Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another Ding.

Ding 39. If I get lucky I'll break 40 before wulfa levels again and I'll have a glance at her before she vanishes into a cloud of xp.

I now have all but my hands/chest/wrist already pre-purchased for level 40. I adore the Badlands. This zone was hand carved for me by whoever hand carves things for orcs. Its perfect. I made about 20-30g just xping, well if everything sells like auctioneer says I did. But thats life.

This is tech-nik-gobliny a Tuesday post so tomorrow you won't see me posting. Only wulfa. Cus she's smart and pretty.

And smexy and awesome and maybe she'll read this before she does her morning auctioning and buy me that blue jazzerite chest piece that I want that is so expensive. :P


g'night hordies!




P.S. yay I found out: Mac OS X Version 10.4.1011 I think this is 'tiger'. Because I'm thinking leapard is 10.5. I could be wrong.


Stale said...

I agree with For The Horde...lol thanks for the link in the blogroll :)

However if your chest piece is going to cost you and Wolfa and arm and a leg, I suggest not to buy it. At 40 there is minimal gain to buying awesome stuff and that 30-40 gold (Im guessing?) is way more useful keeping it until 49 and twinking a bit for BG's or keep it for 70 when you want to start flying lol.

Anyways I linked your site on mine cause its always an awesome read :).

Trollin' said...


Ratshag said...

Another grats!

Mana Battery Bitch said...


klaki said...

Dammy turn all loyal to the Hordies on me! What about your Alliance buddies?

Gratz on 39. Level 40 is a huge milestone, and you feel great for about 30 minutes.... until you realize that you got further to go to get 50. However, don't fret because 40 is when you start getting your cool skills.

Have fun and one day I'll level my pally. :)

Dammerung said...

Alliance buddies?

Like who?

BRK is a troll hunter
BBB is a femcow druid
TJ is obviously a BE lock with a pony tail.
Meg is a hordie of every race/guild I think.
Liquid Silver is the shortest, cutest, evil undead lock ever.
MBB is an undead priest I'm certain.

The list goes on and on.

And all of them are shouting:


Dammerung said...

Sides yer a blood elf paladin :P