meant for Dammy I'm sorry :) Anyway, *wipes a little tear* you guys are awesome.

And more exciting news! So we did Kara Friday night. No Fal, which was sad :( But Shrinn was there and was my gabfest buddy (only in-between fights, not during). No Thunkon either, so no hunter to pester. BUT BFF got to come-and he got lots of new purple shinies, which he has blogged about and who's blog I will link later (i.e. tell Dammy too)(oh, and brag on EU! New purple shinies!). AND guess who got a new purple shiny bow? Yep, Prince dropped the bow, I was the only hunter, so the yummy goodness was mine :) And I decided that it deserved the best scope I could find, which happened to be the one TripleB wouldn't let me buy because my previous bow wasn't an epic which is how I got nudged into doing Kara in the first place (me: "I'm not ready!" Dammy: "You should do it!" me: "You're nuts!" Dammy: "You're doing it!"). So I have come full circle. And I'm gonna do another one, because BFF had some good rolls and won a few rings that would also look nicely on my fingers and I'm hoping they'll come up for grabs again ....

And tonight we're venturing into ZA and learning how to down one boss. I can't remember which one, but I do know where ZA is and what is stands for-I'm just not sure I know how to spell it correctly. And I will have researched the instance and this boss before I log on tonight, I promise. The exciting thing about this other than seeing new content which I really thought I would never see is that I am fully confident in my team and therefore not really nervous about tonight. I'm hopeful there will be no hand shaking and hyperventilating. This is gonna be so much fun ......

And there was something else I forgot to mention about Kara. I really shouldn't, because Cassie has enough to deal with :) But TripleB's druid tanking Prince is just a beautiful sight. He engages, we all hunker down, everything gets quiet on Vent, and we start our dps. And we keep going, and going, and going. And then he dies. And it never seemed as if the bear tanking with his face ever really had any trouble. I also am in awe of Cassie's stabbystabbyness. She has never been below the #1 spot on any damage meter I've seen (Squirrelz is a very nice Squirrelz and sends me his results 'cause he knows I'm always curious). And actually that whole damage meter thing has inspired a lovely paper written in my head which I shall try and share with you all. I need one of those recording devices because it never is as good written down. Seriously, it would've gotten an A.

And last but certainly not least, Dammy is in Outlands and has already run Ramps several times. If you ever met him in real life you would agree with me that he IS a tree and that his chosen role of healer is well-suited to him. I'm eager for him to hit 70 so we can start doing all of the possible instances out there. And I'm proud that he's already running around Outlands before lvl 58. That's just cool.


Asara Dragoness said...

JEALOUS. I am so extremely jealous that you got to meet Weird Al! He has been one of my favorites since beyond forever. That is so extremely awesome. And super grats on the bow! One of the hunters in our guild ran Kara for a year before Prince dropped it for him.

Good luck in ZA! You'll probably be starting with Nalorakk, the bear boss. He's got some nice shoulders, I hope you all can beat him, and get them! :)

Squirrelz said...

I concur. JEALOUS!!! I've been listening to weird al music since somewhere around 7th grade.

As far as the DPS meters go. I'm thinking about getting WWS reports going again. I've run them before and they give much more information than recount does. Breakdowns on different bosses and miss rates and such. We'll see if I get it put together before tonight's run. And of course. Gratz on the bow. =D

Shrinn said...

YaY! Cool Beans...heh! that little phrasse shows my age ><
Hey, i need u to hop on vent one day & teach my how to links in my posts & i'll teach you how to put links 9on your page! TeeHEE! LOVED ZA tongiht...chomping at the bit to do it again :)