Friday, December 14, 2007

Wailing Awesomes.(Ding 29)

Our motley group did WC thursday night. Downed all the bosses with ease. WoWWiki says a level 30 5man wiped once on Verdan the Everliving. I think they must have been trying to wipe because he died in about 10 seconds. Mutanex was a pain to me... only because I didn't know he was immune to EVERY shadow spell I had. It took me 1/2 into the fight to realize this because I usually fire and forget. He lasted about 20 seconds. And I'm not exagerating. CoA lasts 24 seconds ... I have a good idea of how long fights last.

There are several reasons that WC was so fun:

1) Beowulfa was able to party with us even though we didn't have a sitter!

This is so awesome you don't even know. This let us know that we can play as a couple without NEEDING a sitter. It was so very very nice.

2) Two hunters and a warlock make a fun party.

Absolutely no healing but everyone is already familiar with not pulling hate off the tank(Susan). Also lots of DPS and CC.

3) CC practice.

Humanoids AND elementals? More please! I got a lot of practice. Banish triangle, Seduce moon, fear star, offtank diamond, kill skull. And if we do it again we'll add: icetrap square. Although the first elemental I banished was hillarious. I'm screaming(in text/party chat): DON'T ATTACK GREEN HE'S IMMUNE. And Honestbear, his boar, Susan, and Wulfa are all spamming creating the following text: "immune, immune, immune immune" for the entire 20 sec duration of the spell. Eventually they learned to -not- attack banish-phased triangle mobs. Also after the first quarter of the dungeon without much explaining(no voicechat and limited chatting in party chat) everyone learned which mobs were seduced and avoided them as well.

4) Loot

Honestbear(my brother who shares rent with us) is a level 19 hunter and scored the 9+agi shoulders, a 15dps dagger with 6agi and the venomstrike. I got about 2g in trash loot and about 5g in disenchants. And this is before HB and Wulfa send me their trash greens.

All in all a good good night. Susan is scary good as a tank and Wulfa tears through mobs.


WC brought up something I had not thought about and was curious. The icons for mobs. I've heard of Blue Square for ice trap, and Moon seems obvious for which mob to sleep. Are there any standard icons most raiders use? or is everything pretty much on a case by case basis?

If there is consistant icon use at 70 I'd like to train my reflexes early. If not then I'll just go with what I have now:

Skull: Kill me first

Moon: Sleep or Seduce

Blue Square: Ice-Trap

Diamond: Off-tank

Triangle: Banish

Red X: Kill me next or fear.

Star: Off tank next

I would love input. Currently though I'm just estatic that I can easily CC 3 mobs with a fear/seduce/banish chain. And still do -some- damage with DPS and Anwena.

Some comics I found funny:


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! This is my favorite holiday. Winner by a landslide. The cool, crisp air, the turning colors, the second ice storm-that-threatens-to-wipe-out-power in my first year here. Bah humbug. We lost power for a little over a week last year. But that's not what this post is about. It's a merry, cheery post. I was going to be a total history nerd and look up the history/origins of Christmas and tastefully weave it in. But I'm too busy. Orclette loves me way too much to give me time to research. So instead I'll just rhapsodize and share what our holiday traditions are.

I'm one of those people who finish the Thanksgiving feast and then hop up to put up the Christmas decorations. Dammy is not, so this causes friction. But I eventually have my way and the tree is put up and fluffed (hee hee. I was rather shocked when I learned an alternative definition of that word), ornaments hung, candles bought and put up. Lights we hung inside this year as it's been too nasty to hang them outside. I bake when Orclette allows. I love baking. It's rather therapeutic. We try to find a rich neighborhood and drive around looking at the impressive light displays they put on and dream of owning a house that big someday. I buy little presents throughout December and give them to Dammy/Orclette just to warm up my gift-giving skills. I love shopping in the crowded, hectic malls at least once. I love working in retail this time of year (people are generally nicer). And although this year Orclette doesn't really know whats going on, next year I hope to be doing all those rather sappy Christmas crafts that I happen to love doing. Baking and gaining poundage.

And, finally, Christmas Day. Wake up early just like a little kid. Wait for Dammy, Mister Sleepyhead, to finally wake up so I can open presents. Make calorie-laden, sugar-bustin' breakfast. Start on Christmas Dinner. Play with presents. Eat. Play some more. Eat desserts. Feel sad about Christmas being over and begin planning the next one. Yeah, I love Christmas.

So this might be considered totally lame of me to ask, but what are some of your Christmas traditions? Do you couples who play consider in-game presents to count as real, tangible presents? Do you log in on Christmas Day? Just to check on stuff? Perhaps you play? Well, I did. Dammy wouldn't wake up, Orclette wasn't born yet, so I had to have something to distract me.

