Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On whimpering, pvp, and tactics. In a rambly way.

Where to start...

Lets start here: I don't mind getting ganked. I really really don't. I do mind getting ganked 3 times straight by the same person right after corpse runs but who doesn't? But I want to clarify that if your dear level 70 comes along and see's me. I EXPECT to die, I'm on a PVP server.

If there was a /whimper, though I could go ghostwolf form, /dance /sleep /whimper and you'd feel bad and pat me or /chicken me and you would wander away. Sort of like a feign death in PVP. And if not... well like I said I was expecting to die. To me this is just another weapon.

Why not /wave or /kiss? Because too many times I see people use those emotes as combat openers. And I don't want any suggestion of a threat. I'm a wolf showing my belly to a bigger wolf hoping he'll just go away.

As for PVP with people who are not 10+ levels higher than me. Like multiple people have commented.... 90% of the time the winner is the person who sees the other person first. I know that if you are busy xping and I hit you while you are busy... my odds skyrocket. I can easily kill a warrior 4 levels higher than me if he's also fighting a leapard his level at the same time. Or if a mage is sitting regenning his mana, I know I can kill him in 2 shocks and 2 axe swings no crits and he can't really stop me. So why would I let him stand up gear up and get ready to go?

I know I won't camp his body... infact most of the time I immediantly leave the area to avoid escalation or the roaming packs of level 70 hunters that invaribly show up when people get into a ganking war.

Now for PVP with people 10+ levels lower than me. I don't hunt in newbie zones, I don't raid low level alliance towns. But if you show up on a road that I'm walking on, and I can oneshot you with a shock? Yer dead. Now if I can't one shot you... I probably won't bother trying to kill you in the 3 blows it will take. But otherwise you are free game.

The only exception to this? Fisherorcs. I won't kill/attack/look-at-funny someone who is fishing. That fishing pole? Thats the white flag of awesomeness.

Does this mean I gank every one I see? No. I only attack if I'm in the mood. Otherwise I avoid and keep a watchful eye out. Several times I have escorted/assisted alliance if they are in the same area as me and I felt generious. But we are on a PVP server, anyone and everyone is fair game. And as in war, anything is fair if you live to tell about it.


Pike said...

I /hug members of the opposite faction a lot. I can't help myself, I like everyone. XD I am well aware of the fact that they probably think I'm being sarcastic, rather than geniune, but oh well. They may never know that I truly am being friendly when I /hug, but I know for myself, and that's what counts in the long run.

As I said in a previous comment; I'm not a big fan of PvP servers because I'm too nice. Too nice to bother people who look busy questing. Too nice to gank people who are a lower level than me, because I know it's annoying. Etc. But I do like when people a higher level than me surprise me and attack me... and then I kill them. It sorta makes me feel like they came up and poked a big sleeping dog. They were just asking for it, they could have avoided it, but no =P And it's their own fault.

Anonymous said...

I tend to stop the opposite faction to point out armor to my friends. Maybe its a game I play in my own mind, no idea. But generally if I type /wait and /whistle they get a kick out of it. Granted that was most recently on the PVE server but I used to do that on pvp servers...sometimes they'd oblige and whistle or thank me...but in the end I'd just get ganked. It's just to be expected I suppose. I was very rarely ever spared a ganking. Most instances have been outnumbered and outlvl'd as well. It was rarely ever a fair fight.

Though the few fair fights are always the best - true combat.


after you win

Anonymous said...

Since I play on an RP server, I haven't had too much experience with being the ganker or the gankee, so I really love insightful posts like yours and Wulfa's. I'm intrigued by playing on a PvP server, but since my best class is Shaman, I'm not sure how long I would survive. (My impression is that you need to be like a hunter or a pally to have any chance on a PvP server... is that correct?)

Dammerung said...

Uhm. I'm a shaman :P On a rp-pvp server ;P. I give as good as I'm given.

At least I think so.

Gamedame I think shamans do fine. Heck even a holy priest could gank you if they get the drop on you and have -any- clue how to pvp.

Sure a warlock or a hunter 1v1 is a scary thing....but you grab that hunter right after a fight and nail them hard with Flame/Ice shock and a Searing totem and a whole lot of AXEBEATERY. And they drop...and once the hunter is dead..the pet is gone.

Dammerung said...

Oh and I kill allies because they are there. When I want honor points I go do battle grounds. World pvp gives lousy honor.

Anonymous said...

You rock your shammy self, Dammy! Awesome sauce, but you're Enhancement specced, no? I am specced Elemental. It might be fun to start a shammy alt on a PvP server and spec him enhancement to see how the "axebeatery" half lives! Too much fun!

Anonymous said...

gamedame - I just recently brought my 60 shaman (now 64) to a pve server. 1-60 was pvp.

I've tried all specs for pvp. Elemental has a nice instant crit burst of damage and can be wicked in pvp. Instant crit with chain lightning anyone? That's what I thought. Booya.

Enh. has more of a meelee combat range effect in pvp. Stay close, dps 'em hard.

Elemental would be frost shock, get 'em farther away, crit spell (i think its called elemental combustion? i cant recall), and finish them off with totems and shocks.

I've played every class there is on a pvp server and most to lvl 60. Each has an upperhand in some way. It's just up to that player to find out how to manipulate that to their advantage.