Thursday, January 17, 2008

On playing a female gnome.

Wow, this has been harder than I thought.

Everytime I finish a quest and help some bugger of a derf, I have this moment where I think, "What am I doing? I shouldn't be doing this... I"M ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS. Why am I helping the Alliance?".

And the poor Trolls in their ice cave. I had to slaughter them for no reason other than the fact that some dwarf lost his notebook.

So icky. So evil. So this is what it is like when you are playing and this is your 'toon' and not 'you'.

I mean. Dammerung is me. I am Dammerung. I'm an orc. I like axes. I fish.

Serayamuij. She is not me. I control her. She's a gnome. She fishes.

I mean I like her. She's cute. I wish she wouldn't help out the baby-eaters so much, but hey you have to get xp where you can. Also, I'm still working on her story. I mean other than this blurb:
"Hi! I'm Seraymuij. I'm an alchemist. I use magic to melt down bodies for their components then I use the components to make things to drink! I'm also a gnome. Wait! Wait! I'm a good gnome! I'm fighting against all those sterotypes. I don't eat babies. I don't go with the dwarves on their cow killing drives. I don't help the humans kill orcs and enslave goblins. I don't help the night elves create huge magical tree's that draw demons like flies. I'm a chaotic good gnome! I even have two twin sabres in my bags and an imp that can dress like a black panther!"

But she's not me. And its hard.

On the other hand it is nice to level so quickly. And experiance with the game allowed me to get my imp at level 1 :p.

But it will be nice to go back to Dammerung on monday and get to 40 and feel 'Goodguy' again.




Pike said...

I have this weird thing where I'll self-identify with basically every character I make-- Alliance or Horde, male or female, any race, any class (although obviously, I will always be a hunter first and foremost =P)

I think maybe it comes from the fact that I was a.) raised on a non-PvP server and b.) am in a roleplaying guild where we roleplay being a peaceful organization aiming to break down the hostilities between the factions. So I sort of see everybody as being individuals rather than being a part of a faction.

Though admittedly it's hard when I'm playing my tauren on my RP-PvP server; and some night elf comes and slaughters me and I want to say "I'm one of you guys!! Don't you understand??" But on the other hand I probably feel more at home being a tauren than a night elf. Maybe I am some sort of weird hybrid? o.O =P

Kat said...

I resemble this post.

Wait I haven’t eaten a baby. LIES! Who told you those lies? I shall suck the life out of them and lock their soul away for a random use later. Babies pfft… you should know better.

Dammerung said...

"Gnome, it would be a waste of effort to cook with very little meat. Not even an appetizer size portion. I don’t recommend it at all. So don’t even try it."

But rabbits taste great and are roughly gnome sized. Especially rabbit gravy!

oh and they are both CUTE.

Tengu said...

I kinda understand how it is. My main is on alliance, so when I am playing my horde alts and I see someone like a Tauren, I go like "Horde!". Then I have to slap myself for not remembering that I am horde too at that moment.

Or those times I wonder why the hell is a horde helping me... Oh, wait, I am horde too so that is just natural.

klaki said...

all this talk about eating babies. it must be that orcs like doing this for i don't hear any alliance people talking about doing so. i'm alliance and i love steak, bacon and hamburger, but no babies. :) then i can't see wulfa eating a baby. is it only orc men? tell us, inquiring minds want to know :)

Anonymous said...


Where did you think that steak is coming from? /cries for baby Taurens

klaki said...

yum, i will admit, taurens are yummy.

/get A-1 sauce

i'm a skinner too, so i can make a nice rug as well.