Monday, December 10, 2007


I have dinged 40! Finally, after two years of playing, my hunter can wear mail. But I'm not talking about Beowulfa. I'm talking about my Angie.

Angie was the third character I created in WOW. The first was a human priest who got herself lost and killed inside of 2 minutes. She got deleted. The second was a dwarf warrior who lasted a bit longer. Then I decided to roll a Night Elf Hunter and I fell head over heels in love. Playing a hunter was soooo fun! Then I got a pet. A nightsaber cat that I named Boru. We rolled through those early levels together having loads of fun. I decided to learn the cloth trade and so made my first gold pieces by selling bolts of linen cloth. I graduated from the island and made my way to Ashenvale. There I stayed throughout my pregnancy. To this day when I make my way over into Ashenvale I get a bit of stomach queasiness and I can smell doritos, the only food I could safely eat at the time. Then I put Angie in an inn and let her rest, in the meantime creating new and different characters. I never could entirely leave her, however, and came back every once in a while to level her a bit. I became a more adroit hunter and began to notice that Boru did squat damage. It took forever for us to kill anything. I stopped playing Angie altogether and concentrated on my other characters. I still couldn't delete her, however.

One day I mentioned Boru's problems to Dammerung. He asked if I had bite and claw turned on. I had no clue what he was talking about. Then he asked where I had spent my talent points. I replied that they were kinda scattered all over the place. He said that I should redo my talent tree. "You can do that?" I asked in surprise. This completely flummoxed Dammy. How had I gotten to lvl 38ish without knowing this? Infused with hope I went back to Angie, respecced her to BM, and learnt Boru claw, bite, and dash. We went out on our first hunt and WE COMPLETELY OWNED ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WE CAME ACROSS. So we set our sights on lvl 40 when we would be able to wear mail and get ourselves an awesome mount. Dinged 40 and spent 20-35ish gold on training and new armor. Looked at my talent tree and decided to get bestial wrath (or is it rage?). Went on a hunt, got confronted by 4 lvl 39 ogres. Put one into a freeze trap but Boru looked like he needed major help. Pushed the wrath button, healed him up a bit, added intimidation, and stood back in awe (well, I fired a few arrows) as my pet demolished his enemies. How did we ever live without this skill? I AM BEAST MASTER. /dance.

So Angie and I will be going on many more adventures together. I anticipate at least a year in getting to 70, however, because Beowulfa just demands my attention. So needy. But this time around I've already taught Susan bite and claw, I'm totally BM, and I have so much more gold than Angie ever did that it's not funny.

So we decided, Dammy and I, to come back to our original look. We just couldn't agree on color scheme/layout so until we figure out how to create our own website we figure on sticking to this one.

FOR THE HORDE! (And occasionally, FOR THE ALLIANCE!)


Edited. I changed the color for my own sake. Blue is what I use for RP stories and her posting in it confused me. I'll prolly wipe due to wife agro after doing this.


Goeben said...

Please tell me that you trained your cat with Growl (Rank 5) as well. Growl provides over half of your pet's threat generating potential. More threat means the bad guys keep pounding on your pet while you stand back and shoot.

Avoidance, cobra reflexes, resistances, etc. might be a good idea too...

Beowulfa said...

Heh yes I have. After discovering my woeful hunter ignorance Dammy assigned me hunter lessons (BRK mainly) so I'm up to speed on what my pet needs. But thanks!

kakalaki said...

lol Dammy! Did you change the color because of that reason or are you trying to sabotage Wulfa's raise as being the popular Orc in the fam!

Wulfa FTW!

lol, I'm just playing. I really enjoy reading the blog, keep it up!

Dammerung said...

I got completely owned last night:

D) But?... it was bl-
D) [pain]
Honestbear(my brother))Dude you have no clue what color blue is do you....

klaki said...

Dammy! I'm sorry to hear about your beatin'

/use Netherweave Bandage [target=Dammy]

You should know better than to mess with the misses :) I've learned that lesson a long time ago :)