Friday, December 5, 2008

*cough* I'm not dead.

So... its been a long time since I wrote a post. Please forgive.

Here is the basic idea of what is going on in my life:

1) I'm attempting to join the National Guard with the College First option. This makes me non-deployable for Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation enduring freedom. Note: I can still be deployed for US things like hurricanes and big bear butts stuck in honey trees.

2) After I become a sophomore I am going to contract with ROTC. This makes me non-deployable under any circumstances at all and gives me even more money for college.

3) The end goal is a commission in the Army. Active duty.

I have talked to a lot of people in the last few days about this. Not just the recruiter. Although everyone who knows him has highly recommended him.

I have to say the paperwork they make you fill out is freakin insane. I spent 3 hours last night filling everything out. I found out I have moved 8 times since 1998. 3 different states. I also found out that my social life sucked. I don't have any references for half the places I lived and had to scramble to find people who knew me there.

Right now I'm having to hunt down Orclette's birth certificate and my own medical records. After that I -believe- all I have left is the physical. On a good point in searching for her birth cert I found my passport! Yay.

Why National Guard? ~$600 a month for college when taking classes, all but 200$ of my tuition paid for, and 4 years added to my time in service once I commission.

Why commission? I've always liked the military. I moved down here and found myself scrambling to pay for college(no jobs... financial aid was being really slow). So on a whim I looked up the pay scale for officers. And was surprised to find that it was equal to my previous job with more room for promotion. I laughingly mentioned this to Wulfa and she asked if I was considering it. Which I hadn't been up to that point. So I sat down and thought about it for about a week. Then I went to the Major's office on campus and asked him if he could explain the options the Army offered for paying for school via them. And I couldn't find any cons. Well except having to get in shape(I have never in my life even run a mile.... push ups are this rare maneuver cats do while stretching and sit ups are what you do in the morning when you roll outa bed). But that's not really a con :P.

Oh and Wulfa was surprisingly happy with the idea.

So we decided to try and pursue this. I talked with another recruiter. And then with the civilian secretary for ROTC. And then with a Lt at ROTC. And then with a guy I know in the Guard. And then back to the 2nd recruiter. A few misconceptions were cleared up but all in all the answers I were getting matched and were all shiny.

Oh... I forgot to say why Army. No Navy or Marine ROTC at NMSU :(. And Air force has fewer incentives and don't work as nicely with the National Guard. Oh and AF has the ugliest uniforms of the Services. And seeing how the Uniform and how I look in it matters to someone short and pretty........(I kid, my major determining factor was the money for school). [yes I know their housing is better and they have free candy on Tuesdays and they get a new BMW every week...]

So that's what I'm doing and why. At least if I can get my records to them in time for them to stop freaking about a missing toenail :P.

This is why I've been not playing as well. I've been running around back and forth and taking stupidly long tests(ASVAB)[crazy test lady turned the temp down to 65 degrees. I was already cold before she did so...then I spent 3 hours getting colder and colder].

Working out though has been nice. Push ups are easier(still such a crazy small number that I'm embarrassed). Running is still crazy sucky(and no I haven't run a mile yet... I'm still walk run walk running....and taking way to long to travel the distance required).

Busy Busy All the Time

Damm took the ASVAB Wednesday. Did tons of paperwork yesterday. Has more today. Has the physical on the 9th. He might be doing his basic training in the spring instead of the summer (mostly because once that's done we qualify for Tri-Care). Or, if he can't go til the summer, he has 18 hours this semester.

I've just been accepted to NMSU. That last transcript finally arrived. Now I have to go through the financial aid office, the meeting with the History Dept. Head, and scheduling my own round of classes. I've been trying to keep my work schedule to about 30 hours. They gave me 40. I think that's the first time I've ever had to call a co-worker and ask them to take a shift for me because they're giving me too many hours. I'm dreading having to combine my work schedule and class schedule ... I don't really want to quit. I've already made friends AND of course they transfer me every time we move. And it's a nice place to work. I really need like 4 more hours in the day ....

