Saturday, January 19, 2008

Super fast late late Saturday post.

Life was nuts friday. We managed to purchase a new mount for our RL-avitars. Apparently in RL you can get mounts that seat 7. Anyways the process took all day friday and involved a lot of re-budgetting.

Saturday was also nuts but we managed to sneak in some playing time late. Serayamuij is now level 14. Dammerung will be played on monday at some point. I think right now I am going to split my playtime like this: Sera on the weekends(friday/sat/sun) when the server(emerald dream) is busy. Dammerung on Mon-thursday. Ravenserver is never busy and always lets me straight in. Which is nice.

Horde owns that server though. Every alliance town was hit this saturday. Everything flagged....died in the smaller towns. Not sure how the SW/IF/DN raids went.

Well thats it. Lack of playing generally = lack of posting for us. Tomorrow we'll try and rectify this with multi posts!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

On playing a female gnome.

Wow, this has been harder than I thought.

Everytime I finish a quest and help some bugger of a derf, I have this moment where I think, "What am I doing? I shouldn't be doing this... I"M ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS. Why am I helping the Alliance?".

And the poor Trolls in their ice cave. I had to slaughter them for no reason other than the fact that some dwarf lost his notebook.

So icky. So evil. So this is what it is like when you are playing and this is your 'toon' and not 'you'.

I mean. Dammerung is me. I am Dammerung. I'm an orc. I like axes. I fish.

Serayamuij. She is not me. I control her. She's a gnome. She fishes.

I mean I like her. She's cute. I wish she wouldn't help out the baby-eaters so much, but hey you have to get xp where you can. Also, I'm still working on her story. I mean other than this blurb:
"Hi! I'm Seraymuij. I'm an alchemist. I use magic to melt down bodies for their components then I use the components to make things to drink! I'm also a gnome. Wait! Wait! I'm a good gnome! I'm fighting against all those sterotypes. I don't eat babies. I don't go with the dwarves on their cow killing drives. I don't help the humans kill orcs and enslave goblins. I don't help the night elves create huge magical tree's that draw demons like flies. I'm a chaotic good gnome! I even have two twin sabres in my bags and an imp that can dress like a black panther!"

But she's not me. And its hard.

On the other hand it is nice to level so quickly. And experiance with the game allowed me to get my imp at level 1 :p.

But it will be nice to go back to Dammerung on monday and get to 40 and feel 'Goodguy' again.



On tattoos and WOW

My name is 'Wulfa. And I think there should be tattooing allowed in Azeroth.

I already got mine outside, can't tell ya how or I'd have to kill ya, so I'm all set. It's those other orcs I'm advocating for. It's a rite of passage, a passage of pain, which we orcs enjoy. Oh alright, other races would jump for the chance to put themselves under the needle. But there's some things you ought to know 'fores you get a tattoo.

First, think about it. If you're not man-orc or woman-orc enough to not squeal when the pigment is being etched into your skin, do us orcs a favor and don't do it. You'll disgrace us all.

Second, think carefully about what design you want. That hot orc-mama named GnomeSlayer might like you now, but what about a season from now? Do you want her name etched on you for all eternity?

Thirdly, choose your artist carefully. You go in thinking your arm's gonna say "I love mom" and it comes out saying "I love wow". Make sure they knows the alphabet and can do a decent job of spelling.

Fourthly, make sure you can pay the artist. They get right mean when they do all that concentrating and not smashing somebody's head in and they'd be right glad to do yours for free if you don't recompense 'em.

Fifthly, make sure your mama knows you're getting "I love mama" put onto your arm. Make sure she feels the same way. If not, she'll be booting you out on your arse right quick.

Well, I think that's it. No more wisdom for this here orc to impart. Wait-I lied. Don't go drinking that powerful stuff the dwarves drink like water when you're in the mood or in the vicinity of a tattoo parlor. You might come out with a "I heart gnomes" written cross your forehead.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Twice in one day . . .

So I make fun of Dammy when he posts more than once. And here I am, doing it AND posting over him.

But I had the urge to play a dwarf again. It's all BBB's fault and his discussion of beauty and Mr. Eco and it got me thinking of my first dwarf character and how cool she was . . . so I created a pretty dwarf hunter (pike was right-there never can be enough hunters). A guild was inviting to their ranks and the invite sounded grown-up and professional so I requested additional info. The person inviting wanted to meet me in person which I've not had happen before (well, the guild 'Wulfa's in is a group of gaming friends who've been around forever and Dammy knew them so I was an automatic in). anyway, long story short I was impressed, they let me join, and I have a cool new hunter. In a cool guild with a cool name. On the server Ravenholdt. I chose that server at random because the name was pretty and I thought I had heard the name mentioned before . . . who is on ravenholdt? If you're Alliance I'll send a pretty tell your way.