Anyway, Merry Christmas again, Happy New Year to those of you who are able to stay up past 9 p.m. and actually celebrate that holiday, and Seasons Greetings to cover all the holidays I didn't mention.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some thoughts on PvP

Knowing the real number of marks you need is important. The stupid trinket(+4stm +20? spell penetration) is 30 marks not 20. Trotting all the way out to the stupid WSG vendor in Barrens just to find out you don' have enough marks is demoralizing.
Behold a shiny map!

The yellow is where I like to stay, I'm pre-emptive defense, and able to quickly run forwards and escort a flag runner if I need to. The red dots are where my team-mates should be if they would magically obey my thoughts. You would stay in Zone defense 90% of the time. Unless chasing an enemy with your flag. When escorting he second the next wave of escorts arrived you would take out anyone near bye and head back to your zone.

Last night I stayed in the flag room and hated the walls for screwing with my camera. This was a tactical necessity as no one else would.

I wish there was a magical score that would say: Zujoo caused 80% of the damage on 90% of the alliance flag runners.(Not that I did but yeah) Because when you -really- are playing defense... you can get some horribly low damage numbers and if yer slow you won't even have flag returns to prove you were helpful. At first I was thinking well, they should just keep track of the damage done to people holding the flag(and the healing) in a seperate column. But then what if you heal/damage someone who is healing/damaging the flag holder. Bleh.

It all comes down to: Sometimes playing defense makes you look like yer doin NOTHING. But being awake and fearing the rogue that took your flag and seducing the priest that came with him and dotting both of them up while Realreal stabbitates them.... priceless.

Speaking of:
Realreal the rogue, from last night was one of the best rogue's I've played with. Both offensively and defensively. Only thing I would ask for is more communication.

I didn't see Flaca last night... I gained 6 marks in 2 games last night. I think these are related.


When your wife says "Honey, I need to cuddle...." Your brain needs to register this right away. Not after she's gone to bed. /sigh /fail /regret


/regret some more.
More pvp goodness!:

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Story x 2

I could not decide what to write about. Both Beowulfa and Angie had had noteworthy adventures. Which to write about? I posed this question to Dammy, and like the ever-helpful orc that he is he suggested I write about both. So today is 2 for the price of 1.

We have discovered Arathi Basin. I hate trying new things, so it took Dammy awhile to convince me to try it. I blame this reluctance on the very first dude I partied with. (I can't remember which character was unfortunate enough to meet him.) He offered to run me through Deadmines. Because I hadn't yet tried this partying thing I agreed. Things went well for awhile although I was not sure whether I was supposed to help him kill things or just stand back and let him rip through everything. Then I had this little box pop up and it wanted me to roll dice for an item. I could press need or greed (I didn't know that closing the little box meant you passed). I, not knowing any better at the time, pressed need. Immediately I received a nasty little whisper from my escort informing me that I shouldn't have selected need since I didn't need that item. I endured his company for a little while longer and then left the party. I refused to party after that for a very long time.

But this is not what I meant to write about. Beowulfa discovered the Arathi Basin. Dammy advised me to head towards the Blacksmith. Within a very short time period the place was swarming with Alliance and Susan and I promptly got ourselves hacked to pieces. We joined the surge of Hordish peoples trying to reclaim it and got ourselves knocked out again. After that we joined an assault on the Lumber Mine and let me just say it was not pretty. The Horde side was not organized and we quickly got out-resourced. The second time around Dammy suggested I try to get the Lumber Mine first. Susan and I got there, claimed the flag, and waited. And waited. And finally there was a lone Alliance person whom Susan made short work of. Back to waiting. Lay an ice trap here or there. 3 or 4 Allies make a run. I cry out for help, get knocked out, revive in the Lumber Mine graveyard, and help my fellow Hordies demolish the Alliance. And then we waited. Yawn. Look at resources. Cool! About 300 ahead of the Allies. We capture another flag and it's over. Definite win. Leave the battleground and I am almost at the bottom of the damage stats. Bah. But I did maintain the flag at LM for my team, no matter how UTTERLY BORING it got.

Overall I really enjoyed Arathi Basin. It's more open which is to a hunter's advantage. The Horde side seemed a bit more organized than in WG. And I've already won 3/4 games compared to 2/10 in WG. I think I'll be coming back.

