Saturday, October 4, 2008

The alt - a study in terseness.

Decided to play my shaman a bit more.

Moved him over to Lightning hoof.

Herb 240.

Herb now 283ish.

Alchemy is next.

Cooking and fishing after that.

Oh how I missed the burst damage.

Also missed Org and Thrallmar a lot.

Not stopping my druid, just messing around on my Shaman.

I loves me this Shaman again.

I've named the place Abzahlung

In the world of Abzahlung:

A few more world facts. These are the boring geekish ones. Unlike the spiffy energy one.

There are five major continents. Two huge ones, Two ice covered empty ones, and one smaller one that is effectively poisonous. The air there is almost impossible to breathe, the water feels slippery and can have incredibly nasty effects on you and the plant life is twisted and warped.

There are 6 known sentient species. These species have an unfortunate unspoken caste system.
Tier One:
The Drach - Treated with respect due to the fact that they are roughly 5 times larger than any other species, can fly without glyph help, and are equally intelligent. Big, sentient preditors that can design weapons with the best of them. The Drach alone occupy the top caste. They have lost wars......its just not often. They are the majority race in only one Nation. Territorial but not interested in conquest outside of their lands.

Tier Two:
The Dumail - Looks like an intelligent six legged sloth.
The Sylph - Frail light boned winged humanoids.

Tier Three:
The Wer - Best described as human.
The Felmian - Looks like a thin werewolf. Not that they change forms. Don't be silly.

The Giants - Extinct. Only known due to preserved skeletons found in burial chambers and ruins. Adults seem to have ranged from 8 meters to 10 meters tall. Their society seems to have been very advanced but none of the writing recovered has yielded to translation efforts and no glyph tech has been found.

The Tiers refer to how the Drach treat the races. Dumail and Sylphs are treated with respect like favored children. The others are treated like servants at best. The Drach have only one major nation and the highest tech. From archaeological research it is obvious that they at one point ruled the entire planet. Seven Millennium of written history only shows them controlling the lands they currently do.

First world nations: The Drach Empire, South Kressif(South Kressif has won the last two wars with the Drach...over a small series of islands to the NW of the Drach territories)
They have fully developed glyph tech, powered flight, instant communication between one spot and another(usually without gemlines), powered satellites etc. Think of our First world countries in the 21st century.

Second world Nations: powered flight, mobile communications, limited space access*, long range missiles.

Third world Nations: Long range communications, limited flight, short range missiles(think Iran).

Fourth world Nations: Most people think that we think that sticks are high tech. We don't even know what sticks are or how to use them.

Note: With the exception of the Drach empire most nations are extremely species diverse. There -are- issues with people hating one species or another but they are usually not a big enough issue to be noticed. National/ethnic issues are usually FAR FAR more violent. If you speak the wrong language you'll usually make more enemies than your bone structure. I'm not even touching the religion wars.

Note the third. The Drach do not share their religion with non-Drach. But they have one. And they are still willing to shed blood over it. South Krassif's major belief is Krenslitism. 40% of their population follows this.

There are also nations that promote and believe that religion is a dead end. A mental, quirk or some such. I do not know how they reconcile that belief with the very clear evidence that this world was obviously designed.

The point of this article wasn't to nail out the particulars. I simply wanted to show that there where hundreds of nations, with hundreds of belief systems. That there were 5 living sentient species and of these one of them was much larger physically while being equally intelligent. I wanted to show that there were many many different languages and that in general the language/social/belief ties were stronger than the species ties. Minus the difference in HOW the tech works their world is at a very similar tech level.

A notable exception is Oceanic travel. Flight has been around longer for this world because two of the species have natural flight. Water travel is -still- extremely hazardous. The oceans of this world are 5-6 times larger than ours(the landmass scales about the same). In these oceans they have confirmed, proven videos of creatures that are up to 168 meters long. For comparison the titanic was 269 meters long. Early attempts at wooden ocean voyages often never came back. Later attempts ran into vessels being overturned and sunk by ocean creatures. River travel still is common though and long range flights now span most oceans.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I also lost my first EOTS last night.

