Saturday, January 3, 2009

Running 2.0

So when I started running I -just- barely run 1 min consecutively. So I would run 1 min walk 1 min. Here are my times doing that for the first mile and walking 2 running 1 for the second.
Dec 23rd = 1m 13:30 2m total: 29:45.
Dec 26th = 1m: 12:43 2m total: 28:00.
Dec 30th = 1m: 12:11 2m total: 27:48.

Today I decided to swap it up and go with 2 min running 1 min walking for the first mile and 2 min running 2 min walking for the second. Trying to be careful I forced myself to ignore the watch and just focus on doing it. I'm happy to report there were -no- cheat "I'll just walk for 30 sec more". Also my whole body feels like I worked out a lot more. No breath issues as I wasn't pushing anything and my running was only -barely- faster than my walking speed.
Jan 3rd = 1m: 13:56 2m total: 29:36.

I really cannot wait until student loans hit and I can pay for school, books, rent, and BLOODY RUNNING SHOES :p. I'm currently running in blue jeans, a t-shirt and black steel-toed workman boots. Because I don't have any other form of shoe. This next week is when the loans should come and I can rejoice.

I keep double checking that I've done everything just because I kinda get worried that I'm missing something even when I know I'm not.

Signed on to the 'hoof today after reading the newest Sword and Sorcery blog post. For those of you who have never read Arms and Fury and haven't seen links to S&S in the past month you should check it out. Herk's nurturing a lot of new bloggers over there and I expect good things from them :p. I'm not sure if I linked them in the past when he started but I wanted to mention them today as their post was why I logged into my shaman to check on things.

Yay Utah.

Boo Tech but grats to Mississippi.

Penn disapointed me. USC impressed(still not worthy of playing for the champion in my book)... right now that is looking like Utah vs. the winner of OU Florida. Utah looked amazing last night. Although I missed the screen-pass reverse play. That is something I've never seen before.

Friday, January 2, 2009

No running

So today I was supposed to run. However I got only 3 hours sleep before 8am and by the time I had caught up around 11am Wulfa was still feeling horrible. So no running.

*if* I don't catch whatever horrible thing she has then I plan to run tomorrow if she's feeling better.

Sickness sucks.

So I'm gonna duck out now.

Go read Elizabeth Moon's Remnant Population. Its always been one of what I consider to be the best hard sci-fi books. Mostly due to the protagonist.

For fun simple scifi where the good guys win with lovely white hats and all, try Weber's "Off Armageddon Reef" and the sequel "By Schism" somethign something something.

"Flash" by Modesitt was happily about a guy who does stuff he -knows- is wrong/evil because a greater evil will result if he doesn't. I enjoyed it. But I like most of Modesitt's books.

Weber and Modesitt both mostly write books I can only recomend for entertainment value and not for literary or thought provoking purposes. It doesn't stop me from loving the simple good guy wins stories. It's kinda like finding out you LIKE cheep beer. You shamefully gulp each and every horrible drop.

I feel the same about most of Moon's stuff but Remnant is awesome.

Can I check out of my body now? Pretty please?

I think I've mentioned that the nausea was finally going away? Well, it is. Happy happy joy joy. And then I had to go and catch the stupid flu. First time I've thrown up in 11 years. Some good has come of all this, however: the Orclette discovered a new game. She went about this morning pretending to retch into a cup. Fun stuff eh?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moar Running

1st mile: 12:11
two mile total: 27:48.

Completely drained. Pushed too hard I think to try and lower my first mile total. We'll see. Lungs burning and left knee twinged a little on the last two min or so.

Next time not sure I'll be pushing for faster just for better.

Glad to see progress... gonna crawl into a nice warm shower and relax now.

Apartment Shopping

I thought it would be fun yesterday to look around at the different apartments Las Cruces has to offer. The first one was fun-but it was way too expensive. The second one was in an awesome location. Rich neighborhood, good area, and then we actually walked into the apartment. Crunch Crunch. The toilets were a different color. Nobody had bothered to clean up anything. Pretty gross. The next one, chosen because it seemed to be not cheap but not so expensive that we couldn't afford it, was actually our favorite. Built in '73 but well-maintained. Appears to be a nice neighborhood. Spacious 1-bedroom. Allows pets. We're thinking about it. We might need to revisit some of the more expensive ones because some include the city utilities and high-speed internet, both of which we will have to pay.

