Monday, January 14, 2008

A Real Life Adventure

So my noble bookstore is an hour away from where we live. Our vehicle has been giving signs of impending doom but it had so far kept running. I work the closing shift on Sundays so we're not out of the store until 11 p.m. Started my car and it felt funny. Got onto the highway and realized that it wasn't shifting. Figured it was due to the cold and so pulled off to a gas station, stopped and then restarted the car. During this time period I had been on the phone with Dammy but had kept myself calm. Have I mentioned that all the crappy car stuff has happened to me while I'm by myself or with Orclette? Bah. So anyway restarting the car wasn't helping and I was envisioning being stuck on the side of the road all by myself in the deep darkness that is my road home. So I let notes of panic creep into my voice so Dammy would take me seriously, that I COULD NOT drive all the way home and that he needed to wake up his brother and have him come get me. So brother was woken up, I parked in a Walmart parking lot, and went shopping (hehe that is SOO stereotypical but it helped calm my nerves). Brother arrived, we drove home, recieved major snuggles. Drove out to pick our car up today and guess what? It was in worse shape than we thought and my panic and concern was justified. So we are buying a new car this coming Friday.

Apologize for the short, terse, and not well-written post but Orclette is using me as her climbing post. Have to go,


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