I have a mount! I've been longing for this day since I first saw the nightsabers the night elves can buy. I almost cried when I bought her, all white and striped and pretty. I immediately got on and bounded away. 60% movement increase. Got back on the ground and my Cheetah speed seemed soooo slow. Now I'm looking forward to lvl 60 when I get an even faster mount. But in the meantime I'm thinking of buying the black mount as well. Color-coordinate with Boru (I will know how awesomely paired they are even if other players will never see them together). And I look totally cool riding my white cat with my little parrot flying behind. I wish we could name these animals as well as our pets. I've gotten just as attached to them as to Boru (well, almost).

Until next time,


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its late.

Dear Flaca, Human Priest of Malfurion. You are the new personal bane of my existance. I wish you many many dead priests.

3games: 6marks in the first 20 min. 1 mark in the last hour and a half.

Freakin healers. They had two priests. One of which, Flaca, I've met before. She's almost unkillable. She makes others unkillable. She shrugs off fear, shrugs off dots, and cleanses her entire raid effortlessly. Me and a mage hunted her down for spite(just once)[because she was in our base](alone)[and we were tired of her healing our targets] and it took us 3 min to kill her...and we were both focused on her. GRRRRRR. She is a LARGE reason for why the alliance came back from 2-0 to win that last game. Of the 7 or so WSG games I have played on this character... she was thwarting me (a lot) in about 5 of them. I saw her in all 3 of my losses.

Flaca, I salute you....and I dearly wish some twinks would come kill yer mangy human priest hide.

14 of 20 WSG marks.

5 of 30 AB marks.(Focusing on WSG for now)

A question.

I asked this question on the WoW support forums but would be interested t know if anyone here already knew the answer:

Can you play WoW in spanish using the US version or do you need a UK key?
You need a EU account and need an EU method of payment and need to download the EU version of the game.

My question is located here so that I can find it when I get home to see any answers that were posted.

Warlocks even dot their t's.

I hit level 28 last night yay. I've been leveling slowly the last couple of days because Saturday went badly in RL, Sunday we had much needed us and baby time, and last night WSG distracted me.

I played three games. I don't remember the first one. The third one I vaguely remember. But the second one? It had an epic feel to it. After ages at 0-0 we got distracted with killing the other team and saw them JUMP to a 2-0 lead. Several hordies quit out. A few more joined. And Patchy and Cattwinkle(both of their names may be wrong...they are both hunters though), start talking to eachother on /bg.

Someone scores for us.... suddenly its 2-1. Then they grab our flag, we flood back on defense and kill the runner, and another ally grabs the flag, we kill her, and another...who gets away and is sprinting for their base and "Patchy picks up the horde flag", and for the first time that night a hordie gets out of their fortress alive with the flag. He begs/orders 2 healers to stay with him and says "the rest of you get the flag back". I tried about twenty times to cross midfield. Two bluecow hunters(billyray and ???) and a gnome mage(Imakewater) were -always- waiting for me. I think I killed at least one of them each time. I know I dotted them to Stormwind and back. Cattwinkle and two others get accross though and after waiting a bit for a 4th they assassignate Mornetta(derf pally annoying). We're 2-2. and I've climbed from 5th to 3rd in the damage charts.

We stay 2-2 for a long time. I kill 2-6 runners personally(only 2 I know were -entirely- me). Now I know that if I'm between you and your flag, and you have my flag. You die. Unless you have a teammate absolutely murdering me beforehand. I'm hard to kill 1v1 due to my high hps for a caster, and I SWEAR to you.... if its just you and me. You -will- be seduced. You -will- be feared. You -will- be dotted. If I don't kill you, I will cause your death.

Anwena is freakin ownage. She solo's a cocky rogue who saps me, and while I'm capping runners she's pausing them long enough for me to cast fear.

We rack up an impressive string of deaths. Oh I'm 2nd on the damage charts now, trying desperately to get to the alliance fortress and still having to deal with the stupid two hunters and a mage crew. My teammates Patchy and Cattwinkle are organizing the finishing run. At this point they are trading off holding the flag while the other tries to get ours back(I was busy dying to 2 hunters and a mage....). The Alliance has our flag in their graveyard, with 4 defenders.

I try 3-4 times to get up there and only make it once. That time I dot/fear the flag holder and health drain but I can't out do the healer -and- keep from dying. I die.

Then they kill our flag holder! Holy crap we're gonna.... and our flag is returned to our base. I don't even remember who did it. It is 2-2 still and we haven't lost. Someone else grabs their flag and starts running back, in our flag room there is a huge battle going as 2-3 people grab our flag with 3-4 allies escorting. We kill one, another picks it up and so on. But like all extended fights in our flag room. We win. And since they were fighting us.... we score. Game over.