I'm going to convince Dammy to create a warlock on this server and we'll start over. Not abandoning 'Wulfa or Dammy, not by a long shot, but seeing how fast we can amass gold. We weren't focusing on that before and I'd like to see how long it would take to amass a fortune . . . And I can't get away from the name 'Wulfa 'cause my pretty new hunter with red hair is named Aethelwolfa. Or is it Aethelwulfa? Bah. Can't remember.


Guess who just got off the phone with a bouncy super excited orc? I'll give you 3 guesses and Ratshag and Mabd don't count.

"Squeeeeeee, we're gonna be in this super cool guild, and I wanted to be a dwarf but I hate having a lot of characters oh I have a lot of characters and oooo but you can be a warlock and it will be fun and Ravenholt sounds so cool and also the guild name is cool(witheld to protect the privacy of people I don't even know yet). And then we'll have two mains and that will be cool. And you can play a girl because you don't like how the guys look and I'm so excited"

Now, don't get me wrong. My woman being excited is just about the greatest thing ever. Even greater than big fat toothless grins from orclette. But I was stunned. Absolutely floored. This is coming from the Orc that swore I would be hurting if I didn't focus just on one main character. And she's turning into Meg. Except all her toons are hunters.

Also this came about 20 min after I write a post on BBB's site commenting that the Alliance is generally ugh. /sigh

On the plus side. I did need a female lock to replace Zujoo the ugly.

On whimpering, pvp, and tactics. In a rambly way.

Where to start...

Lets start here: I don't mind getting ganked. I really really don't. I do mind getting ganked 3 times straight by the same person right after corpse runs but who doesn't? But I want to clarify that if your dear level 70 comes along and see's me. I EXPECT to die, I'm on a PVP server.

If there was a /whimper, though I could go ghostwolf form, /dance /sleep /whimper and you'd feel bad and pat me or /chicken me and you would wander away. Sort of like a feign death in PVP. And if not... well like I said I was expecting to die. To me this is just another weapon.

Why not /wave or /kiss? Because too many times I see people use those emotes as combat openers. And I don't want any suggestion of a threat. I'm a wolf showing my belly to a bigger wolf hoping he'll just go away.

As for PVP with people who are not 10+ levels higher than me. Like multiple people have commented.... 90% of the time the winner is the person who sees the other person first. I know that if you are busy xping and I hit you while you are busy... my odds skyrocket. I can easily kill a warrior 4 levels higher than me if he's also fighting a leapard his level at the same time. Or if a mage is sitting regenning his mana, I know I can kill him in 2 shocks and 2 axe swings no crits and he can't really stop me. So why would I let him stand up gear up and get ready to go?

I know I won't camp his body... infact most of the time I immediantly leave the area to avoid escalation or the roaming packs of level 70 hunters that invaribly show up when people get into a ganking war.

Now for PVP with people 10+ levels lower than me. I don't hunt in newbie zones, I don't raid low level alliance towns. But if you show up on a road that I'm walking on, and I can oneshot you with a shock? Yer dead. Now if I can't one shot you... I probably won't bother trying to kill you in the 3 blows it will take. But otherwise you are free game.

The only exception to this? Fisherorcs. I won't kill/attack/look-at-funny someone who is fishing. That fishing pole? Thats the white flag of awesomeness.

Does this mean I gank every one I see? No. I only attack if I'm in the mood. Otherwise I avoid and keep a watchful eye out. Several times I have escorted/assisted alliance if they are in the same area as me and I felt generious. But we are on a PVP server, anyone and everyone is fair game. And as in war, anything is fair if you live to tell about it.

Wee! My turn!

So I'm going to share my thoughts on killing the Alliance.

Remember the British army's reluctance to switch their fighting style when guns came into vogue? It just wasn't as honorable as their swords. Or the Confederate army's reluctance to deploy guerrilla tactics like Longstreet wanted them to because it wasn't honorable? I'm just like the British and the old-style Confederate generals. There's honorable, and then there's the new-fangled tactics that just don't smell right.

But I have to share a story to illustrate how this subject came up twixt Dammy and myself.