I've been playing Wulfa for about an hour every morning. She's inching closer to lvl 75 now. My unread posts on my reader is getting ridiculous. I'm scared to look at it :D I just don't have enough energy to concentrate on my favorite game right now. Once the holidays are over and our schedule is set I think I'll find more time and energy. I don't like fluctuating schedules. Too bad I work in retail :D

Bambi is thriving. She is starting to follow me around and sleep outside whatever door I happen to be behind. Or in the room. She's incredibly patient with the Orclette. Her paws aren't tough enough to go running with me but that's my fault-I don't walk her enough. She knows all the basic commands and just needs to get a bit of consistency down. She heels beautifully.

The Orclette has all 4 molars. She's beginning to say almost-intelligent sentences. She loves being outside in the backyard with the doggies. She'd stay out there all day if we'd let her. And of course she's still the cutest thing ever :D

Gah I feel like I just wrote our Christmas update letter. I promise I'll get less-boring. Soon you'll be hearing all about college and how excited I am that I finally know what I'm going for. Major in History, Minor in Linguistics. If I could just skip the math and science courses I would be golden.

Later all!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Totally forgot yesterday, but Happy Birthday to both Dammerung and Mooncadence, born on the same day two years apart. And congratulations to their long-suffering mother who let them live that long. And me as well :D

We had chocolate gravy with biscuits(yum), a long-standing tradition in their family. Orclette really seemed to like it, and I have pictures ...... I should get those uploaded :P Then we spent the rest of the morning at the recruiter's office finding out how great and awesome simultaneous enlistment is. This isn't something out of the blue, Damm's father was in the airforce and his grandfather was also in the military. He himself scored a 97 on his ASVAB when he took it 8 years ago (the highest you can get being a 98. Yes, I am bragging). Moon turned down a lucrative offer to become a nuclear engineer. It's a good thing Damm met me and then convinced Moon to come to Missouri with him .... I think they both kind of grew up there. It's not a certain thing .. I have questions and I want to see what the contract will look like. Make sure it has the College First condition in it, though I've read that being in ROTC also makes one a non-deployable asset. But still, overkill is not a bad thing. And when I say recruiter's office-he wasn't exactly a recruiter. He was the commanding officer just one of the officers teaching at the school, the commanding officer is this other guy of that ROTC. I went through the National Guard process not too long ago (but that's another story) and everything he said sounded right. I think I scored mid-70's without studying. Some of the algebra probably flummoxed me. Anyway, we're debating and praying over the decision. Damm is excited-I think he's looking forward to it. BTW, Damm is aiming for officer, which is why he's finishing school first. And he'll get a uniform. For your sake of mind I should probably stop there :P (Uniforms are sexy ... whoops I didn't stop)

Later on that day Damm's parents took us all out to Applebees. It was fun, if a bit stressful towards the end because the Orclette decided to start singing. Loudly. Intermingled with some screeching. So we had to leave a bit early. So anyway, say hi to the birthday boys. I know they'll appreciate it if you make little comments about how old they are, about not getting any younger, etc. :D

Sunday, November 30, 2008

I played WoW!

I actually logged on tonight. Pretty exciting stuff. I've been closing quite a bit this week-over 30 hours-so I'm exhausted. I'm not in as good a shape as I was 2 years ago when I was a young whipper snapper. Speaking of ........

Damm is turning 27 tomorrow. Moon is turning 25 tomorrow. They be old men now. And yeah, born on the same day. They're practically twins just 2 years apart. I'll have to do a really big Happy Birthday post tomorrow .....

I'm having a blast at my store. They've clued in to the fact that I like projects and so I've been doing a lot of rearranging and condensing and making things pretty. Although I am getting cramping leg muscles and spasming ilio-whatzit band (my mom described it and I KNEW that's what I had, I just can't spell it :) As I said, I'm getting old :P

I have nothing else right now. My brain is incredibly active and spouting things that you SHOULD KNOW, because they're super-cool, but my fingers don't want to cooperate. And my butt hurts when I sit in this flat little chair. And if I sit the wrong way my entire leg goes numb. I need a new office chair. Office Depot. Oooh danger. Mucho danger to bank account. Pens. Paper. School supplies ......

Hehe. Later all.