Well there is more in that screenshot than I wanted to show but there you go.

Alts again

I'm 100-150k from level 68. Then I'm taking a break from my druid. So...

I'm wanting to do battlegrounds. I need someone who will be good at WSG, but won't be a flag carrier. I don't want to play a hunter. I made a little rogue named stockings. I got him to level 3 or 4. I already hate him for being a rogue.

I'm trying to decide what to play.

Mmmmm Paladin? I've always wanted to do the BE paladin quest stuffs.... maybe

Mage? I really really need to get a mage off the ground.

Warlock? Dots are lovely, but the rp of the class and the ugly pets inevitably bother me.

Warrior? I've got a level 31 warrior alt who is sitting in the wings. Not for now.

Maybe I should work on Dammerung the shaman a bit. He's been idle in HFP for so long that he thinks he died.

Or maybe I'll just go back into AV with 'Panza. Healing AV is just fun.

Update: Moon says Paladins suck at pvp :P. Not that I believe him but thats what he says.

Staring out the window.

I CANNOT tell you how sleepy daydreamy I am.

Ten year old, sunny day, big window, math homework, quiet afternoon.


Ever since my druid hit outlands I have been ignoring theory crafting. This wasn't a conscious decision just something that sort of happened. So whether or not a class was getting shinies in the expansion wasn't something I really knew about.

Thanks to BRK and WI's Rossi I had heard about the shiny new Hunter toys and Prot warrior awesome. Also I had picked up that Ret Pallies were getting their day in the sun, and that pallies in general seemed to be happy.

Rogues? Who knows, I don't play one currently, and none of my family members play one as their main.

Mages? All I know is that they always seem to be worried about how much better Warlocks are. Also I saw at least one person list of a full damage chart and the mage was on the bottom. This lead me to think they were getting nerfed.

Warlocks? Corruption is now instant cast without talents. I didn't pay attention to anything elese.

Shaman? Enhancement is moving further towards hunter gear, a move that makes me sad as I like STR as a stat. Also I keep hearing things like "you'll want spell damage and to use flametongue". I hate flametongue. The rest of the class, no clue.

Druids? I liked everything I saw. I'm even excited that they are getting feral nerfed because that means they were awesome. Druids are my alliance class no matter how much I hate them some days.

Deathkniggits? Looking fowards to blood spec, unholy looks dumb.

So then I talked a bit with Unbound last night while playing my new rogue on the mac without a mouse(Orclette had the mouse and was having a ball with it).

Unbound told me how awesome Ice mages seem right now, and that fire looked great as well.

Unbound also explained why Resto shaman was looking amazing right now. Although he did bemoan Ele and Enh.

Which led me to think, it seems really easy to get a general idea that only one or two classes are getting buffed in Wrath and that the rest suck. And I wonder if that general idea is actually entirely wrong. I'm not saying that Marksmen hunters aren't going to be wishing they were another spec, but when you start focusing on what you DON'T have, you can miss a lot of shinies that you do have.

I had presumed that mages sucked in wrath because -noone- I read has posted anything about ANY mage shinies.

I had presumed that resto shaman were hurting because I saw that enh and ele didn't look exciting.

I had presumed that pallies were boring because... oh wait they are. It's mostly Ishvi's fault not though Grai, don't worry he'll reroll and then you guys will be cool again.

P.S. Noobed you need to write up a big huge post on why Mages rock right now.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a Conspiracy

Before I get to the conspiracy bit, I have a bone to pick with humanity.

Why did no one tell me of the yummy goodness that is a toasted pop-tart? I had my first one this morning (fiber one brand, so fairly healthy). I want one every morning.

Moving on.

We bought Ironman last night. I say we, I mean Moon. What's his is ours, what's our is not his. You know how it goes. IMO, it was the best-made comic-inspired movie I have seen. Robert Downey Jr. was amazing, Gwyneth Paltrow was smart and funny, and Jeff Bridges made a good bad guy. I liked his suit much better. Much more impressive. And the bit at the end made no sense to me, although Samuel Jackson is always fun to see.

