Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moar Running

1st mile: 12:11
two mile total: 27:48.

Completely drained. Pushed too hard I think to try and lower my first mile total. We'll see. Lungs burning and left knee twinged a little on the last two min or so.

Next time not sure I'll be pushing for faster just for better.

Glad to see progress... gonna crawl into a nice warm shower and relax now.


Leiandra said...

Dude... take a shower before you blog next time. I can smell you from here. :)

Good job on setting the goals though. Maybe you'll motivate me to actually start running. Nah. lol. But I have been trying to ride my bike more.

Rogosh said...

Keep doing what you're doing and it will get better.. trust me.

I'm coming back from an injury so I'm starting over again and it's painful in the beginning but it get's better.

you just have to remember that often times it's the first step out the front door that's the most difficult.. once you get out there and going, it's easy.

There's a writer/editor for Runner's World, John "The Penguin Bingham who has a saying I always remind myself of when the going gets tough.. "the miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start"

Good running!

Nighthawque said...

Keep up the good work. Make something active a part of your daily life and the improvements will come before you know it. And definitely focus on more than just running, cross training will make you sooo much stronger.

I just started the new year with a bang doing the "Murph" workout from crossfit.com (it nearly killed me, but it was much better than the first time I tried it)