Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Its late.

Dear Flaca, Human Priest of Malfurion. You are the new personal bane of my existance. I wish you many many dead priests.

3games: 6marks in the first 20 min. 1 mark in the last hour and a half.

Freakin healers. They had two priests. One of which, Flaca, I've met before. She's almost unkillable. She makes others unkillable. She shrugs off fear, shrugs off dots, and cleanses her entire raid effortlessly. Me and a mage hunted her down for spite(just once)[because she was in our base](alone)[and we were tired of her healing our targets] and it took us 3 min to kill her...and we were both focused on her. GRRRRRR. She is a LARGE reason for why the alliance came back from 2-0 to win that last game. Of the 7 or so WSG games I have played on this character... she was thwarting me (a lot) in about 5 of them. I saw her in all 3 of my losses.

Flaca, I salute you....and I dearly wish some twinks would come kill yer mangy human priest hide.

14 of 20 WSG marks.

5 of 30 AB marks.(Focusing on WSG for now)


klaki said...

Priests can be a huge pain to kill. You are not high enough level to kill them as easily (felhunter and UA make things a bit easier). The fact that they can shield, heal, fear, and dot make them a foe.... well a skilled priest will be hard to kill. Just remember though, BG is not always about killing. If you are keeping their best priest occupied by healing himself, he's not healing others. Thats a good thing :)

Wait until later when you get rogues with Cloak of Skill :\ Rogues are bad enough, but with that, they are more of a pain.


Dammerung said...

Normally, I don't even pay attention to the healers, I DOT everyone, CoT the healer, and fear a pet or two before dying cheerful knowing I just tied up 3-4 people with just myself for a good 30-60 seconds. Which is enough time for a good runner to score twice(well only once but yeah.)

However -every- time I meet Fleca, she's healing and dispelling dots on the flag-thief. And his DPS. And the pets. And the little rocks on the ground. And sending me around screaming with a blue skullthing over my head. And they safely ignore me. And I suddenly contribute nothing ;P

Again with Teamwork being overpowered. /sigh.

Now...if *I* had a Fleca on my team?... then its a war of attrition. And I win those.

klaki said...

you bring up a funny point. i'm currently leveling up a druid (level 39), and i'm currently doing some pvp. now, I'm feral spec, but I have a healing set of gear. whenever i pop that on, i go and heal my comrades. the funny thing is that people don't normally go after the healer. i can sit there and heal a person two or three times over and they pay no attention to me. its normally when i get attacked when all my peeps start dieing. my question is why don't people go for healers first?

oh, make sure you pick up the Insignia of the Horde asap. that will help you with your being feared a bit.

gt said...

Dammerung... that brings a little joy to my soul. Thanks :P

(If it makes you feel better my Priest alt is Horde.)

Priests are absolutely sick. One of my best friends just switched to a Discipline heavy build and pain suppression lets him drive you guys Insane.

On the upside, Horde seems a lot better about actually having people Healing and people actually Protecting said healers. No one bothers to kill the horde that suddenly try to gank me until they notice that their heals have run dry. XD

(btw awesome blog! Onto my blogroll it goes!)