Since it didn't make sense, I thought I'd do a bit of research on the world of Ironman. and whaddyaknow? There's 15 billion different versions! (I might be exaggerating. Just a bit.) It's like those Choose Your Own Adventure Stories which, fyi, had some truly horrible endings. Not entirely convinced that they belong in the children's section.

Why is this a conspiracy? Lemme 'xplain.

Before I met Damm the only sci fi/fantasy authors I had read were Stephen Lawhead and C.S. Lewis. Video games were a waste of time and adults who played them to the exclusion of other social activities were to be pitied. I was, and am, somewhat opinionated. Comic books didn't even show up on my radar. Then I met Damm in the sci fi aisle of B&N. He showed me the character creation screen in WoW. And he convinced me to watch Ironman and I am now intrigued and will have to read more.

What is next? What other long-held notions or blindspots of mine will be struck down? Will I actually like football in the coming years? Will I suddenly think maroon is the greatest color ever (I think maroon is ugly-it's also the colors of TX A&M, Damm's alma mater, sort of). Will I master the game of Halo (I dislike that game)?

See, this is what happens when you get married. They don't tell you about it. That's why it's a conspiracy.


Just so everyone knows, I no longer think that adults who play video games to the exclusion of other social activities should be pitied. I thought that might need clarification. And I never actually voiced that opinion. Well, not very frequently. And only to young men who did nothing else and had no girlfriend. :D

Wow a post about WoW

So, how does this go... "Everyone else is talking about their plans for wrath and how it is just around the corner and...."

Nah bleargh.

I'm planning on rolling a DK on a server with a horrible cow warrior, a grouchy old Orc hunter, a miserably bad according to rumors druid, and someone who talks with "V"'s(You Vill Help Me KVill Things"). I think there even might be a pvp queen on this server.

Now, will they care that I'm on their server? Who knows, but I wants me a horde DK and I'd like to know how bad-someone-really-is. No one can be that horrible.


I'm also planning on a racially-similiar DK on Kaelthas with Wulfa. Not sure what she's going to want to roll.

Inscriptionist. 100% RP reasons. Dampanza-Waiting-On-A-Name-Change is a scholorly druid.* A profession based around writing? Heck yeah.

*Not sure if he was before but he is now.

Moar Balance. I just spent 9 of the last 12 levels grinding xp as resto. Hardcore I"m-a-Tree-and-have-insect-swarm resto. Then I found out that when you are the same level as everyone else and are aren't doing hard instances you don't heal much(silly moonkin tanks). I respecced dreamstate/moonkin two nights ago and haven't killed anything since. Here's hoping its better dps than my previously 12 points dipped in it.

Of course more damage means less chance of my roots surviving moonfire... :(

I don't understand about people complaining about bloated talent trees. If one talent is better than the other... take the better thing. Sheesh. While we're complaining about an excess of wonderful options I want to be a TREE-BEAR that summons Moonkin. If I can't be that I want 153 talent points...yeah... talent trees are bloated because I can't get ALL THREE SPECS with my measily number of talent points.

Sigh. Stop complaining about talent bloat. Instead be grateful you aren't a mamen** poor suckers were nerfed so bad and so unfairly they became one combined class just to cope.

** or is it Shage? Who knows. The class I'm refering two does elemental damage, has totems and summons water elementals and tables.

Edited a bit. Scholorly is probably spelled wrong. I refuse to run spellcheck.

All the little details

Well maybe not all, but some.

There are NO electrons, no electricity, no lightning, no stupid shocks when you touch metal after sitting in your shag carpet car.

Instead living creatures have cells that break down atomic level goodness into energy. Think of something like a naturally occuring nuclear reactor. 99% of the time this works in a passive state, providing the energy your body needs to power your muscles. I'm playing fuzzy science for the direct reason that my last biology class was highschool, and my chem class was poorly attended in college. Also this is fiction and NONE of this would show up in a book. The book version is: We've got energy woo!