Dammy had to run through Stranglethorn. Orclette was asleep so I volunteered myself to be his escort. We were killing the animals that got in our way (we were staying off the beaten path 'cause of the massive amounts of alliance) and we come upon a lvl 36 dwarf hunter. He was just finishing off his prey, his mana was low, his pet was not near to hand. I didn't even consider attacking him and was running by when Dammy started beaten on him with his axe. Well, we're partners so I help to finish the dude off but once the foul deed was done I sent a whisper to Dammy.

"Dude, that was totally not cool."
"He was several levels below me and his pet wasn't with him so it wasn't fair."
"???!!! It's PvP! I'm supposed to kill the Alliance!"
"But it wasn't fair!"

We decided after a somewhat longer argument that we would write about our opposing viewpoints. I don't attack unless the character is within 1-2 levels of mine. I make sure I'm easily visible so they have time to marshal their resources. I don't attack a hunter when their pet is not near because that's like stabbing them in the back and that just ain't honorable.

Another story:
I was playing somewhere other than where Dammy was. Can't remember details. He sends me a whisper that he wishes he could /whimper because he was almost finished with his quest and a lvl?? had just shown up. I sat aghast for a moment then replied,

"you want to /whimper? But you're an orc!"
"I don't want him to kill me."
"So wave, blow a kiss, flirt, but DON'T WHIMPER! Be an orc! Orcs don't whimper!"

I always wave to the opposing faction. If a ?? shows up and starts beating me down I usually try to land a few blows, although I think next time I'll /dance, if I have time to type. I don't whimper. I don't think about whimpering. I'M AN ORC! I'M HORDE! On the other hand, to be fair to dammy, I understand his point. I've been there, almost done, and then the sinking feeling appears because some lvl 70 just has to get his jollies by killing you.

Dammy should be posting his opposing viewpoint sometime later today. My thoughts that I've written here are just that-MY thoughts. I certainly don't expect anyone to play by the same rules I do. But please don't tell me that you want a /whimper option.



Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Ding.

Ding 39. If I get lucky I'll break 40 before wulfa levels again and I'll have a glance at her before she vanishes into a cloud of xp.

I now have all but my hands/chest/wrist already pre-purchased for level 40. I adore the Badlands. This zone was hand carved for me by whoever hand carves things for orcs. Its perfect. I made about 20-30g just xping, well if everything sells like auctioneer says I did. But thats life.

This is tech-nik-gobliny a Tuesday post so tomorrow you won't see me posting. Only wulfa. Cus she's smart and pretty.

And smexy and awesome and maybe she'll read this before she does her morning auctioning and buy me that blue jazzerite chest piece that I want that is so expensive. :P


g'night hordies!




P.S. yay I found out: Mac OS X Version 10.4.1011 I think this is 'tiger'. Because I'm thinking leapard is 10.5. I could be wrong.

RSS feeds?

One among many posted an awesome ode to our dead car. I thought so anyways. And then I noticed I had not added her to my blog roll. That shall be rectified.

Kestrel posted something about RSS feeds. I read it. I felt bad. I went to change my Rolling Supper Soaker's feed line and realized... I had no clue what he was talking about. So someone needs to enliven me, please ;p. What is an RSS feed? Who do you feed it to? Does it come in purple?

Tomorrow I think we'll post the PVP post. At least I hope to.

I'm really really sad about the Ghostwolf being no longer tameable. And I'm not a hunter. I just thought it was awesome and cool. /sigh

I've got shoulders, belt, legs, and a level 30 mail helmet so far. We've given up on the "specific" set gear, and are going for str/mail gear. I've also gotten one of two 'greater scythe of str'(level 35 + 7 str onehanded). Apparently at level 40 all mail drops as eagle, gorrilla, monkey, wolf.
/Sigh. Still need chest/hands/feet and hopefully a level 40 str helm.

Fireoil = yay. It is fairly easy to get 40 firefin(think 1 hr ish). Then to convert them into fireoil for 15-20g profit! I spend the rest of my time being useless.

@MacTroll.. it -really- is unexcusable not to know which OS you run. I know it is 10.?? but not which. Every night when I go home I swear to check. Every night I fail. I also forget to implement your suggestion. It will happen... just not sure when. This is what I know.

My level 6 druid made it to level 8 before I went back to my shaman and got him to 38. What happened? The AH. I was looking for my STR-Mail and started thinking about how cool level 40 will be when I have ~+110 str instead of +28 or so. Not to mention the extra armor and dual wield. /drool.

