Thursday, October 2, 2008

All the little details

Well maybe not all, but some.

There are NO electrons, no electricity, no lightning, no stupid shocks when you touch metal after sitting in your shag carpet car.

Instead living creatures have cells that break down atomic level goodness into energy. Think of something like a naturally occuring nuclear reactor. 99% of the time this works in a passive state, providing the energy your body needs to power your muscles. I'm playing fuzzy science for the direct reason that my last biology class was highschool, and my chem class was poorly attended in college. Also this is fiction and NONE of this would show up in a book. The book version is: We've got energy woo!

Living creatures can -naturally- burn this energy, much like you would use addrenaline. The extra burning speeds up everything, makes you stronger and seriously wipes your caloric reserves. You have this in addition to addrenaline. When burning energy your eyes glow slightly and you feel warmer. Most creatures have a naturally occuring throttle that helps controll how much energy they create so they don't overheat or burn too much. You can controll this much like you control your breathing, with training. Most of the time you don't :P.

Certain crystaline structures at a very basic level can tap into the energy that is being released into a living creatures body by the cells. Specially crafted inks can take these molecular structures and make glyphs that do more. Glyph = circut board ... if you want an analogy for how this works. Different crystals different effects.

Scribes = engineers. Tattoos = cybernetic enhancements.

I'm describing these in OOC terms. Plants also generate energy but the energy created is a flat constant based on the plant and is more diffused.

So... no flying, no telepaths naturally. With glyphtech.... maybe. But the wer* would look like a tattooed version of Iron Man.

Phones: The device was named The Eminusdictum. or Distant Talker. Slang shortened this to ED and MED(mobile ED). Med's work by sending waves of stuff to recievers in crystal towers that then send waves of stuff to the far Med. Ed's work by sending encoded bursts of energy along glyph relays to other Ed's.

Gah lots of cases just came in. Thats it for now.


joe said...

Because I love to point these details out to you...ED = Erectile Dysfunction

Today's random fact brought by me.

Dammerung said...

Wow that acurately sums up how I feel about landlines.

joe said...

So you prefer Mobile Erectile Dysfunction?

joe said...

Also, today's Nuklearpower is priceless. I'm lovin' it

klaki said...

Mobile Erectile Dysfunction sounds like something a terrorist would spread amongst it's enemies armies. That would bring down their morale.

So, in your world, if i got tattoos on the palms of my hands, can i use them to disperse my energy in the form of energy blasts?

Or, can I rig a "landmine" inside of a book written in the special ink? So when someone reads it (based on the energy/heat coming from the people) it would explode.

Or, can I create a sticky bomb note? Ink written on paper in which I can slap on someone causing them to internally combust.

Can one replenish their "energy" by smoking?

joe said...

I like the bombs, kinda like the exploding notes in Naruto, slap them on/in something, and they explode after a certain time/energy level.

Dammerung said...

The bombs would work.... *IF* your victim was burning energy at the point where they came into contact with the glyph. Of course the glyph would probably need a precharged battery sigil and to be carefully setup to overload.

The difference in energy output between burning energy and your body's relaxed state is very extreme. It is not like a car engine idling. It is more like the difference between highly compressed steam and steam coming off your coffee cup.

As for energy blasts...yes but you would likely burn your hands so badly you wouldn't ever want to do it again.

All attempts to generate energy weapons have used focusing crystals located at the end of something that can be held away from the body. The heat energy generated is difficult to focus and when focused is ...very hot.

Of all the ideas listed I think that slapping an active glyph circut onto someone who is already burning energy is the most likely to happen.

joe said...

With the bombs the point would be to set them on people when they're unsuspecting, then have them go off later. For example you'd pop them on security guards as they left the house. Then when you go to raid the place and they charge up their attacks/whatever, they go boom.

As for the hand blasts...Uber gloves, like the ones the flame alchemist has in FMA.

Dammerung said...

There has to be a skin connection for glyphs to work most of the time.

Although if you did have special gloves with the glyph on the outside of the glove and a thin crystal connector on the inside to tap your skin... yeah that would work.

I guess. I'm not a glyph engineer just a writer.

klaki said...

This system seems like it would definitely make alchemy possible, assuming on can master control of said energy. Using a "transmutation circle" one can break and fuse atoms in any way they seem fit. FMA is da bomb btw. Also, what are the limitations on said ink glyphs. I assume the ink is composed of some mixture of plant, or other biological substance. With that said, if a plant dies, apparently its energy stored in it's cells still burn (at least for a limited amount of time). Also, are plant and human energy different? Can I inject plant energy into someone and "poison" them?

Dammerung said...

Ink is a bit of a bad translation. The ink is made up of ground crystal and an artificial conductive liquid. The discovery of the basics for making this ink was the trigger for their version of the industrial revolution.

No. A comparison is: saying if you shocked someone with electricty from a potato would they be poisoned? Energy is energy. If you hit someone with a HUGE amount they'll be screwed but most of the time natural levels of direct energy are no more painful than the static shock you get from carpets + metal.

I like the idea of setting up extremely complex glyph circuts to manipulate atoms on a larger scale. It is possible that the Military scribes have worked something like this out to try and power some of their larger projects. I wouldn't know though.

For the most part crystals and the ink made using them are extremely expensive. Some states make the crafting of such items illegal without a permit. The less conductive versions can be bought and sold easily enough by amatur scribes working out of attics but for things on the scale that you think on.... well its difficult :p.

Although, fourth world countries could grown/mine their own crystals, and if they came up with a basic conductive liquid I could see someone brilliant experimenting on one of the lesser continents.