Living creatures can -naturally- burn this energy, much like you would use addrenaline. The extra burning speeds up everything, makes you stronger and seriously wipes your caloric reserves. You have this in addition to addrenaline. When burning energy your eyes glow slightly and you feel warmer. Most creatures have a naturally occuring throttle that helps controll how much energy they create so they don't overheat or burn too much. You can controll this much like you control your breathing, with training. Most of the time you don't :P.

Certain crystaline structures at a very basic level can tap into the energy that is being released into a living creatures body by the cells. Specially crafted inks can take these molecular structures and make glyphs that do more. Glyph = circut board ... if you want an analogy for how this works. Different crystals different effects.

Scribes = engineers. Tattoos = cybernetic enhancements.

I'm describing these in OOC terms. Plants also generate energy but the energy created is a flat constant based on the plant and is more diffused.

So... no flying, no telepaths naturally. With glyphtech.... maybe. But the wer* would look like a tattooed version of Iron Man.

Phones: The device was named The Eminusdictum. or Distant Talker. Slang shortened this to ED and MED(mobile ED). Med's work by sending waves of stuff to recievers in crystal towers that then send waves of stuff to the far Med. Ed's work by sending encoded bursts of energy along glyph relays to other Ed's.

Gah lots of cases just came in. Thats it for now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Part 1: The carefully worded response to teh big angry cow thing.

Ahh... poor me. I'm a delicate flower. I'm certain that Renoobed would have responded "love? what love? Wear a shield and maybe you'll get love." But I responded with OH CRAP I LEFT SOMEONE OUT.

So I disolved into instrospective meanderings. Renoobed really should offer classes.

At first I guessed what it came down to was whether or not I considered the blog a conversational blog or not. But then I looked again and saw TJ and Fluent Self on there. And while I like both of those sites they fall into my conversational catagory. And so on and so forth. I did not reach a conclusion.

Moon hates me when I do this.

So I sat down and made a paper doll and named it Renoobed and asked it what to do. It said, "Call Megs and ask her to kill you repeatedly for asking stupid questions". Then it said, "No wait that would be a waste of her time, just let Herk do it, although he'll probably do it wrong. At least he's not Melvin".

And thats the end of the story. And Part 1.

Part two:

Why is it that I consider Tess of the Stupidvilles a classic and I hate it? Why is it that I consider Weber a "B" writer but I LOVE his books? There has to be a word for this kind of stupidity.

When I recomend some of my favorite books I catch myself saying "well... I liked it even if it isn't good writing". Fooey, I liked it. It is good because it made someone like it and buy it. I shouldn't qualify the things I like.

Thats like saying "mmmm that was the best pie I've ever eaten, but it wasn't a gourmet pie, I'm just warning you".


Future posting.

Yesterday I suffered from blogging failure. Below are the topics that didn't get written:

More details on the world I'm building in response to Klaki
A carefully thought out response to Herk
A new post and new reorganization of my A+ list
A post detailing my goals for wrath and why I'm liking balance now
A post responding to the responses that I recieved in my phones post
Thoughts on how I feel like I never write about WoW anymore
Thoughts on how some books are classics but you don't like them and books you like a lot you still call "campy" or "B novels"
Another email to myself containing "what happens next"


Instead I stumbled through the day, ended up getting home late from work, floated through BF barely helping, and went to bed leaving the house TRASHED. Hopefully today will go better.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Following Vonya's example.

I have completely ignored my A+ list for some time now. So after reading Vonya's post I went through it again and cleaned out the cobwebs. It is now uptodate with the blogs I consider the best written/most informative. Warning they aren't all WoW blogs.

A New Holiday

I've thought up a new holiday.

Stay-in-Bed-and-Eat-Bonbons-All-Day. Day.

