Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Regarding the weekend

Car is still dying. But we had ice cream, which makes life good. Was very disappointed with weekend at work because I have no new stories to tell. Usually I get at least one funny thing that happened or I said something but no, nothing. Just my car breaking down on me.

I barely played WOW this weekend. 'Wulfa is currently hanging out in the Swamp of Sorrows because the dragon-thingies there drop worn dragonscales and green dragonscales occasionally, both of which I need. I've gotten attacked twice by the nice ?? elite dragon that flies SLOWLY and LAZILY around (so slowly) but only died once-my feign death fooled him. And there's too much green. And it's depressing. But I got the worn dragonscales for my leatherworking quest so woot! Now I have to farm a gajillion scorpid thingies to get my scorpid scales . . . I need 40 and about 1/6 or 7 drop the scorpid scale. I know I could buy it (and I might end up doing that) but it feels like cheating. The dude asked me to go get them, not buy them off the AH . . . but I WANT new recipes. Too bad 'Wulfa's not old enough to go into areas where my skinning abilities would be challenged. We've maxed out skinning. Everything's green or grey. Ooh, I have to brag on 'Wulfa a bit: we took on an elite lvl 45 dragon and beat him! Easily! Only my mana was depleted. I kept Susan's health up and I never drew hate (good 'Wulfa. I'm learning.). BM hunters are awesome.

Coming up on the dossier: Dammy and I will be posting, in the near future, on the rules of attacking the Alliance on PvP servers. Turns out we have radically different views upon the subject. Also possibly coming up is a post on tattoos. Yes, I know that is very non-WOW and this is a WOW-blog. But I opened a tattoo magazine this weekend! And now I want one. I must get it out of my system. How better than to write about it?

While previewing my post I noticed that my writing feels different. I think having Sally (my car) sitting in our garage dying has affected me more than I thought. Maybe I'll have to do an "Ode to Sally" to get it out of my system (/chuckle).



Pike said...

When I play on PvP servers, I only attack people if they attack me first, or are griefing a lowbie or something. I never attack people otherwise. But then again, I am a gigantic carebear who mostly just sticks to her RP servers.

But I will admit that it gives me a bit of a chuckle when people four levels higher than me attack me and then... erm... fail to win =P I just want to say "You could have avoided that ya know!"

Stale said...

I gank quite a bit... I like PVP cause its fun... Most hilarious thing I have had is being on half health as a rogue with something attacking me and a fury warrior (full health) attacks.

I end up winning...lol... I shouldnt beat fury warriors on good days let alone double my health.

Took him 5 gank attempts to get me down and straight after, he died from poison.

BTW I started the war by ganking him first :P

klaki said...

I wish I had time to invest in a PvP server. I created my pally on Wulfa's server, but I'm so busy running my guild that I don't much time to play my BElf pally.

Sorry to hear about your car and glad to hear you survived the highway scare. You gotta tell me what kind of car you get. :)

As far as tattoos go, I want one, but my wife isn't too keen on the idea. I want a gothic cross of some sort with japanese lettering around it. I'll construct it and post a pic on my blog when I get a chance.

Goeben said...

Sorry about your car. Like you, I really get attached to cars, and I anthropomorphize them too.

Anonymous said...

An Ode To Sally

On yonder highways you hath slain them all

Burning fuels to surpass them - we watched them fall

Now in still you lay ever so

Quietly dreaming of a highway to kill

I wait for you here for the day of days

Where you and I shall triumph in so many glorious ways

Beowulfa said...

To Pike:
Yeah, it is fun winning when by all rights they should've beaten you.

To Stale:
rogues always always end up besting me. Bah.

To Klaki:
I will definately be sharing the details of my new car. Very cool tattoo idea, although it's makin' me itch to get to a tattoo parlor.

To Goeben:
yes, my cars have total personalities. And stories. Will be sharing all details of the new one because I will be soooooo excited. and will have to share.

To One among Many:
ohmygosh that is soo awesome. Don't think I could do any better. It will go into the Dammerung Clan archives :)

Anonymous said...

My old Nissan Sentra was named Whitetrash (it was white but never washed so it was generally grey and dirty)...until the converter crashed and we deemed her Snowflake from that point on. A year later she was total when an older man ran a red light and I had to take the blame, being the younger driver. My chest broke Snowflake's steering wheel :(

My current car was given to me when my grampa passed. It is a daily reminder of him to me so I couldnt really give it a story or a name.

I still miss him.

Woot for your liking the Ode!