Saturday, March 28, 2009

"The Running Man"... ie: I rolled a character that I cannot play with.

The Running Man was a good, law abiding corporate accountant. Careful with the books in a way that only an obsessive dwarf could be. He made a good living out of Houston, TX and had a modest savings put away with an eye out towards retirement... one of these days... after all the work was done. He had a nice house and occasionally brought home real food even.

Then one late evening at the office, the door burst open, there was a bright flash of light and he woke up in the corp. Doc's office. Once he learned to talk again he found out that there had been a raid on his office... some thugs had nailed him with a bullet to the head and then proceeded to dump almost 1million nuyen into untraceable accounts. By the time security arrived the intruders were gone, and all activity wiped out, including the accounts that he had been working on that night.

Due to the nature of his injuries however it was clear he would never again be up to even the simplest accounting work... just talking was a difficult task. The corp 'regretfully' let him know that they would be unable to keep someone on who had no useful skills. They paid out his savings and life insurance, enough to live comfortably at a middle class lifestyle for the rest of his quiet dull life.

His wife moved them out to a nice quiet home with horses in the Sioux Nation and he began the recovery process. Once he could stand he started walking. Once he could walk he started running. His fried brain focused on this task. Just running... just running. Each step was work, a small but constant tribute to his dwarven nature, a constant outpouring of effort and focus.

Then about one year after the accident his bank account mysteriously received an influx of 300,000 nuyen, with the note: "I do theft not wet work, sorry I didn't know you were the target." This was wrong somehow... he knew, but couldn't work out why. Frustrated he withdrew the money quickly and deleted the note. For two months he puzzled and puzzled.

Then one day he decided to go looking for someone who could help him. His doctor friend suggested that he had another friend who could look into the matter. The doc's "friend" agreed to research/trace the transfer for 1000 nuyen. The friend came back shortly with a long sad face. "Sorry boss... it ends at a very dangerous door... I'm not going any further for this kind of money." The Running Man offered more and 49000 nuyen more later he was quietly informed that they had reached yet another door, and this time there was no amount of money that would push him past that door. This door, though. This door led straight back into his old corp.

Desperate for answers The Running Man asked his doc friend what options were available to a knowledge thirsty dwarf. The response... "the shadows I guess". Together they laid out a list of what he would need to start searching and of what resources he had. 250,000 nuyen and a heck of a lot of surgery later he was technically healthy again. He began taking daily walks to unfriendly places and meeting with curiously anonymous sources while his wife was at work and his children at school. After one rather bad encounter he decided just being healthy wasn't enough. He found a school for fighting, and started learning.

When his questions stopped finding answers locally he sat down and had a rather long discussion with his wife. She let him go searching provided he came back often to see the children and herself. And provided he came back. And with a kiss and a promise... he left to find out why it had been necessary to break his mind, and to whom it had been so important.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Orclette

We talk a lot about how school is doing, what sickness I came down with, how buff and fit Damm is getting, but we rarely talk about the Orclette and what she's up to. I am now gonna remedy that by remembering as many fun Orclette things as I can.

She's almost 2-her birthday will be July 5th. She learns new words everyday and likes to point out stuff that she knows the names of, like shirts, shoes, socks, "Tawny"-which is the name of grandma's dog and thus the name of all animals everywhere, hair, nose, etc. She is beginning to string words together, like "I need a hug" and "momma come." She also knows quite a few command words which she sees no need to pair with polite words such as "please" and "thankyou," though she knows both words.

We're working on obedience. Most of the time she's very pleasant and will come when you ask, bring stuff to you or carry it, etc. But she also will get a look on her face that means she's about to find out if you're really going to say no. It makes it harder that the look is rather cute, but both parents and grandparents are being very vigilant and heading off such behavior now rather than when she's 3 and can throw picture-perfect temper tantrums.

Today we went to Orclette's first-ever storytime at Barnes & Noble. We got there when the store opened so she would have the trains to herself (9 a.m.). Momma got a frappuccino and baby got animal crackers, I collected magazines to peruse and off we went to Thomas land (the train at B&N is the really expesive Thomas the Train one. I think buying a new one is somewhere around $700-800). She had lots of fun eating her crackers, occasionally playing with the trains, and also wandering around looking at stuff. At 10 a.m. storytime began featuring Clifford the Big Red Dog (once a month B&N has a costume character for storytime). She didn't bat an eye when the tall red creature walked in and actually listened to a whole story. Well, I say listen-she was actually observing what all the other kids were doing and copying them. After a bit she collected her stuffed animals, her crackers, grabbed my hand and informed me that she was ready to go. Since the whole point was for her to have fun I saw no reason to force her to stay and we left. The entire episode was very fun for both of us and I hope to make it a weekly occurrence.