You'd rent sappy movies-or gory movies, if that's your preference. Or buy a bunch of romance novels and immerse yourself in titles with "Buck, "Sinner," and "Seduction" in the title with rather pornographic pictures on the front. Or-and I'm going on a tangent here, sorry-you could check out Georgette Heyer (I think that's her last name, might be wrong). Her title was The Lordly Buck. It just made me laugh. It also seems as if her book might be a bit cleaner than, say, Nora Roberts, so I might check it out. You know, on my holiday day.

Later that day you'd order pizza and icecream (that being my favorite food, but insert your favorite food). And you'd continue with your entertainment of choice. And this would last until you fell asleep that night.

Somehow, I'm not sure how as I wouldn't want to deprive anyone of their holiday, your children/pets have been taken care of. They don't get to participate-only adults. I don't think children would properly appreciate the holiday. Then again, I could be wrong-it's been several years since I was a kid.

And the next day you will not suffer any effects of your stay-in-bed holiday. No weight gain, no heartburn, no teasing because you read The Lordly Buck and liked it.

Doncha think it's a great idea?

So, moving on. Tomorrow is October. And that means I have 4 weeks to the day til moving day. It's on my mind a lot. Yesterday, when I had my fantastic idea, I wanted to stay in bed all day because the thought was a bit overwhelming. Orclette didn't go for it. In fact, Orclette didn't want me doing anything that diverted attention away from her. I was trying to read-on the ground, right next to her, with plenty of toys-and the only thing she wanted to do was sit on my page. Possibly stand on it. Cute? Maybe. I dare you to call it cute when it's done to you.

Anyway. Our moving plans have changed slightly. The weekend before the move Damm and Moon will be power-driving to NM and back. You see, having Damm's dad come up with a Uhaul trailor had become unfeasible. We tossed around several ideas and finally settled on "throw everything away but what we can fit in the van." And we discussed what we could bring and what had to be given away. And what we could mail beforehand. BUT that night I remembered that I hadn't included my rocking chair in the plans. My parents bought me that rocking chair. I love it. It's the color I wanted (hehe it's off-white-is that a color?). So I go out into the living room and try to articulate to Dammy that we couldn't leave my rocking chair behind. Epic fail-I burst into tears, which made Damm go into action (this is why we marry them, for things like this). He decided that he would make the afore-mentioned trip so I could have my rocking chair (and a few other things, since they'll be packing that van full).

So, that's what's going on in the Orclette household. If you remember, a prayer here or there would be appreciated.

Monday, September 29, 2008

On phones.

Imagine a world where society had followed much the same path that real life has so far except that science was based very highly on biologically contained power sources(think magic ie: sorcerers in D&D), and storable energy devices(glyphs).

You still have vehicles like cars, trains, planes, dirgibles.

Electricity is out. Simply doesn't happen/exist. Gunpowder was never developed as the proper glyphs are equally powerful. Most engines work based on the drivers internal power source powering preset glyphs that make the most of the energy conversion. 100% conversion doesn't happen much like it doesn't happen with most engines today.

What would you call phones? Cars? Guns?

Guns do exist, as glyphs power ammo down rifled barrels that are lined with even more glyphs to speed up the process. Kind of like how I envision a rail gun to work. Way less noise than real guns though.

I don't know where the word gun comes from. So I can't even theorize that that could have possibly stayed the same.

I'm thinking Cars would be changed to a slang term for Powered Sleds. Sleds are used because flotation glyphs generate less resistance for the engine than wheels do and are equally stable.

Moon thinks calling a phone a phone in a fantasy story is idiotic as my phones don't work anything like regular phones behind the fancy cover and buttons. But to a generic user they act EXACTLY the same.

Oh dang it... I wanted magnets but no electricity. Think think think. I'll have to poke that a bit.

What is all this for? Not telling yet, or maybe ever. But its something I'm excited about. Almost as excited as I am about the cardgame me and Moon came up with. (He thinks its gonna be a video game based on our card mechanic).

Ishvi, my baby brother, has been playing around with making his own website. As such he was kind enough to get the for us. Right now nothing will change but once I get to NM and have a bit more time I'm thinking about moving everything over to a self run website.

Yay and stuff.

More to come later if I come up with something to talk about.