At level 28. I am 2nd in overall damage.... with 66k+ damage, 81 hk, 13 finishing blows, 31 deaths. Cattwinkle(I'm butchering yer name man) leads the horde and the board, with 84k+. Patchy fell behind because he spent extensive time holding the flag and keeping it safe in our base.

Overall, I got 7 WSG marks last night. And 1 AB mark. I greatly prefer AB but I want the staff and the trinket(+4stm +20 spell stuffs) from WSG so I'm farming marks.

That is about it for the day but I would like to touch on one issue. Warlocks are not over powered. Hunters ABSOLUTELY own me. I have yet to beat one in a one on one situation. A good priest who has her prots up already and is paying attention will take me YEARS to kill. Paladins are annoying. Mages and rogues.... well if they see you first and you are distracted at all... Shaman and their stupid tremor totem. Grrr.

And I'm not a complete noob. These aren't twinked out players. I have good gear(I'm missing about 5-7 stm I think that I could have at my level and 1 awesome wand). I use all my class skills, but still these people often kill me. PLEASE STOP SAYING I"M OVERPOWERED JUST BECAUSE I"M ANNOYINGLY PERSISTANT. Dots suck, but you only notice them though because some warrior or mage took away half your hps and you are running away watching your hps drip. Fear/seduce suck. But so do ice traps/sheep/priestfear/slowing totems/charge/sap. And in pvp its NEVER 1v1. If yer buddies aren't helping you, you die. Warlocks aren't OP! Teamwork is!

Oh and possibly hunters. GRRRRR. Oh and healers who heal hunters..... and mages who help hunters... and them FREAKIN HUNTERS.

/rant off

Well thats it, I have work to be doing,


Edited adding that green bit. What it was before didn't make sense.

Monday, December 10, 2007


I have dinged 40! Finally, after two years of playing, my hunter can wear mail. But I'm not talking about Beowulfa. I'm talking about my Angie.

Angie was the third character I created in WOW. The first was a human priest who got herself lost and killed inside of 2 minutes. She got deleted. The second was a dwarf warrior who lasted a bit longer. Then I decided to roll a Night Elf Hunter and I fell head over heels in love. Playing a hunter was soooo fun! Then I got a pet. A nightsaber cat that I named Boru. We rolled through those early levels together having loads of fun. I decided to learn the cloth trade and so made my first gold pieces by selling bolts of linen cloth. I graduated from the island and made my way to Ashenvale. There I stayed throughout my pregnancy. To this day when I make my way over into Ashenvale I get a bit of stomach queasiness and I can smell doritos, the only food I could safely eat at the time. Then I put Angie in an inn and let her rest, in the meantime creating new and different characters. I never could entirely leave her, however, and came back every once in a while to level her a bit. I became a more adroit hunter and began to notice that Boru did squat damage. It took forever for us to kill anything. I stopped playing Angie altogether and concentrated on my other characters. I still couldn't delete her, however.

One day I mentioned Boru's problems to Dammerung. He asked if I had bite and claw turned on. I had no clue what he was talking about. Then he asked where I had spent my talent points. I replied that they were kinda scattered all over the place. He said that I should redo my talent tree. "You can do that?" I asked in surprise. This completely flummoxed Dammy. How had I gotten to lvl 38ish without knowing this? Infused with hope I went back to Angie, respecced her to BM, and learnt Boru claw, bite, and dash. We went out on our first hunt and WE COMPLETELY OWNED ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WE CAME ACROSS. So we set our sights on lvl 40 when we would be able to wear mail and get ourselves an awesome mount. Dinged 40 and spent 20-35ish gold on training and new armor. Looked at my talent tree and decided to get bestial wrath (or is it rage?). Went on a hunt, got confronted by 4 lvl 39 ogres. Put one into a freeze trap but Boru looked like he needed major help. Pushed the wrath button, healed him up a bit, added intimidation, and stood back in awe (well, I fired a few arrows) as my pet demolished his enemies. How did we ever live without this skill? I AM BEAST MASTER. /dance.

So Angie and I will be going on many more adventures together. I anticipate at least a year in getting to 70, however, because Beowulfa just demands my attention. So needy. But this time around I've already taught Susan bite and claw, I'm totally BM, and I have so much more gold than Angie ever did that it's not funny.

So we decided, Dammy and I, to come back to our original look. We just couldn't agree on color scheme/layout so until we figure out how to create our own website we figure on sticking to this one.

FOR THE HORDE! (And occasionally, FOR THE ALLIANCE!)


Edited. I changed the color for my own sake. Blue is what I use for RP stories and her posting in it confused me. I'll prolly wipe due to wife agro after doing this.