Looking at my stats I was shocked to realize that I had base 57 str and base 35 agi... I thought they were more like 50 and 50... but no.. I currently have +101 agi and while the extra 12.19% crit is nice... I think the extra damage is way way nicer. Sides EJ says str is worth 2 and agi is worth 1.8 for a shaman. So that is why I'm trying out a str based set. To see how much nicer it is.

When I get on tonight/tomorrow I'll be headed to the badlands for the last little bit of my xp to 40. Thus far I have successfully avoided doing -anything- in Stranglethorn other than dropping off 2 quests for xp. But no killing and no questing. Yay. I'm not sure why I hate this zone. Perhaps its the rampant alliance wandering around. Or the bushes and trees. Or the fact that 'everyone' does it. But I do. And I chose to JUST SAY NO TO STV. I've never on any toon spent any time there except traveling through. And I don't think I ever will. Not even for my beloved fishing.

Well that is all for today. Hopefully I won't get in too much trouble for posting over wulfa but it was my turn and she did not tell me to not post today. ;P


Regarding the weekend

Car is still dying. But we had ice cream, which makes life good. Was very disappointed with weekend at work because I have no new stories to tell. Usually I get at least one funny thing that happened or I said something but no, nothing. Just my car breaking down on me.

I barely played WOW this weekend. 'Wulfa is currently hanging out in the Swamp of Sorrows because the dragon-thingies there drop worn dragonscales and green dragonscales occasionally, both of which I need. I've gotten attacked twice by the nice ?? elite dragon that flies SLOWLY and LAZILY around (so slowly) but only died once-my feign death fooled him. And there's too much green. And it's depressing. But I got the worn dragonscales for my leatherworking quest so woot! Now I have to farm a gajillion scorpid thingies to get my scorpid scales . . . I need 40 and about 1/6 or 7 drop the scorpid scale. I know I could buy it (and I might end up doing that) but it feels like cheating. The dude asked me to go get them, not buy them off the AH . . . but I WANT new recipes. Too bad 'Wulfa's not old enough to go into areas where my skinning abilities would be challenged. We've maxed out skinning. Everything's green or grey. Ooh, I have to brag on 'Wulfa a bit: we took on an elite lvl 45 dragon and beat him! Easily! Only my mana was depleted. I kept Susan's health up and I never drew hate (good 'Wulfa. I'm learning.). BM hunters are awesome.

Coming up on the dossier: Dammy and I will be posting, in the near future, on the rules of attacking the Alliance on PvP servers. Turns out we have radically different views upon the subject. Also possibly coming up is a post on tattoos. Yes, I know that is very non-WOW and this is a WOW-blog. But I opened a tattoo magazine this weekend! And now I want one. I must get it out of my system. How better than to write about it?

While previewing my post I noticed that my writing feels different. I think having Sally (my car) sitting in our garage dying has affected me more than I thought. Maybe I'll have to do an "Ode to Sally" to get it out of my system (/chuckle).


Monday, January 14, 2008

A Real Life Adventure

So my noble bookstore is an hour away from where we live. Our vehicle has been giving signs of impending doom but it had so far kept running. I work the closing shift on Sundays so we're not out of the store until 11 p.m. Started my car and it felt funny. Got onto the highway and realized that it wasn't shifting. Figured it was due to the cold and so pulled off to a gas station, stopped and then restarted the car. During this time period I had been on the phone with Dammy but had kept myself calm. Have I mentioned that all the crappy car stuff has happened to me while I'm by myself or with Orclette? Bah. So anyway restarting the car wasn't helping and I was envisioning being stuck on the side of the road all by myself in the deep darkness that is my road home. So I let notes of panic creep into my voice so Dammy would take me seriously, that I COULD NOT drive all the way home and that he needed to wake up his brother and have him come get me. So brother was woken up, I parked in a Walmart parking lot, and went shopping (hehe that is SOO stereotypical but it helped calm my nerves). Brother arrived, we drove home, recieved major snuggles. Drove out to pick our car up today and guess what? It was in worse shape than we thought and my panic and concern was justified. So we are buying a new car this coming Friday.

Apologize for the short, terse, and not well-written post but Orclette is using me as her climbing post. Have to go,


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Short post.

Ding 38. My stupid car is trying to stupidly break down. /sigh

Thats it. More tomorrow if I'm awake.