Monday, March 23, 2009

Long time huh

Well life continues to trudge onwards.

I dearly wish I had a good group to play shadowrun with. I miss table top gaming so much.

I miss the WoW folks out there as well. My return to WoW if it happens won't be until next spring at the earliest. And that will highly depend on how life is then... two kids + school seems like an unlikely recipe for an MMO.

Tabletop though.... once a week... might be able to happen.... I keep telling myself.

Frustrated to find that Aztlan owns the area I live in. Good reason to be a runner in El Paso.

Wulfa is no longer sick.... and Orclette is also no longer sick.

Sunday Orclette stayed with the Grandparents and me and Wulfa trotted down to El Paso and stayed the night in a hotel.... yay for 6-8 hours of uninterupted reading time(I had 8 wulfa had 6(she took a nap)). Then we slept and woke up and went to a local B&N and read for 2 hours more before heading back to Orclette. It was glorious. We both got a lot of rest from it.

Orclette was elated to see us back though. As a family unit we spent the rest of the day cleaning house from a week of sickness. We moved the furniture around and I fixed two doors. On that note I can guarantee we will no longer be living in this apartment once our lease is up. The kitchen which is older and we knew it... well old doesn't have to mean decrepid... which it sadly does in this case. The A/C doesn't seem to work(I plan to ask about it tomorrow), we had not needed it until recently but do now. And more and more we find problems that need fixing.

Which is frustrating because the only reason we settled for this place was it was the -best- place that allowed dogs and now we don't have a dog and for the same price we could have gotten a place 10x newer that didn't allow dogs.

So... yeah.

See you in like a month when I write my leaving for basic post.

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Kelmar said...

Could be worse... you could have goblinized with the second generation while living in Tir Na Nog or Tir Tangeire...

Lots of running involved from the flower eaters... how would you live it dow?