Friday, December 5, 2008

Busy Busy All the Time

Damm took the ASVAB Wednesday. Did tons of paperwork yesterday. Has more today. Has the physical on the 9th. He might be doing his basic training in the spring instead of the summer (mostly because once that's done we qualify for Tri-Care). Or, if he can't go til the summer, he has 18 hours this semester.

I've just been accepted to NMSU. That last transcript finally arrived. Now I have to go through the financial aid office, the meeting with the History Dept. Head, and scheduling my own round of classes. I've been trying to keep my work schedule to about 30 hours. They gave me 40. I think that's the first time I've ever had to call a co-worker and ask them to take a shift for me because they're giving me too many hours. I'm dreading having to combine my work schedule and class schedule ... I don't really want to quit. I've already made friends AND of course they transfer me every time we move. And it's a nice place to work. I really need like 4 more hours in the day ....

I've been playing Wulfa for about an hour every morning. She's inching closer to lvl 75 now. My unread posts on my reader is getting ridiculous. I'm scared to look at it :D I just don't have enough energy to concentrate on my favorite game right now. Once the holidays are over and our schedule is set I think I'll find more time and energy. I don't like fluctuating schedules. Too bad I work in retail :D

Bambi is thriving. She is starting to follow me around and sleep outside whatever door I happen to be behind. Or in the room. She's incredibly patient with the Orclette. Her paws aren't tough enough to go running with me but that's my fault-I don't walk her enough. She knows all the basic commands and just needs to get a bit of consistency down. She heels beautifully.

The Orclette has all 4 molars. She's beginning to say almost-intelligent sentences. She loves being outside in the backyard with the doggies. She'd stay out there all day if we'd let her. And of course she's still the cutest thing ever :D

Gah I feel like I just wrote our Christmas update letter. I promise I'll get less-boring. Soon you'll be hearing all about college and how excited I am that I finally know what I'm going for. Major in History, Minor in Linguistics. If I could just skip the math and science courses I would be golden.

Later all!

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Daxenos said...

So, did you ever say which service Dammy is interested in???

Just curious....(Aim High!)