We are limited in that we have Bambi. And if we move before Damm goes off to basic Bambi has to come with. I'm not staying by myself. But Damm is fairly nervous about leaving me alone with the Orclette. And then me alone with Orclette and Belflette. It's not really alone-his parents and brother are 10 minutes away. And as I said I would have Bambi. But I'm not sure myself-I've actually never lived alone. I went from my parent's house to our first apartment and then immediately into sharing with his brothers. So we'll see. The thought of being by myself/ourselves is rather intoxicating. Then again, some of the trips we had been planning might not happen because we're spending more money on housing. Then again, I would like to be on good terms with Damm's parents and that won't happen if I have to live with them for a long period of time. Choices, choices :D

And totally changing topics. I had a nightmare last night. I couldn't do my homework or any of the papers I had been assigned and had to drop all of my courses. Woke up after that one. Pretty scary. I have finally signed up for classes. Roots of Modern Europe; Islamic Civilization before 1800; Spanish 1, which I will be taking with Damm; and an English class on the Autobiography of Rhetoric. It's a mini-semester class. Starts in March. I'm rather excited-just also petrified because I'm not sure I remember how to study or to write papers. And this isn't a junior college. It's a real college. And Damm had to turn up the pressure by innocently remarking that we needed to keep our GPA's up .... I totally agree but did he have to mention them right when I was thinking about C's and D's?

AND one of these days I'll be able to play Wulfa again. Whooppeee!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is over :(

I feel like I missed Christmas this year. It started out great-my Christmas tree was up, I had Christmas cards ready to go, I woke up to Christmas music, and then BAM. I start feeling crummy all the day long. It's getting better. Yesterday I woke up with no nausea at all. I was too scared to eat anything though so a couple of hours later I felt crummy again. This morning I felt hungry and maybe a wee bit nauseous. Getting protein is a problem as all forms of meat sound absolutely gross right now and I've never been a vegetarian so I don't know how to get enough protein the non-meat way. But that too will pass I'm sure.

My parents came up for Christmas. Again. One of these years we'll make it down to their house :D It was fun-no spats, everyone seemed to get along fine. Plenty of presents for everyone too. I know that's not the most important thing, but I'm a gift person. Christmas without gifts would not be Christmas. That being said, I'm a firm believer in price does not matter but the thought behind the gift does. And that being said, I came out with quite a haul this year :D My mom decided that she was going to outfit me in maternity clothes and give me a pedicure. We got some really cute stuff that I actually can wear now (no, not showing yet). And my brother carried on our long standing tradition of taking me shopping the day after Christmas so I could pick something out that I wanted. This year it was a rug-Damm's parents have all hardwood floors and it drives me nuts. And my other brother was very happy to start gifting another series of dvd's (the Gilmore Girls). We had just finished up all the special editions of Lord of the Rings.

The Orclette, of course, was showered with stuff. She got into the unwrapping presents for a bit and then got tuckered out by the sheer amount of stuff. Mostly books that make noise. And more clothes. And another stuffed animal that she isn't interested in but that will join my collection of stuffed animals. Or get adopted by Bambi and then get shredded.

And, finally, the long month of December and all the events that necessitated relatives is over. School is about to begin. I'm terrified. Not of the classes. No, I'm scared that I'm going to get lost. It's a really big campus. And getting lost is kind of my thing. Maybe I'll take evening classes so Damm can escort me :D

I haven't been on WoW at all. These past few weeks all I could think of was making it through the day. But now that I'm starting to feel better maybe I'll log on again. Still have to get Wulfa to 80. OOOHOOOOOH. Damm has decided that when he gets back from basic we'll be moving into our own apartment. Without Moon. Just by ourselves. I can't tell you how excited that makes me. We've lived by ourselves a total of 3 months. The rest we've shared with various brothers and now his parents. And I thought of that because when we're on our own (well, with Moon back in MO) we seem to have more time for WoW. Although with a second kid I'm thinking daytime playing will not happen, unless their naptimes happen to coincide. And then I may be sleeping. Or going to school. Forget the Bachelor's-I want at least an Associates by the time Damm graduates (I don't anticipate being able to take as many classes as he does). Then I'll slowly but surely work towards the Bachelor's.

What is it those cartoon characters used to say? "That's all for now, folks!" hehe.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A cheery little post.

So I mean to play honest. Then every time I try the Orclette looks at me with sad eyes. Or the Wulfa and the Belflette start feeling icky. Or the rest of my Family will wonder why I don't do [x] or [y].

In other news mage is extremely fun. Very spiffy.

For christmas I got a B&N gift card yay. So far I've gotten "The Road to Eternity" by that guy who wrote those other books. I think one or two of them were called Omega or Deepsix or something. Also I got "Mexico - Biography of Power - A History of Modern Mexico, 1810-1996" by Enrique Krauze, Translated by Hank Heifetz. It is interesting because I never paid attention to the history of things in the New World and suddenly find myself interested. Its boring because well... so far I've only gotten into the pre-section where we are describing how the government viewed the Indians and their history.

School starts Jan 14th. Life is starting to pickup speed. Despite all my efforts to lean out of the vehicle and slow it down with my face.