Saturday, January 3, 2009

Running 2.0

So when I started running I -just- barely run 1 min consecutively. So I would run 1 min walk 1 min. Here are my times doing that for the first mile and walking 2 running 1 for the second.
Dec 23rd = 1m 13:30 2m total: 29:45.
Dec 26th = 1m: 12:43 2m total: 28:00.
Dec 30th = 1m: 12:11 2m total: 27:48.

Today I decided to swap it up and go with 2 min running 1 min walking for the first mile and 2 min running 2 min walking for the second. Trying to be careful I forced myself to ignore the watch and just focus on doing it. I'm happy to report there were -no- cheat "I'll just walk for 30 sec more". Also my whole body feels like I worked out a lot more. No breath issues as I wasn't pushing anything and my running was only -barely- faster than my walking speed.
Jan 3rd = 1m: 13:56 2m total: 29:36.

I really cannot wait until student loans hit and I can pay for school, books, rent, and BLOODY RUNNING SHOES :p. I'm currently running in blue jeans, a t-shirt and black steel-toed workman boots. Because I don't have any other form of shoe. This next week is when the loans should come and I can rejoice.

I keep double checking that I've done everything just because I kinda get worried that I'm missing something even when I know I'm not.

Signed on to the 'hoof today after reading the newest Sword and Sorcery blog post. For those of you who have never read Arms and Fury and haven't seen links to S&S in the past month you should check it out. Herk's nurturing a lot of new bloggers over there and I expect good things from them :p. I'm not sure if I linked them in the past when he started but I wanted to mention them today as their post was why I logged into my shaman to check on things.

Yay Utah.

Boo Tech but grats to Mississippi.

Penn disapointed me. USC impressed(still not worthy of playing for the champion in my book)... right now that is looking like Utah vs. the winner of OU Florida. Utah looked amazing last night. Although I missed the screen-pass reverse play. That is something I've never seen before.

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