Monday, September 29, 2008

On phones.

Imagine a world where society had followed much the same path that real life has so far except that science was based very highly on biologically contained power sources(think magic ie: sorcerers in D&D), and storable energy devices(glyphs).

You still have vehicles like cars, trains, planes, dirgibles.

Electricity is out. Simply doesn't happen/exist. Gunpowder was never developed as the proper glyphs are equally powerful. Most engines work based on the drivers internal power source powering preset glyphs that make the most of the energy conversion. 100% conversion doesn't happen much like it doesn't happen with most engines today.

What would you call phones? Cars? Guns?

Guns do exist, as glyphs power ammo down rifled barrels that are lined with even more glyphs to speed up the process. Kind of like how I envision a rail gun to work. Way less noise than real guns though.

I don't know where the word gun comes from. So I can't even theorize that that could have possibly stayed the same.

I'm thinking Cars would be changed to a slang term for Powered Sleds. Sleds are used because flotation glyphs generate less resistance for the engine than wheels do and are equally stable.

Moon thinks calling a phone a phone in a fantasy story is idiotic as my phones don't work anything like regular phones behind the fancy cover and buttons. But to a generic user they act EXACTLY the same.

Oh dang it... I wanted magnets but no electricity. Think think think. I'll have to poke that a bit.

What is all this for? Not telling yet, or maybe ever. But its something I'm excited about. Almost as excited as I am about the cardgame me and Moon came up with. (He thinks its gonna be a video game based on our card mechanic).


joe said...

Oooo! I know what we're talking about!

And yeah, phones is a stupid thing to call them.

MamaWau said...

What about "commatalkie" a cross between a walkie-talkie and communicator. Or use a foreign language/combo like "dime-talk" or something pyschic like "sense-or" or "sense-it" or just something creative like "leer-mi-mente" or obvious like "readmymind" or silly like "inline" / "intune" or just original like

klaki said...

interesting world. so people would have Ki? Chakra? Life Energy? In a world such as this, maybe telepathy would be a answer. If you really want a device to make "phone calls", why not call them "phonetic emitters"? that's what a phone partially is. Is there an output limit to the external flow of power coming from one person? Could a person "fly" if they were able to exert enough energy out of their feet, or their behind? :) Tell us more. The world wouldn't be much different. You would still have "electricity" in the form of power emitting glyphs. Please explain more :) I like sci-fi stuff.

joe said...

Hmmm, upward propulsion coming from their behinds....Flying Farts!

Brenden said...

When thinking up alternate histories and you don't want anachronistic words breaking the immersion, etymology is your best friend:

Gun: 1339, gunne "an engine of war that throws rocks, arrows or other missiles," probably a shortening of woman's name Gunilda, found in M.E. gonnilde "cannon" and in an Anglo-L. reference to a specific gun from a 1330 munitions inventory of Windsor Castle (...)

Dammerung said...

Dang brenden, I just lost an hour thanks to you. That is an awesome site.