She has a "baby." It's a black stuffed bear that my aunt constructed at Build-A-Bear and sent for her 1st birthday. She didn't much care for it back then but now it's VERY IMPORTANT. Baby needs to be brought everywhere, needs to be checked to make sure she's "ok," needs to have naps, etc. It's really very cute and good practice for when there's a real baby in the house. I'm thinking of getting her a more life-like doll with accessories but we're gonna wait til we visit her other grandma in TX in April so she can also have fun shopping for her granddaughter.

As I mentioned previously her birthday is in July. I'm rather excited about it-we're going to have either a Peter Rabbit or Winnie the Pooh theme. I'm ordering a cake plus cupcake so she can have fun playing with it, buying little napkins and plates, maybe balloons, etc. She doesn't really have little kid friends yet so it will probably just be family but I think it will still be fun. From me she'll be getting a big girl potty and books about the subject because she's showing signs of being ready to potty train (yay!). No idea what other grandparents are getting but she's sure to be totally spoiled :D

And just a little note, my birthday is Sunday. I love birthdays. I'm going to be 25, which feels so old because just yesterday I was 18 (I know that I'm still a baby to most people). We're going to order pizza and have ice cream cake (the best kind in the entire world). And then my parents are going to have a celebration when we visit them in April. And we're going to go to the Olive Garden at some point because that's what I really wanted to do but the schedule just didn't work out for this month. I'm rather proud of the fact that I can still pull off having 3 birthday parties at my age :D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

I should not be allowed to read.

So we're on Spring Break. A full week of no school to rush to, no days where one of us is gone all day, etc. Glorious. And I checked out the entire Harry Potter series because I had the yearning to read it again. And that was fine on Sunday and Monday while we were in El Paso. But I have homework that needs to be done. And it's not getting done. Apparently my self-discipline gets very weak when the word vacation is floating around. It doesn't help that part of my homework is reading "Black Boy" by Richard Wright, a book that I'm sure is wonderful and illuminating. I just never had any desire to read it. Nor any of Obama's books, which is what's next for my wonderful Autobiography class. When I think autobiographies I think of the ones I read as a kid: Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Ava Gardner, and so on and so forth. But no, we're reading serious things. Every single shorter reading has been out racial oppression in America, which frankly starts to get depressing. It's probably good that I'm expanding my reading of that subject matter beyond Uncle Tom's Cabin. But did I mention the depressing part? I hate reading about oppression of any race, which is why I can't watch most westerns with Native Americans. I want to shout at everyone who thinks they're better than them.

And I'm going to be late for work. Ta.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Long time huh

Well life continues to trudge onwards.

I dearly wish I had a good group to play shadowrun with. I miss table top gaming so much.

I miss the WoW folks out there as well. My return to WoW if it happens won't be until next spring at the earliest. And that will highly depend on how life is then... two kids + school seems like an unlikely recipe for an MMO.

Tabletop though.... once a week... might be able to happen.... I keep telling myself.

Frustrated to find that Aztlan owns the area I live in. Good reason to be a runner in El Paso.

Wulfa is no longer sick.... and Orclette is also no longer sick.

Sunday Orclette stayed with the Grandparents and me and Wulfa trotted down to El Paso and stayed the night in a hotel.... yay for 6-8 hours of uninterupted reading time(I had 8 wulfa had 6(she took a nap)). Then we slept and woke up and went to a local B&N and read for 2 hours more before heading back to Orclette. It was glorious. We both got a lot of rest from it.

Orclette was elated to see us back though. As a family unit we spent the rest of the day cleaning house from a week of sickness. We moved the furniture around and I fixed two doors. On that note I can guarantee we will no longer be living in this apartment once our lease is up. The kitchen which is older and we knew it... well old doesn't have to mean decrepid... which it sadly does in this case. The A/C doesn't seem to work(I plan to ask about it tomorrow), we had not needed it until recently but do now. And more and more we find problems that need fixing.

Which is frustrating because the only reason we settled for this place was it was the -best- place that allowed dogs and now we don't have a dog and for the same price we could have gotten a place 10x newer that didn't allow dogs.

So... yeah.

See you in like a month when I write my leaving for basic post.