Friday, January 2, 2009

Can I check out of my body now? Pretty please?

I think I've mentioned that the nausea was finally going away? Well, it is. Happy happy joy joy. And then I had to go and catch the stupid flu. First time I've thrown up in 11 years. Some good has come of all this, however: the Orclette discovered a new game. She went about this morning pretending to retch into a cup. Fun stuff eh?


Leiandra said...

It could be worse. She could be walking around playing "mommy" and saying, "I'm so tired. My back hurts. Just leave me alone." Yep... happened at my house.

Barrhona said...

So Sorry to hear about the flu. You just can't catch a break!

But play retching Orclette is simply hilarious. It would be a riot if Baby Bar were not throwing up every night the past few nights because of all the phlegm he swallows during the night due to his cold.

Get to feeling better!