Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One of our conversations.

(Scene, background info, etc.) This morning, as we were puttering around the kitchen.

(Me, to the Orclette. Can't remember context) "You're just a little girl."

(Orclette to me) "No I'm not. I'm a tiny momma!"

(End scene)

Monday, January 3, 2011

On Guilds.

Let me talk for a moment about fantastic guilds and guildies.

Here is a short list of exactly what I want from a guild:

1) The ability to come and go without being kicked from the guild.
2) Friendly guild members who chat with me even though I'm not there raiding/pugging with them every week.
3) Green guild chat. Possibly full of crazy people who think that the time is completely different from what it actually is(US mountain time).

Here is what I get from my guild:

1) Boo. The guy is always on. Always responds to my blathering. And he's pissed.... all the time... and I mean all five meanings of the word. Pick a few... he's always at least two meanings.******

2) Ruune. She's like the salt in the stew right? The not quite good that makes everything good? The Aussie who abuses you and doesn't know how to spell dammy(She thinks its spelled "Susan"). Yeah... gotta have shammies or whatever she currently plays around.

3) Jess and Mr. Jess. Jess talks almost as much as I do. Mr. Jess said something on channel last week I'm pretty sure.

4) Nas and Blu. They've been "close internet" friends since the old days in that guild we were once in. They check up on us more than anyone online I think.

5) Other than possibly Bar who is another toddler parent like us and we swap stories regularly.

6) Oh right and I almost forgot Fay our guild leader who is ALWAYS on and always giving info. I ask about 6-7 questions a night on guild channel. He consistently answers them right off. And I tell him he can't be right. And he gets on his alt and flies over and /point's at the guy I said didn't exist. And I tell him that oh hey he is right.

7) And book and ollie and jonty and night and kinni(who thinks he's an orc)...and twice and push and fel and beldandy and hattie the dps queen and wet and malcik.....the list goes on... I'm certain I forgot someone.

The point in this... is these guys always are friendly and welcoming even when we disappear for a few months at a time due to real life. Our guild is like a favorite pub where everyone knows you. You go away on business or due to sickness or visiting family? And when you come back the pub is still there... the guys are still there and they all wave and invite you over to their table.
That's what I want from a guild and my guild gives it to me. And the beginning of a new year is a great time to think about all the good things you have been given and be thankful for them.

So thank you Parallel of Kael'thas.

*****This is confusing to those people who actually pay attention in class. Book not Boo is always pissed. Sorry Boo. Sorry Book. The freakin "k" is confusing.